Sunday, 30 June 2013

STAR BLUES on 30th June 2013 at 22:00

Last Sunday (23rd) the Texan pianist Little Willie Littlefield and the Tennessee-born singer Bobby "Blue" Bland died - our STAR BLUES show yesterday played their music. It's a terrific privilege to be asked to get a list of songs to showcase two such important artists. Before we went on air (rock god) Neil Jones and I chatted about that very thing especially in a year that has already taken Magic Slim and Jimmy Dawkins.

Bobby's music has always had a special place for me from the very first moment I was played "ain't Nothin; You Can Do" on a Duke 45. I'd felt chuffed at having bought Van Morrison's "Too Late to Stop Now" double album and i loved his version of the song. My usual stop off point for all my free time was Replays Records in Southampton and I mentioned it to Tim behind the counter. Off he went to rummage around out the back, only to emerge ten minutes or so later clutching a single: Bobby Blue Bland's original recording. Smitten was the word and ever since there's been a Bobby Bland song at every important emotion in my life. He's been described as "too smooth" and the sepia Sinatra but neither phrase gets close. He could go from gospel fervour to a gentle lover's caress in a heartbeat - I only hope the stuff we played last night begun to do him justice. Earlier in the day one of the stations transmitting on the Sky satellite did a top notch tribute including several Malaco sides (Clive R rightly put Blands achievements into proper context - unlike the obit writer for the Daily Telegraph who skated over the last 20 years of Bobby's work inside 20 words).

Neil seemed taken aback that Bobby had achieved greatness without any significant instrumental or songwriting gifts - just a rich, supple, throaty voice and arrangements that made it all sound so effortless. Such was his stature that he'd always attract the finest sidemen and we had some of the finest blues guitar playing ever captured from Clarence Holliman, Mel Brown, Jimmy Johnson, Roy Gaines, Pat Hare and Wayne Bennett. Almost all were on hand last night.

I almost put a question mark against Pat Hare's name - according to the reference bible he did just one studio session as lead player for Bland: the one with "Further On Up The Road". Bobby once confirmed it was Pat laying down that caustic part. However I also read an interview with Wayne Bennett who insisted it was him, and my ears seem to suggest it was him. For further confusion another school of thought credits Clarence Holliman. There are similarities with Bennett's masterful - and landmark - solo on "Stormy Monday Blues" (which everyone says is Wayne).  Our tracklisting shown below draws from his earliest years which are most easily sampled through the album "Two Steps from the Blues". It marked a greatest hits collection by another name. That one is another album in that select category "Essential". I note its been reissued with a dozen previously unavailable cuts.

Our other subject last night was Texan pianist Little Willie Littlefield who - as a boy - was dubbed the "Texas Sensation". He took Amos Milburn's triplets and vocal trademarks to another level. He was discovered by local entrepreneur Eddie Henry who did eight sides, releasing six of them through the EDDIE'S imprint. We had one to show his remarkable dexterity as a 16-17 year old. His most famed performance was on a song written especially for him by Lieber and Stoller (they called it "KC Loving" as it seemed cooler than the name "Kansas City" used by Wilbert Harrison a few years later for the massive hit single). Ace has a pair of anthologies of Willie's work for Modern label, every one a gem. Willie came to Europe on a regular basis - he met and married in the Netherlands back in the Seventies. he played the Burnley Blues festival and one of his final UK dates was nearby in Castor just outside Peterborough. The Burnley track we did was backed by the Big Town Playboys, whose Mike Sanchez broke the news of Willie's death this week. Mike was generous in his words which gave the reader a real sense of joy at meeting Willie and his infectious smile.

