Saturday, 29 August 2015

STAR BLUES on 30th August 2015 at 22:00 (BST) celebrating the fine music from New Orleans

.. while marking ten years since the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina

Everything had a connection to the Crescent City in a slightly shortened show due to some technical gremlins during Neil's rock show. Two gracious and generous guests spoke about their stories to us: Joe 'Survival' Caruso and Sybil Gage. They both told how they - and their families - had been affected by those storms ten years ago. The unquenchable spirit of the city came through loudly in the telling and both shared their personal details and some of their music exclusively with STAR BLUES.

Bryan Lee has played at a Bourbon Street residency since 1982 and we thought his Katrina album worthy of starting the party on our show. Wolfman Washington embodies the distinctive funk feel found so often in New Orleans music, nice to able to report he is still a big draw in town. James Booker was one of those special, unique guys who hard hard to classify: Dr John called him "the best gay, one-eyed piano player in New Orleans", elsewhere he was known as "the Black Liberace" but we just prefer his playing without  needing a definition. Similarly keyboard kings Prof. Longhair, Champion Jack Dupree Fats Domino and Dr. John himself have strong identities ties to the city.

We heard their roots too from a terrific four disc survey which yielded Larry Darnell and Joe Google-Eyes' August for us. Our time dilation meant we had to leave Edgar Blanchard and Dave Batholomew until a further show. The work done by Cosimo Matassa at J&M studio was acknowledged, as was one MVP of his team: Earl Palmer. Those old jokes about "what do you call someone who hangs around with a band" are silly in the extreme when you listen to the wealth of music he helped create: Thurston Harris, Smiley Lewis, Roy Montrell and Amos Milburn each had him in the  engine room. Guitarists Guitar Slim and Earl King represented the Specialty label, forever associated with that regions output.

The current crop of artists issued some interesting projects after Hurricane Katrina - Dr John renamed his band after one of the worst affected wards in the city and was one of the high-profile "names" trying to draw attention to the plight of those with substantial loss. Chris Thomas King was right on the nose with his album, almost entirely self-written, played and produced. Irma Thomas lost a home and a club she'd run for 25 years. Though her "After The Rain" album was already in planning before the tumult, her magnificent performances gained extra poignancy and relevance. This album is virtually mandatory in her canon of work, showing why she is a major player.

Our show wouldn't  have been complete without Sybil Gage or Joe Caruso who kindly gave us their time to add a human context to what we wanted to do on STAR BLUES. Grateful thanks to them. I'm already planning to be back round your place at 10pm (BST) on Sunday if you'll have me. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

PS(1) - We did play Amos Milburn twice courtesy of the Neil Jones gremlin cohort.
PS(2) - If you want to know which track is guarding my socks for  the next seven days, look for me on Facebook.

Flat Food SamBryan Lee1Katrina Was Her NameBryan Lee[ 2 mins 52 secs ]Bryan Lee
0n the prowlWalter 'Wolfman' Washington6rounder 25 yearsvarious artistsrounder[ 4 mins 06 secs ]Walter 'Wolfman' Washington
rockin' pneumoniaJames Booker4New Orleans Keyboard KingJames BookerORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 2 mins 50 secs ]James Booker
Chicken Shack BoogieAmos Milburn6BackbeatEarl PalmerACE[ 2 mins 31 secs ]Amos Milburn
We Gettin' There (City That Care Forgot)Dr. John & The Lower 91119Hans Theesink And Dr. John And More ...Various Artists[ 5 mins 14 secs ]Dr. John & The Lower 911
i've got to tell somebodyjoe caruso1i've got to tell somebodyjoe carusolakehouse records
(Ev'ry Time I Hear) That Mellow SaxophoneRoy Montrell3BackbeatEarl PalmerACE[ 2 mins 26 secs ]Roy Montrell
I Want To Walk You HomeFats Domino8Gumbo Ya Ya: The Cosimo Matassa Story Volume 2Various ArtistsPROPER[ 2 mins 24 secs ]Fats Domino
Shame, Shame, ShameSmiley Lewis4BackbeatEarl PalmerACE[ 1 mins 58 secs ]Smiley Lewis
just to be home with youjoe google-eyes august25gettin' funky - birth of new orleans r'n'bvarious artistsproper
for you my lovelarry darnell26gettin' funky - birth of new orleans r'n'bvarious artistsproper
Life Is Just A StruggleJohnny Adams11Soul City New Orleans: Big Easy Gems From The Dawn Of Soul MusicVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage[ 2 mins 40 secs ]Johnny Adams
catch new orleanssybil gage4NOLA Callingsybil gage
Flow Mississippi FlowChris Thomas King4RiseChris Thomas King21ST CENTURY[ 4 mins 10 secs ]Chris Thomas King
Katrina BluesRonnie Earl5Hope RadioRonnie EarlStony Plain Music[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Ronnie Earl
In The Middle Of It AllIrma Thomas1After The RainIrma ThomasRounder[ 4 mins 45 secs ]Irma Thomas
something you gotchris kenner5crackin the cosimo codevarious artistsace
(come on) let the good times rollearl king16kings of new orleans r'n'bvarious artistsmusic club
barefootinrobert parker19crackin the cosimo codevarious artistsace
don't you just know ithuey piano smith19kings of new orleans r'n'bvarious artistsmusic club
Ball The WallProfessor Longhair9Mardi Gras In New Orleans: Complete Recordings 1949-1962Professor LonghairJasmine Records (UK)[ 3 mins 20 secs ]Professor Longhair
Little Bitty Pretty OneThurston Harris & The Sharps18BackbeatEarl PalmerACE[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Thurston Harris & The Sharps
Trouble At MidnightRoy Brown6Hard Luck Blues Volume OneRoy Brown[ 2 mins 51 secs ]Roy Brown
sufferin' mindguitar slim1sufferin mindguitar slimblues encore[ 2 mins 50 secs ]
junkers bluesChampion Jack Dupree16New Orleans Barrelhouse BoogieChampion Jack DupreeCOLUMBIA[ 2 mins 10 secs ]Champion Jack Dupree
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Monday, 24 August 2015

STAR BLUES on 23rd August 2015 at 22:00 - the usual trivia and tomfoolery

and blues from the ages in just two hours, One of the privileges of being here and getting the kind invite to your place each week is the freedom to dip into an incredible wellspring of blues music spanning the best part of a hundred years.

The future is in pretty safe hands too: Marquise Knox is 24 and he plays lyrical guitar which honours the tradition of blues. He channeled Muddy Water on a subtle cover for us on STAR BLUES. At the other end of the age range, Buddy Guy has just put out an album that consistently delights and by some distance is his most accomplished work in years. There's new stuff coming down the pipes from Eddie Cotton and the redoubtable Jimmy Burns - we had a couple of timely reminders why their new stuff is eagerly expected.

Pete Mayes is one of the real unsung mysteries of Texas blues he had a lovely swinging style with just enough power to set him apart. We're huge fans of pedal steel player Hop Wilson too: there are far too few examples of his gifts in print (Ace did "Steel Guitar Flash" but I can't find it). Mighty Joe Young is another who rarely gets his props, we went back to 1972 for a session he originally did for Sam Charters. we don't play nearly enough honking and screamin' sax, hopefully our three choices from a box set called "The Big Horn" will be part payment of our debt.

Pure human voice at least twice: the Pilgrom Traveller's "Living On Straight Street" beautifully executed gospel; and Gaye Agdebelola's doo-wop stylings offered the Wild Rutz' "Mojo". Varetta Dillard and Ella Johnson were both playful and the incredible power of Ma Rainey's delivery reached out across the decades. Casey Bill Weldon and King Solomon Hill did their slide stuff in pre-war days: our STAR BLUES socks guardian will be a tough call this week.

Our next STAR BLUES has a Crescent City theme, marking ten years since Hurricane Katrina. I plan to speak to some folks who can tell us what the city was like before, what was lost and what the future  will likely be. That's Bank Holiday Sunday 30th August at 10pm (BST) Until Then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