Thank-you for your kind invitation to your place, I've a couple of guilty pleasures we can share next Sunday at 10pm (BST) until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
turn on your love light bobby blue bland 10 the voice bobby blue bland ace
let good times roll - live bobby bland and b b king 15 lucille and friends b b king  
Take Off Your Shoes Bobby 'Blue' Bland 6 The Last Soul Company Various Artists Malaco Records
I Stand Accused Bobby 'Blue' Bland 19 Bobby Blue Bland's Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues Bobby 'Blue' Bland MUSIC CLUB
St. James Infirmary Bobby 'Blue' Bland 6 Mississippi Blues Various Artists Putumayo World Music
Cry, Cry, Cry Bobby 'Blue' Bland w. wayne bennett 5 Good For Nothin': The Vogue Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
Ain't Nothing You Can Do Bobby 'Blue' Bland 13 The Voice : Duke Recordings 1959-69 Bobby 'Blue' Bland ACE
Woke Up Screaming Bobby 'Blue' Bland w. Clarence Hollimon 9 The 3B Blues Boy. The Blues Years : 1952-1958 Bobby 'Blue' Bland ACE
Army Blues Bobby 'Blue' Bland 3 The 3B Blues Boy. The Blues Years : 1952-1958 Bobby 'Blue' Bland ACE
i'm not ashamed bobby blue bland w. clarence holliman 3 two steps from the blues bobby blue bland beat goes on
Members Only Bobby 'Blue' Bland 3 First Class Blues Bobby 'Blue' Bland MALACO
cry over you Little Willie Littlefield 10 Burnley National Blues Festival Various Artists JSP Records
Little Willie's Boogie Little Willie Littlefield 17 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Texas Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
K.C. Loving Little Willie Littlefield 1 The History Of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 3 - The Rocknroll Years Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
Happy Pay Day Little Willie Littlefield 4 Mojo Working : Best Of Ace Blues Various Artists ACE
Too Late For Me Little Willie Littlefield 12 Kat On The Keys Little Willie Littlefield ACE
love me tonight Little Willie Littlefield 13 blues: 30 various artists ACE
farewell Little Willie Littlefield 24 blues boogie bounce little willie littlefield ACE
Further On Up The Road Bobby 'Blue' Bland w. Wayne Bennett 13 The Sound Of The City - Memphis Various Artists Emi Records Ltd
Stormy Monday Blues Bobby 'Blue' Bland w. wayne bennett 11 The Voice : Duke Recordings 1959-69 Bobby 'Blue' Bland ACE
I Pity The Fool Bobby 'Blue' Bland 6 two steps from the blues bobby bland beat goes on
The Right Place, The Wrong Time Bobby 'Blue' Bland w. Mel Brown 19 Master Of The Blues Bobby 'Blue' Bland NECTAR
24 Hours A Day Bobby 'Blue' Bland 5 Blues You Can Use Bobby 'Blue' Bland MALACO
Yield Not To Temptation Bobby 'Blue' Bland 17 The Voice : Duke Recordings 1959-69 Bobby 'Blue' Bland ACE
Call On Me Bobby 'Blue' Bland 1 Call Me / Ain't Nothin You Can Do Bobby 'Blue' Bland MCA
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

STAR BLUES on 23rd June 2013 at 22:00

A smidge after Summer's Day. (Anyone know if that apostrophe is needed?) Hugh Laurie was on desert Island Discs last week and the first of his 8 platters was from Son House - and it is clear, from the way he has thrown himself into another album project of blues songs, that he is a fan with a good knowledge and enthusiasm for the cause. I'd like to think his patronage will bring many viewers of the excellent "House MD" tv series to the blues. This time round he's handed vocal duties to Jean McCain on a couple of songs including a top notch go at "Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair" (the Albert Good song cut by Bessie Smith in 1927).

Namesake Jerry McCain was down in Jackson Mississippi at the Diamond Studios doing a session for the Trumpet label: not issued at the time but getting a release on vinyl lp when Alligator had the rights to Ms McMurray's imprint. We also dipped into some of the treasures i just brought back from pastures North-eastern, four label surveys issued by One Day Music at a decent price point looking at Okeh, Vogue, Specialty and King. I wanted the Sue and Cobra volumes but the quirky filing system in the record shop let me down? I felt 14 again rummaging through the discs, asking to hear odd tracks, finding out more about the artists and stories (just generally shooting the breeze with other music nuts like me). I'd have got those albums cheaper on the web but what a fabulous way to spend half a day.