In Your BackyardOtis Grand9Blues '65Otis GrandMAINgate[ 3 mins 39 secs ]Otis Grand
I'm readyPete Mayes7I'm Ready (Double Trouble Tx-3013)Pete Mayes[ 2 mins 53 secs ]Pete Mayes
Back Up MamaBuddy Guy3Born To Play GuitarBuddy GuySILVERTONE[ 4 mins 42 secs ]Buddy Guy
Sound The BellJohnny Winter4Return Of Johnny Guitar 1984-1986Johnny WinterMUSIC CLUB[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Johnny Winter
Feel Like Goin' HomeMarquise Knox5Here I AmMarquise KnoxAPO[ 4 mins 0 secs ]Marquise Knox
Steam Whistle JumpEarl Bostic47The Big HornVarious ArtistsPROPER[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Earl Bostic
The Deacon's HopBig Jay McNeeley8The R'n'b Years 1949: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1949Various ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 47 secs ]Big Jay McNeeley
Long Gone Pt.2Eddie Chamblee34The Big HornVarious ArtistsPROPER[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Eddie Chamblee
Promise Mr ThomasVaretta Dillard12Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties FemalesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 37 secs ]Varetta Dillard
Giving You My MojoGaye Adegbalola & the Wild Rutz2Is It Still Good To Ya?Gaye Adegbalola & the Wild Rutz[ 3 mins 6 secs ]Gaye Adegbalola & the Wild Rutz
Lord, Help The Poor And NeedyShemekia Copeland12Outskirts of LoveShemekia CopelandAlligator Records[ 3 mins 10 secs ]Shemekia Copeland
Pay To PlayEddie Cotton3Here I ComeEddie CottonDEChamp[ 3 mins 12 secs ]Eddie Cotton
Is It Him Or Me?Phil Guy4Say What You MeanPhil GuyJSP Records[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Phil Guy
miss annie louJimmy Burns3leavin' here walkinJimmy BurnsDELMARK[ 4 mins 28 secs ]Jimmy Burns
Woke Up ScreamingCalvin OwensJohnny Copeland8True BlueCalvin OwensSEQUEL[ 4 mins 46 secs ]Calvin OwensJohnny Copeland
Better DaysKing Ernest5King Of HeartsKing ErnestEVIDENCE[ 4 mins 40 secs ]King Ernest
Big Blue DiamondsEarl Connelly King1-8Only Young Once: The King Records StoryVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Earl Connelly King
every beat of my heartlittle willie john2-5Only Young Once: The King Records StoryVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 0 mins 0 secs ]little willie john
straight streetpilgrim travellers3-3get your soul rightvarious artistsfantastic voyage[ 2 mins 20 secs ]trad
use what i gotVance Kelly7Jimmy Dawkins Presents: The Leric StoryVarious ArtistsDELMARK[ 3 mins 36 secs ]Vance Kelly
Rock Me BabyMighty Joe Young1The Sonet Blues StoryMighty Joe YoungSONET[ 3 mins 56 secs ]Mighty Joe Young
A Good Woman Is Hard To FindHop Wilson23Deep FeelingVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage[ 2 mins 26 secs ]Hop Wilson
Country BoogiePreston Love & Orchestra21That's Your Last Boogie!Johnny OtisFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 25 secs ]Preston Love & Orchestra
gone dead trainking soloman hill13slide guitar bluesvarious artistscatfish[ 3 mins 15 secs ]trad
fence breakin bluesshreveport homewreckers6slide guitar blues vol 2various artistscatfish[ 3 mins 05 secs ]trad
somebody changed the lock on my doorcasey bill weldon8slide guitar blues vol 2various artistscatfish[ 3 mins 05 secs ]trad
Countin' The BluesMa Rainey3Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New YorkVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 8 secs ]Ma Rainey
Snatchin' It BackMargie Day2Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties FemalesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 44 secs ]Margie Day
They Don't Want Me To Rock No MoreElla Johnson32Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties FemalesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 29 secs ]Ella Johnson
Memphis Soul StewKing Curtis1Memphis Boys: The Story Of American StudiosVarious ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 59 secs ]King Curtis
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Monday, 17 August 2015

STAR BLUES on 16th August 2015 at 22:00 with hot off the press stuff

from Buddy Guy and Shemekia Copeland. Buddy's piece came out on his 79th birthday at the end of July and it sits squarely at number 1 on the Billboard charts. We jiggled, poked and prodded our running order to put two tracks out to air. Kim Wilson was given space and the backing to turn in a neat cover of a Little Walter song. The other choice let Buddy play the part of John Lee Hooker's foil to Bonnie Raitt whose part was taken by Joss Stone. Buddy's contributions on both centred on his singing. Ms Copeland hasn't let up now she is married and she positively owned the scorching version of her dad's 'Devil's Hands' composition. Her project is on the current month release sheet for Alligator.

Our birthday diary included Luther Allison, Eric Bibb, Albert washington, Eddie Kirkland and Lil' Son Jackson (centenary in his case no less). We also heard different facets to Jimmy McCracklin, Brownie McGhee and St. Louis Jimmy and a lovely full vocal from Helen Humes. Another of our favourite, if lesser celebrated, voices belonged to Earl Gaines. Our track came off the first of two volumes compiled by Ace from Ted Jarrett's Champion labels. The very excellent Johnny Rawls has a two page feature in the brand new Blues & Rhythm magazine; Mike Stephenson did a comprehensive job talking to him and showing how many other artists have been touched by Rawls' gifts. It stands as testament that the JSP owner John Stedman had a deal with him to act as producer and talent scout for over two years before they actually met in person.

Plying their guitar wares alongside Buddy Guy were Son Seals, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Albert King and JB Hutto. The latter has a cd reissue of some vinyl on Delmark augmented by five previously unissued alternate takes. Delicious, you'll pull out a peach any place you dip in.

We invited the limber Marcia Ball by way of teasing a feature I plan for a fortnight that will mark ten years since Hurricane Katrina. The show will have plenty of music from New Orleans and if possible some memories of what happened that day and how things have changed since then. I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you're in the area of the Crescent City.

Further advance news, there'll be fairly wide ranging survey of music out of the Ace family of labels in September: they've been in business for 40 years and you can pretty much guarantee everything they put out has been lovingly created by fans for fans. As well as the music (often heard for the first time), the background research tells a fascinating story of the people behind the songs and recordings. Case in point being Eddy Giles, who was a new name to me less than a year ago, a soul singe with a gritty blues edge, they put out his Murco recordings and we learn from the essay Eddy is still around though only sings gospel these days (he's now a pastor). Year in year out they set the bar for others and they do their darndest to ensure due royalties find their way to the families of the artists involved. Thankfully other reissue imprints now tend to follow their lead.

The sacred steel of Brother Willie Eason did gospel duties for us and is our socks keeper this week (if you hear a better performance than that, I'll eat my socks). Next Sunday - if you'll have us - we'd love to come back round your place with another bumper bundle of trivia tomfoolery and blues. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Soul Fixin' ManLuther Allison10Bad LoveLuther AllisonRuf[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Luther Allison
you can't win for losin'Arthur Adams2Stomp The FloorArthur AdamsDelta Groove Productions[ 3 mins 34 secs ]Arthur Adams
too latebuddy guy w. kim wilson4born to play guitarbuddy guysilvertone[ 3 mins 41 secs ]little walter
I Can't Hold OutSon Seals11Deluxe EditionSon SealsAlligator[ 4 mins 18 secs ]Son Seals
Can't Blame Nobody But MyselfMarcia Ball9The Tattooed Lady And The Alligator ManMarcia BallAlligator Records & Artist Management, Inc.[ 3 mins 46 secs ]Marcia Ball
Now Do You HearEarl Gaines4Across The TracksVarious ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 10 secs ]Earl Gaines
Shingle By ShingleEric Bibb3Good StuffEric BibbOPUS-3[ 3 mins 36 secs ]Eric Bibb
I'm Gonna Move Cross The RiverBrownie McGhee6Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New YorkVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 47 secs ]Brownie McGhee
letter to my back door friendLightnin' Hopkins10Very Best Of Charly Blues Masterworks vol. 1Various ArtistsCHARLY[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Lightnin' Hopkins
Little WheelJohn Lee Hooker3This Is HipJohn Lee HookerCHARLY[ 0 mins 0 secs ]John Lee Hooker
too much prideJ. B Hutto3Hawk SquatJ. B HuttoDELMARK[ 3 mins 57 secs ]J. B Hutto
Mistreated WomanEddie Kirkland23Deep FeelingVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage[ 2 mins 31 secs ]Eddie Kirkland
I Got The BluesEddy Giles2Southern Soul BrotherEddy GilesKent[ 2 mins 35 secs ]Eddy Giles
I Been Broken HeartedJohnny Rawls9My Turn To WinJohnny RawlsJSP Records[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Johnny Rawls
devil's handshemekia copeland3outskirts of loveshemekia copelandalligator[ 4 mins 22 secs ]johnny copeland
(baby) you got what it takesbuddy guy w. joss stone8born to play guitarbuddy guysilvertone[ 3 mins 41 secs ]little walter
Living My Life My WayHelen Humes12Hands Off !Various ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 57 secs ]Helen Humes
Everybody Rock (Checker 893)Jimmy McCracklin7R&b Humdingers Volume 14Various ArtistsVee-Tone Records[ 2 mins 22 secs ]Jimmy McCracklin
jealous womanalbert washington feat. lonnie mack6blues and soul manalbert washingtonACE[ 3 mins 57 secs ]Helen Humes
I Want To Live So That God Can Use MeBrother Willie Eason21Rare And Red Hot GospelVarious ArtistsCATFISH[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Brother Willie Eason
Drinkin' WomanSt. Louis Jimmy20I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records StoryVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 2 mins 54 secs ]St. Louis Jimmy
laundromat bluesAlbert King3Blues MastersVarious Artistsrhino[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Albert King
The Blues Is In The HouseJohnny Jones14Blues Is In The HouseJohnny JonesNorthern Blues[ 5 mins 34 secs ]Johnny Jones
little by littlejunior wells7Blues MastersVarious Artistsrhino[ 0 mins 0 secs ]mel london
Cairo BluesLil’ Son Jackson2-2Down Home Blues Classics Texas 1946-1954Various ArtistsBOULEVARD ENTERTAINMENT[ 2 mins 49 secs ]Lil’ Son Jackson
roberta BluesLil’ Son Jackson3-2Down Home Blues Classics Texas 1946-1954Various ArtistsBOULEVARD ENTERTAINMENT[ 2 mins 49 secs ]Lil’ Son Jackson
Little Woman You're So SweetBlind Boy Fuller21Get Your Yas Yas OutBlind Boy FullerINDIGO[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Blind Boy Fuller
You've Got To Reap What You SowWalter Davis9Bullet Records BluesVarious ArtistsBlue Label / SPV[ 2 mins 51 secs ]Walter Davis
Just Give Me A ChanceSilas Hogan1Bluesin' By The BayouVarious ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 7 secs ]Silas Hogan
that's alrightslim harpo2Bluesin' By The BayouVarious ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 7 secs ]Silas Hogan
i'm tore downfreddie king1-1deep feelingvarious artistsfantastic voyage[ 2 mins 47 secs ]turner
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