Our first hour also played host to a new project co-produced by Corey Harris on Concord called "True Blues". It has Corey with Alvin Youngblood Hart, Guy Davis, Taj Mahal and Phil Wiggins (quite magnificent on harp from start to finish). 2013 is shaping up as a classic for harp players (Wiggins there, James Cotton at his peerless best on his new one, and I just heard a track featuring Charlie Musselwhite that knocked me on my B.T.M)

Mike Sanchez' 2007 sessions with Imelda May are out now the legal stuff is sorted and they gleefully romped through Shirley and Lee's "Let The Good Times Roll" for us last night. The underrated Debbie Davis went to Louis Jordan's "Buzz Me"; Albert Collins and Eddie Bo co-wrote "Slippin and Slidin" for Little Richard which is probably why I think (humbly!) it is the most gloriously ramshackle performance the man ever did. Jimmy Yancey was famed for the minor key change he closed many pieces with and James Booker was a genius piano player from the Crescent City. His "Gonzo" instrumental found favour with the early Sixties surfers and made it in a fairly big way into the mainstream Billboard charts.

For fans of blues guitar playing we brought along Lonnie Johnson and T-Bone Walker - both named by B B King as major influences. Add to the mix Earl King, Ike Turner and a pair of hand-picked cuts from Mark Lamarr's collection via the mighty Veetone outfit - you've got the measure of us in our two hours yesterday.

Woke up this morning - where have I heard that before - to news reports that Bobby Bland has died. Then I get told it was a hoax - and whichever way you dice it, it's a pretty mean cruel thing to do to one of the finest voices in the past 60 years and causing massive upset to his family. His voice meant a lot to me as I started to find my own taste in music, he virtually invented a new way of singing. His 50s / 60's stuff for Duke is pure magic with the cream of players always on their A-game. I'll be sad to find out the news properly but by crikey I'm glad I found him so early on in my life. A giant lion the like of which we will never see again. I'm off to listen to "Turn on your Love Light" - until next Sunday's helping of STAR BLUES take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you. 


Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
let the good times roll mike sanchez and imelda may 1 almost grown mike sanchez DOOPIN
Slippin' And Slidin' Little Richard 28 Cosimo Matassa Story Various Artists Proper Box
Buzz Me Debbie Davies 9 Picture This Debbie Davies DEMON
RAMBLIN' ON MY MIND Shemekia copeland et al 13 true blues various artists concord
send me to the lectric chair Hugh Laurie w. Jean McClain 7 Didn't It Rain Hugh Laurie WARNER BROS
P L K Special Jimmy Yancey 11 The Best Of Boogie Woogie Various Artists DOCUMENTS
Gonzo James Booker 17 Teen Beat Vol. 5 Various Artists ACE
Eating and Sleeping Earl King 22 Rip It Up: The Specialty Story Various Artists One Day Music
Haunted House Johnny Fuller 17 Rip It Up: The Specialty Story Various Artists One Day Music
I've Got a Feelin' Big Maybelle 20 I Put A Spell On You: The Okeh Story Various Artists One Day Music
Voodoo Woman Blues Jay McShann 16 Hot Biscuits - Essential Jay McShann INDIGO
gonna make it on back little willie brown 15 r & b humdingers vol. 14 various artists veetone
If You See My Saviour Thomas A. Dorsey 14 A Portrait Of Gospel Various Artists GALE
Fall Guy Jerry McCain 13 Strange Kind Of Feelin' Various Artists ALLIGATOR // TRUMPET
Gonna Write You A Letter Jesse Thomas 11 Complete Recorded Works 1948-1958 Jesse Thomas DOCUMENT
Falling Rain Blues Lonnie Johnson 21 Blues Guitar Pioneers Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Gonna Wait For My Chance Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm 14 Trail Blazer Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm CHARLY
I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them Marie Knight 8 Holy Mackerel! Pretenders To Little Richard's Throne Various Artists ACE
howlin at midnight willis jackson 8 r & b humdingers vol. 14 various artists veetone
Every Day Of The Week Amos Milburn 21 Good For Nothin': The Vogue Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
When We Get Together Otis Williams 9 Only Young Once: The King Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
romance in the dark lil green 1 why don't you do right lil green blues collection
preachin' blues robert johnson 14 history of rhythm and blues: sampler various artists rhythm and blues
mean old world t-bone walker 25 history of rhythm and blues: sampler various artists rhythm and blues
i wish you would billy boy arnold 1-13 sound of the city: chicago Various Artists emi
grits aint groceries little milton 2-13 sound of the city: chicago Various Artists emi
lookin' back johnny guitar watson 1-9 sound of the city: los angeles Various Artists emi
Hide Away Red Prysock 22 Only Young Once: The King Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
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STAR BLUES on 16th June 2013