STAR BLUES on 9th August 2015 at 22:00 with bent knees and straight back, using both arms

we're following H&S guidance bringing you blues. As if we'd do it any other way. Johnny Shines and Walter Horton have been the advanced guard and they're in good company round your place. Even the mighty Liza Tarbuck on Radio2 is an advocate of Mr. Horton - her Saturday extravaganza closed with "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" off his Blind Pig album.

I'll not dwell on the Johnnie Bassett selection other than to remark - after playing his song - that Lady Blue has only provisionally let me back in the house; and its because JB was a class act. Look on YouTube to see him lovingly coax honey from his guitar. He tucked in after the offspring of one of Chicago blues' finest, Eddie Taylor. His new album is on Wolf and gave us a fine opening salvo. There's a resurgence in interest in harp-master Charlie Sayles; his JSP stuff is reissued and positively reviewed in Living blues magazine, he also has a cd on Fetal with Tony Fazio which shows off good skills from both men. an early return is likely on our playlist.

Eugene Hideaway Bridges is absurdly gifted in all departments and his new one is a contender for album of 2015. He plays so lyrically and effortlessly - we brought the title song in evidence. A big man whose voice can whisper and roar. The year has so far been good for singers, not the  least of which Wee Willie Walker whose time has surely come. Starting in the 60s he has always been an expressive singer - now on Jim Pugh's label and in close collaboration with Rick Estrin and Kid Andersion, together they've crafted a real gem full of lush arrangements. Living Blues loves it too the cd has the award in the current edition. Finis Tasby came from the same era as Willie and his solo albums deserve as much attention as the work he did front and centre for the Mannish Boys.

In 1992 producer Ron Levy put Jimmy McCracklin with Lowell Fulson, added in the house band and horns creating a fine project by Fulson  on Bullseye. WC Clark, another man noted as much for voice as guitar, covered Clarence Carter for the robust opener to his album on Alligator. Similar in name only, harp playing William Clarke shared a label but not much else. He did a version of a Muddy Waters song that just showed how much he was under-rated and how much he is missed.

Ace records has put out two delicious surveys this month: one goes to the Ric, Ron and Show-Biz labels to dig out complete singles records by Tommy Ridgely and Bobby Mitchell. You won't get far if you're serious about Louisiana music without coming across these two. The other set is the first volume of stuff done for the Kent label after 1958 - the imprint was created by the Bihari Brothers to replace Modern and RPM. Of thefour songs we chose, surely no-one was fooled by the "Betty and Dupree" artist credit. Wafer thin veneer to disguise Etta James and Harvey Fuqua.

I doubt my interest in blues would have grown in the same way without having heard Scrapper Blackwell. I'm pretty sure I first came across him through the Paul Jones R&B show in the days pre-war blues got played on BBC. He was an admirable foil to Leroy Carr who wrote the song they brought for us. The Sleepy John Estes song came from 1929 and I felt obliged to conclude with T-Bone Walker. (Who am I kidding, no excuse needed). T-Bone was lamenting having to sneak past a woman that sleeps very lightly. Perhaps a distant cousin of Lady Blue after my choice of Johnnie Bassett track?

Tune in again next Sunday at 10pm (BST) to see if I got away with it. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of yoy.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label duration writercredit
Baby Please Come Home Eddie Taylor Jr. 7 Stop Breaking Down Eddie Taylor Jr. WOLF [ 3 mins 21 secs ] Eddie Taylor Jr.
I Love a Good Woman (But I Like the Bad One's Too) Johnnie Bassett & The Blues Insurgents 5 I Gave My Life To The Blues Johnnie Bassett & The Blues Insurgents [ 3 mins 29 secs ] Johnnie Bassett & The Blues Insurgents
Everybody's Got Something to Say Charlie Sayles & The Blues Disciple 6 Charlie Sayles and the Blues Disciples Charlie Sayles & The Blues Disciple CDBaby [ 3 mins 57 secs ] Charlie Sayles & The Blues Disciple
Hold On A Little Bit Longer Eugene Hideaway Bridges 2 Hold On A Little Bit Longer Eugene Hideaway Bridges [ 4 mins 32 secs ] Eugene Hideaway Bridges
Working Man Lowell Fulson 1 Hold On Lowell Fulson BULLSEYE BLUES [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Lowell Fulson
Mean Old World Finis Tasby 6 What My Blues Are All About Finis Tasby Electro-Fi [ 6 mins 55 secs ] Finis Tasby
Shim Sham Shimmy Champion Jack Dupree 9 Two Classic Albums Plus Singles Champion Jack Dupree AVID [ 2 mins 45 secs ] Champion Jack Dupree
Shim Sham Shimmy Billy 'The Kid' Emerson 21 Boppin' The Blues : Stars On Sun Various Artists CHARLY [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Billy 'The Kid' Emerson
Barrelhouse When It Rains Big Bill Broonzy 11 History Of Rhythm And Blues Part One Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records [ 2 mins 53 secs ] Big Bill Broonzy
Read Between The Lines Wee Willie Walker 1 If Nothing Ever Changes Wee Willie Walker [ 3 mins 19 secs ] Wee Willie Walker
Let's Have A Ball Ray Charles 5 Mess Around Ray Charles PROPER [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Ray Charles
Snatching It Back W. C. Clark 1 From Austin With Soul W. C. Clark Alligator [ 0 mins 0 secs ] W. C. Clark
evil William Clarke 4 the hard way William Clarke Alligator [ 3 mins 22 secs ] morganfield
Double Eyed Wammy Tommy Ridgley 5 In The Same Old Way: The Complete Ric, Ron And Sho-Biz Recordings Tommy RidgleyBobby Mitchell ACE [ 2 mins 29 secs ] Tommy Ridgley
Well I Done Got Over It Bobby Mitchell 17 In The Same Old Way: The Complete Ric, Ron And Sho-Biz Recordings Tommy RidgleyBobby Mitchell ACE [ 2 mins 24 secs ] Bobby Mitchell
Honey Bee Billy Myles 8 Solid Stroll Vol. 3 Various Artists LUCKY Gal [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Billy Myles
Rough Dried Woman Big Mac 13 Dave's Anthology Of Chicago Blues - Vol. 1 Various Artists
[ 0 mins 0 secs ] Big Mac
Sneakin' And Hidin' Johnny Shines 3 Johnny Shines Johnny ShinesWalter Horton Testament [ 3 mins 53 secs ] Johnny Shines
Lone Town Blues Junior Brooks 3 The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 1 Various Artists ACE [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Junior Brooks
Pea Vine Special Big Joe Williams 7 Baby Please Don't Go Big Joe Williams BLUES ENCORE [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Big Joe Williams
Goin' Down Slow Robert McCoy 4 Bye Bye Baby Robert McCoy DELMARK [ 2 mins 57 secs ] Robert McCoy
Unlock The Lock Jimmy Nelson 3 Unlock The Lock - The US Kent Records Story Various Artists ACE [ 2 mins 43 secs ] Jimmy Nelson
If It Ain't One Thing Betty And Dupree 15 Unlock The Lock - The US Kent Records Story Various Artists ACE [ 2 mins 19 secs ] Betty And Dupree
love you baby bobby bland 21 Unlock The Lock - The US Kent Records Story Various Artists ACE [ 2 mins 43 secs ] bland
Dance The Thing Floyd Dixon And His Orchestra 12 Unlock The Lock - The US Kent Records Story Various Artists ACE [ 2 mins 39 secs ] Floyd Dixon And His Orchestra
V8 Baby Tommy Brown 18 Jump 'N' Jive Various Artists METRO [ 2 mins 56 secs ] Tommy Brown
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Billie & Dede Pierce 14 All That Blues Various Artists ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS [ 4 mins 10 secs ] Billie & Dede Pierce
Midnight Hour Blues Scrapper Blackwell 13 Hard Time Blues Scrapper Blackwell ABM [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Scrapper Blackwell
The Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair Sleepy John Estes 14 Drop Down Mama Sleepy John Estes ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Sleepy John Estes
Lone Wolf J. B. Hutto 7 Pet Cream Man J. B. Hutto ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION [ 0 mins 0 secs ] J. B. Hutto
She's The No-Sleepin' Est Woman T-Bone Walker 55 The Original Source T-Bone Walker PROPER [ 0 mins 0 secs ] T-Bone Walker
The Fat Man Fats Domino 14 The R'n'b Years 1950: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1950 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE [ 2 mins 37 secs ] Fats Domino
Change My Way Of Livin' Clarence Spady 3 Nature Of The Beast Clarence Spady EVIDENCE [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Clarence Spady
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