Our annual voyage to the North Yorkshire coast in search of "the good stuff" yielded a few tracks which originally came out as singles on Roulette, King, Specialty and Okeh - as well as a collection of sweet instrumental items.

We dipped back into the STAR BLUES archives for the weekly helping of trivia and tomfoolery and you can be sure you'll hear these newly discovered gems on upcoming STAR BLUES playlists. Back round at your place 10pm Sunday 23rd with a brand-new project produced by Corey Harris. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

STAR BLUES on 9th June 2013 at 22:00

No messing around just two Vinyl hours of music that started life at 33, 45 or 78 rpm. We also had chance to wish CeDell Davis a Happy Birthday at 86 with a track from his award winning project for FAT POSSUM produced by Robert Palmer. A childhood infirmity meant he had to find his own way of playing guitar by using a knife as a slide that adds a unique shading to his primal style.

Hound Dog Taylor - one of the Chicago greats we inexplicably left out of last weeks survey of the great and good based in the Windy City - had a certain spark that captured Bruce Iglauer's imagination sufficiently enough for him to strike out on his own from Bob Koerster to form Alligator as a way of getting HDT music out there. "Sadie" was on his debut album and a fine way to start last night's vinyl based STAR BLUES. During the week I stumbled across Albert Collins' version of "When A Guitar Plays The Blues" on YouTube and thought we have to have that on our playlist - job done. There's an old maxim about starting off with a 1-2-3 punch and who better than Chess-era Buddy Guy to complete the trick. With a pair of mid-Sixties Kings we had a full set of guitar greats on vinyl. Albert's "Laundromat" was one of those seminal songs cut at the sessions with Booker T. and the MGs. It was originally out on a single but later a part of the one great blues album everyone must have: "Born Under A Bad Sign". This week BBC4 showed the film DVD called "Respect Yourself" chronicling the full story of the Stax outfit.

In 1955 Marie Adams was under the production of Johnny Otis and she had a fair size hit with "In Memory" the tribute to Johnny Ace - with a fabulous jump blues "Diddie Wa Wa" on its flip. A bit later she was heard on "Ma He's Making Eyes At Me" which did good business on the mainstream radio charts. The other potent voice on yesterdays running order was that of Hank Ballard and we found his 1970 single on Silver Fox - the Ace label have been putting together neat collections of themed projects: he was on one and Joe Mayfield and Lazy Lester were on another rummage through the vaults of Goldband et. al.

Lest you think we would forget the harp masters, we did a Memphis session with Walter Horton which Sam Phillips leased to the Bihari Brothers - and a solid Little Walter outing, just as supple as you'd expect. Charlie Musselwhite's "Stingaree" was a 1980 recording and Paul Butterfield was guesting alongside Peter Green in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers for an EP in 1966. Professor Longhair did us proud in the piano spot and the Golden Gate Quartet put together a fine arrangement to reinterpret "Down By The Riverside" in out gospel tent.