STAR BLUES on 2nd August 2015 at 22:00 these are our sort of blues ...

.. carrying enough in our arms to need a health and safety risk assessment of the load

Even if we're still awaiting delivery of the new album from Buddy Guy (the US radio jocks always get theirs first). We made content with one as a sideman for Howlin' Wolf's Dallas travels; and one noted cover issued under his own brand for Chess. Guy - for most folk - does the definitive interpretation of Little Brother Montgomery's song (i find it hard to recall the original).

Debbie Davies' style of playing is surely made to order for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, I've yet to fathom why she was never offered the gig full-time. Her cover of the Lonnie Brooks song would surely have been a worthy audition. The second of our one-two opening punch came from Lil Ed Williams and his Blues Imperials - a standard bearer for the continued good health of Chicago blues.

Robert Cray, of who's playing and singing many words have been written, had a birthday yesterday (1st August) and we chose one of his songs in celebration. The storyline in "Right Next Door" combined a couple of stereotypes founded upon the stud cheating neighbour with a twinge or two of grown-up conscience - in so doing the bar was raised for blues writing from thence forward.  When James Armstrong first came to notice, he was an easy comparison mark with Robert Cray; he's done more than enough since to distinguish himself in both senses of the word.

Early on in the running order we had Otis Rush from his halcyon days at Cobra (1957) as well as a 1955 session out of Eddie Taylor helped by Jimmy Reed on harp. I've mentioned the idea of an anthology of his work to a couple of the reissue labels, though there's nothing yet i'm not giving up hope yet. we served our distaff side ably with blues women like Barbara Lynn and Ann Cole, Lula Reed and Ruth Brown, Sisters Rosetta Tharpe and O. M. terrell.  Ann's piece was an answer to a then-recent hit for Etta James called "stop The Wedding". Our other gospel piece was Rev. Gary Davies reworking of the song which titled his splendid biography.

The piano tent had Little Willie Littlefield (who had a deserved late Indian Summer career on the European rock'n'roll circuit), Pinetop Smith and Speckled Red. Louis Jordan, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Charles Walker and Sammy Price did pleasure duties on the rolled-back Axminsters around the world. by the time we found time to compare and contrast messrs Harris and Brown all that was left were two classics bearing the Chess mark.

Your invite was most kind and your welcome most warm. We broke several Health and Safety rules in not adequately assessing the risk of bringing you so much blues but we likely got away with it - and we will again next Sunday 10pm. until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Don't Take Advantage Of MeDebbie Davies2Picture ThisDebbie DaviesDEMON[ 4 mins 44 secs ]Debbie Davies
Jump Right InLil' Ed & The Blues Imperials7Jump StartLil' Ed & The Blues ImperialsAlligator[ 3 mins 5 secs ]Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials
Jump Sister BessieOtis Rush8Good'uns : The Classic Cobra SidesOtis RushBLUESIDE[ 2 mins 33 secs ]Otis Rush
Ride 'Em On DownEddie Taylor3Bad BoyEddie TaylorCHARLY[ 2 mins 55 secs ]Eddie Taylor
Baby Can You Hear MeJames Armstrong3Blues At The BorderJames ArmstrongCatfood[ 3 mins 26 secs ]James Armstrong
Don't Stop The WeddingAnn Cole8Birth Of Soul Vol. 3Various ArtistsKent (U.K.)[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Ann Cole
Right Next Door (Because Of Me)Robert Cray3Strong PersuaderRobert CrayMERCURY[ 4 mins 21 secs ]Robert Cray
Charles Walker SlopCharles Walker6New York City Blues - Magpie 1818Various Artists[ 2 mins 26 secs ]Charles Walker
Boogie TwistSnooky Pryor13Rough Treatment - The J.O.B. Records StoryVarious ArtistsWESTSIDE[ 2 mins 50 secs ]Snooky Pryor
i'm a good womanBarbara Lynn1i'm a good womanBarbara Lynnace[ 2 mins 29 secs ]Barbara Lynn
Somebody Done Hoodoo'd The Hoodoo ManLouis Jordan & His Tympani Five4His Best Recordings 1939-1947Louis JordanBEST OF JAZZ[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five
Boogie UproarBrown, Clarence "Gatemouth"1Boogie Uproar - Gems From The Peacock VaultsVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 2 mins 47 secs ]Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth"
pinetop's boogie woogiepinetop smith1-1A Porttrait Of Boogie WoogieVarious ArtistsGALE[ 2 mins 47 secs ]smith
St. Louis StompSpeckled Red14A Porttrait Of Boogie WoogieVarious ArtistsGALE[ 3 mins 17 secs ]Speckled Red
Sleep in JobSticks McGhee14New York City Blues - Magpie 1818Various Artists[ 2 mins 38 secs ]Sticks McGhee
going back to the countryjuke boy bonner11American Masters Vol. 2 : Urban BluesVarious ArtistsArhoolie Records[ 2 mins 54 secs ]bonner
Baby BabyLula Reed15Just A Little Bit: Federal's Queens Of New Breed R&bTiny TopsyLula ReedACE[ 3 mins 5 secs ]Lula Reed
I Know That's RightKatie Webster9American Masters Vol. 2 : Urban BluesVarious ArtistsArhoolie Records[ 4 mins 24 secs ]Katie Webster
Real Fine MamaLittle Willie Littlefield11Kat On The KeysLittle Willie LittlefieldACE[ 2 mins 42 secs ]Little Willie Littlefield
Don't Take Ev'rybody To Be Your FriendSister Rosetta Tharpe With Sam Price Trio21Theme Time Radio HourVarious ArtistsACE[ 2 mins 27 secs ]Sister Rosetta Tharpe With Sam Price Trio
Twelve Gates To The CityRev. Gary Davis5The Blues BoxVarious ArtistsMETRO[ 3 mins 8 secs ]Rev. Gary Davis
The Gambling ManSister O. M. Terrell18News And The Blues : Telling It Like It IsVarious ArtistsCOLUMBIA[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Sister O. M. Terrell
I'm A Poor Man But A Good ManMagic Slim8Alone And UnpluggedMagic SlimWOLF[ 3 mins 12 secs ]Magic Slim
Ride And RollSonny Terry20Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New YorkVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 37 secs ]Sonny Terry
The Jig's UpJerry 'boogie' Mccain4The Jig's Up: Complete 50's RecordingsJerry 'boogie' MccainHot Productions[ 2 mins 31 secs ]Jerry 'boogie' Mccain
gonna put her downfrank frost1-520th anniversary - earwig recordsvarious artistsearwig[ 3 mins 12 secs ]frost
Galley StompSammy PriceKenny Burrell7Dave's Jumpin' And Rockin'Various Artists[ 2 mins 47 secs ]Sammy PriceKenny Burrell
I Walked From DallasHowlin' Wolf11Complete Recordings 1951-1969Howlin' WolfCHARLY[ 3 mins 15 secs ]Howlin' Wolf
first time i met the bluesbuddy guy21woke up this morningvarious artistsmca - chess[ 2 mins 17 secs ]montgomery
Git To Gittin' BabyWynonie Harris11Women, Whiskey & Fish TailsWynonie HarrisACE[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Wynonie Harris
Trouble At MidnightRoy Brown10Saturday Night! King And Imperial RecordingsRoy BrownEL TORO[ 2 mins 57 secs ]Roy Brown
Daddy DaddyRuth Brown13Right Now: Atlantic Club Soul And Deep CutsVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 57 secs ]Ruth Brown
i'm in the moodjohn lee hooker6woke up this morningvarious artistsmca - chess[ 5 mins 07 secs ]hooker
help mesony boy williamson7woke up this morningvarious artistsmca - chess[ 5 mins 07 secs ]williamson
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