The two hours whizzed past again and we are really grateful for the positive reaction to the blues coming from the vinyl era - mid June is my annual scavenge through second hand record shops in the North East - I'm not sure Lady Blue knows how long my list is this year. There's something precious about spending time listening to new music, reminiscing and talking to other nuts as crazy about blues and soul as me. Expect to find a few extra bits and pieces on upcoming STAR BLUES programmes - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Sadie Hound Dog Taylor & The House Rockers 4 Blues Guitar Box Various Artists SEQUEL
When A Guitar Plays The Blues Albert Collins 12 The Ice Axe Man Cometh (Collection 1978-86) Albert Collins MUSIC CLUB
$100 Bill Buddy Guy 18 Stone Crazy Buddy Guy ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Henrietta Jimmy Dee And The Offbeats 13 Solid Stroll Vol. 4 Various Artists LUCKY Gal
Late In The Evening Lazy Lester 3 Bluesin' By The Bayou Various Artists ACE
Ida Mae Sonny Terry 15 All That Blues Various Artists ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS
guitar boogie cedell davis 7 feel like doin' something wrong cedell davis fat possum
My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone (Ivory 127) Hop Wilson 3 Rhythm Rockin' Blues Various Artists Groove SOURCE
Boom Diddy Wa Wa Marie and Junior 10 That's Your Last Boogie! Johnny Otis Fantastic Voyage
Sunday Morning Coming Down Hank Ballard 4 Sweet Dreams: Where Country Meets Soul Vol. 2 Various Artists Kent
Help The Poor Larry Davis 114 25 Years Various Artists Rounder
Hook Line And Sinker Dan Greer 4 Beale Street Soul Man - The Sounds Of Memphis Sessions Dan Greer Kent
laundromat blues Albert King 8 ultimate collection Albert King STAX
Universal Rock Junior Wells 14 Earl Hooker And Junior Wells Earl HookerJunior Wells ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Shim Sham Shimmy Champion Jack Dupree 9 Two Classic Albums Plus Singles Champion Jack Dupree AVID
Think It Over B. B. King 6 The Electric B. B. King - At His Best B. B. King MCA
Bootleggin' Baby Roy Brown 13 Saturday Night! King And Imperial Recordings Roy Brown EL TORO
Down By The Riverside Golden Gate Quartet, The 28 The Golden Gate Quartet - Our Story Golden Gate Quartet, The COLUMBIA
The Panama Limited Bukka White 2 Shake 'Em On Down Bukka White CATFISH
Black Gal Walter Horton 2 Mouth Harp Meastro Walter Horton ACE
roll n roll John Lee Hooker 3 No Friend Around John Lee Hooker RED LIGHTNING
Hard Times Mighty Joe Young 19 The Way I Feel Various Artists FLYRIGHT
Misery Professor Longhair 16 The Influences Behind The Rolling Stones Various Artists Hoodoo Records
I'm A Natural Born Man Joe Mayfield 12 Bluesin' By The Bayou Various Artists ACE
Little By Little John MayallPaul Butterfield 22 A Hard Road John Mayall DECCA
stingaree Charlie Musselwhite 2 blues never die Charlie Musselwhite vanguard
just your fool Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) 18 Boss Blues Harmonica Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

STAR BLUES on 2nd June 2013 at 22:00

Right now the focus of all that's good about the current blues scene is centred on Chicago. Earlier this year, there was sad news in the loss of Magic Slim and Jimmy Dawkins but since then we've marked Muddy Waters' centenary, celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Bob Koerster's Delmark label and next week we have a very strong lineup of blues stars at the 30th Chicago Blues Festival. All of which is at the risk of stating the obvious. If there is a way of measuring how "healthy" the current upswing in interest in blues is, we need to use what happens in Chicago as our first temperature sounding. (Don't ask where the thermometer goes, this is a family show).

The basic format of small electric combo lead with harp and/or guitar hasn't changed much in fifty years, the energy and power in this apparently simple straight forward approach is undeniable. The great and the good brought it in spades last night. Our focus was on the current work of the folks booked to appear at the festival - sprinkled with some Koko Taylor, Muddy Waters, Little Mac and John Littlejohn from back awhile. Mac's piece is listed as 1980 but it sounds like an earlier work in homage to Sonny Boy's "Help Me".

Sam Charters did three albums in 1965/6 called "Chicago/The Blues/Today" and we dipped in to play an instrumental Otis Rush piece and a quartet recording lead by James Cotton (barely out of his 20s but a veteran with over a dozen years of solid blues recording behind him). He is riding really high at the moment with his latest "Cotton Mouth Man" cited as CD of the Month in the new issues of both Living Blues and Blues & Rhythm magazines. The harp playing from our hero is enough to cement his rep at #1 in league of world harp players.

Harvey Cockliss made a film in 1970 to go that bit further and actually show the blues club scene, we chose Mighty Joe Young whose warts-n-all fidelity let us in to a unique atmosphere of one of his gigs. Lurrie Bell and John Primer were similarly captured in rather clearer-fi last year for the award winning "(R)evolution Continues" double disc project. Sir Mack Rice will be on stage on Saturday with the Memphis Soul Revue - you've all heard his compositions "Mustang Sally" and "Minnie Skirt Minnie" - but it was a nice opportunity to hear him out front and centre for himself.

As far as I can tell I've never played anything by Cicero Blake though I'm glad to have found a couple of his early Sixties sides which certainly fit our format. You can be sure we'll get back to him before too long. I'm planning my annual treasure hunt round about now and his name is already on my list. Our two hours together flew past, many thanks for your kind invitation to your place, as for this upcoming Sunday I'm already stuffing my bag with more blues, trivia and tomfoolery than is legal, decent or sensible - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
You're Humbuggin' Me Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater 1 Rock 'N' Roll City Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater BULLSEYE BLUES
Last Four Nickels Larry McCray 3 Delta Hurricane Larry McCray POINTBLANK
Call My Job Michael Coleman 13 The Story Of Black And Blues :1976-1988 Various Artists FREMEAUX ET ASSOCIES
Use What You Got Eddie Taylor Jr. 6 So Called Friends Eddie Taylor Jr.
Jimmy Burns 04 Stranded In Clarksdale Jimmy Burns 4 Back To The Delta Jimmy Burns DELMARK
Stockyard Blues Lurrie Bell 6 Chicago Blues - A Living History, The (R)Evolution Continues Various Artists Raisin' Records
Hard- Lovin' Mama Shirley Johnson w. Johnny B. moore 7 Killer Diller Shirley Johnson DELMARK
You've Been A Good Ole Wagon Grana Louise 7 Wild About That Thing - Ladies Sing The Blues Various Artists DELMARK
(I Got) All You Need Koko Taylor 8 Wang Dang Doodle Koko Taylor ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
You've Got To Help Me Little Mac 28 Dave's Anthology Of Chicago Blues - Vol. 1 Various Artists
What In The World John Littlejohn 14 Dave's Anthology Of Chicago Blues - Vol. 2 Various Artists
Nobody Wins 'Til The Game Is Over Sir Mack Rice 7 Nobody Wins Stax Southern Soul 1968-1975 V A Various Artists Kent
don't do this to me cicero blake 8 southern soul blues various artists
Piece Of My Heart Otis Clay 4 Songs Of Janis Joplin All Blues'd Up Various Artists SMITH & CO
Another Man Done Gone Irma Thomas 7 After The Rain Irma Thomas Rounder
My Turn, My Time Deitra Farr 12 Let It Go! Deitra Farr JSP Records
Yonder Wall Billy Branch 2-6 Chicago Blues - A Living History, The (R)Evolution Continues Various Artists Raisin' Records
canary bird john primer 1-4 Chicago Blues - A Living History, The (R)Evolution Continues Various Artists Raisin' Records
i can't be satisfied muddy waters 2-23 let me tell you about the blues: chicago various artists fantastic voyage
sit and cry the blues buddy guy 3-24 let me tell you about the blues: chicago various artists fantastic voyage
County Preacher Jimmy Johnson 1 County Preacher Jimmy Johnson ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
I Ain't the One Bobby Rush 3 Down In Louisiana Bobby Rush DEEP Rush
West Helena Blues Jimmy Cotton Blues Quartet 2-5 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
everythings gonna turn out alright otis rush 2-6 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
Why You Want To Hurt Me Mighty Joe Young 12 19 Tracks From The Film 'Chicago Blues' Various Artists CASTLE
born loser Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials 6 Jump Start Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Alligator
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