Sunday, 26 July 2015

STAR BLUES on 26th July 2015 at 22:00 joint jumpin

.. round your place/ No-one can ignore the persistent rain that has been waiting for the school children to get on holiday. Nice opportunity to slip in another selection from soon-to-be birthday boy Buddy Guy.  That new album of his must drop soooooon; it will have some famous names in duet (in keeping with the idea Buddy brought Bonnie Raitt for us).

Easy choice for gospel spot too - not that we ever need to apologise for Sister RT. Nor for the Soul Stirrers, one of the most potent examples of the simplicity of the human voice. Professor Harold Boggs added a vintage feel to the then recent Eric Clapton composition.

Our first segment also dallied among the JSP stable for some pretty robust modern blues that John Stedman did so well, especially when working with artists of the calibre of Johnnie Rawls (who was in top form for Deitra Farr). Harp fans were well served by Mojo Buford, Harmonica Shah and Eomot RaSun.  All three deserve wider exposure, the last named has just that one album and it had supporting cast such as Jimmy D Lane, Bob Stroger and Sam Carr (a stellar top-trumps hand in anyone's game).

The Johnnie Taylor selection was a direct steal of an idea off Facebook, it came as a birthday surprise reminder of my first introduction to his great voice. OV Wright was one of Robert Cray's biggest influences; he only left us with few sides and he had Michael Toles on guitar for his blues run-through for us. Hank Ballard has a current survey of his Midnighters singles out on Jasmine, there was a joyful swing to his singing and it set up our introduction of a classic by Calvin Boze.

The earliest blues stars were the women who came from the vaudeville / music hall / gospel traditions: the Document imprint issued two volumes as a survey of what they called Territory singers and we took one apiece from those projects. Tampa Red was sometimes billed as the Guitar Wizard and Ace has just put out a twofer survey of his post-war RCA victor sides. Though that blessed kazoo still parps intrusively on one or two songs, the guitar playing more than makes up for it. Our pair had sidemen such as Walter Horton and Little Johnnie Jones anchored by Odie Payne and Ransom Knowling in the engine room.

Recently we've put the spotlight on blues players rarely heard on Blues radio in Britain; we continued this week with Andrew Brown, Guitar Crusher and Calvin Frazier. You can be sure there'll be more in upcoming shows. Sunday at 10pm (BST) round your place will reveal who's next - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

One Eyed ManTre12Too Hot For MeVarious ArtistsJSP Records[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Tre
feels like rainbuddy guy6baddest of buddy guybuddy guysilvertone[ 4 mins 15 secs ]hiatt
The search is overDeitra Farr9The Search Is OverDeitra FarrJSP Records[ 3 mins 31 secs ]Deitra Farr
Last NightEomot Rasun3Three Days Walkin'Eomot RasunAPO[ 4 mins 13 secs ]Eomot Rasun
When the Blues Comes Knockin'Frank Bey2Blues In The PocketFrank Bey[ 3 mins 50 secs ]Frank Bey
groundhog bluesMojo Buford2State Of The Blues HarpMojo BufordJSP Records[ 3 mins 40 secs ]Mojo Buford
Baby, Scratch My BackHarmonica Shah8Tell It To Your LandlordHarmonica ShahElectro-Fi[ 3 mins 59 secs ]Harmonica Shah
Part Time LoveJohnnie Taylor7Raw BluesJohnnie TaylorFANTASY/STAX[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Johnnie Taylor
evalenetampa red1-1guitar wizardtampa redace
new deal bluestampa red2-1guitar wizardtampa redace
Clearin' House BluesHattie Burleson8Territory Singers - Vol2 : 1928-1930Various ArtistsDOCUMENT[ 2 mins 45 secs ]Hattie Burleson
Rock AwaySadie McKinney14Territory Singers Vol. 1 - 1922-1928Various ArtistsDOCUMENT[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Sadie McKinney
didn't it rainsister rosetta tharp[e w. marie knight10complete works in chronological order vol. 3sister rosetta tharpedocument[ 2 mins 56 secs ]trad.
Today I Sing The BluesO. V. Wright26Complete O. V. Wright - Vol. 1O. V. WrightHI[ 0 mins 0 secs ]O. V. Wright
The Continental WalkHank BallardMidnighters12Let's Go AgainHank BallardMidnightersJasmine[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Hank BallardMidnighters
I Got To KnowGuitar Crusher1Blast From The PastGuitar Crusher[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Guitar Crusher
(You Made Me) SufferAndrew Brown16Andrew Brown - Big Brown's Blues 1 (Black Magic 9039-2A)Andrew Brown[ 3 mins 43 secs ]Andrew Brown
Three Different WomanBuster Bennett26The R'n'b Years 1948: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1948Various ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 44 secs ]Buster Bennett
good time sueCalvin Boze250's rhythm and bluesVarious ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Calvin Boze
Across The Bay BluesL. C. 'Good Rockin'' Robinson4Mojo In My HandL. C. 'Good Rockin'' RobinsonArhoolie Records[ 3 mins 48 secs ]L. C. 'Good Rockin'' Robinson
Bottle Up And GoK.C. Douglas14The Prestige/Bluesville StoryVarious ArtistsNOT NOW[ 4 mins 6 secs ]K.C. Douglas
Maxwell Street BluesPapa Charlie Jackson520th Century BluesVarious ArtistsCATFISH[ 2 mins 45 secs ]Papa Charlie Jackson
Lord Give Me StrengthHarold Boggs1Dave's Gospel SamplerVarious Artists[ 2 mins 40 secs ]Harold Boggs
Jesus Gave Me WaterSoul Stirrers, The1It's Spelt SpecialtyVarious ArtistsSpecialty[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Soul Stirrers, The
Love Is A GambleRay Agee13Ray Agee - West Coast Blues 3 (1952-1957) Fg 972062Ray Agee[ 2 mins 29 secs ]Ray Agee
lily maecalvin frazier5Blues from big townVarious ArtistsChess[ 2 mins 30 secs ]frazier
Leave Me AloneBig Blues Carson18East Toledo BluesVarious Artists[ 2 mins 12 secs ]Big Blues Carson
robinson's rockIceman Robinson10I've Never Been LovedIceman RobinsonFEDORA[ 4 mins 51 secs ]Iceman Robinson
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Monday, 20 July 2015

STAR BLUES on 19thJuly 2015 at 22:00

Our choice of guardian for the STAR BLUES socks wasn't a slam-dunk: we could have had BB King, Nick Holt, Jimmie Lee Robinson or Little Milton. We opted for the Golden Gate Quartet instead: the song "Noah" has timeless, fully rounded deep vocal lines. We were prompted to use it after having had a preview via Lisa Tarbuck's Radio2 show we found on our car radio travelling outside the area. She plyed her trade using a remix by two dj's known as Skeewiff. (They did a decent job but too far outside our remit here).

Slam Allen is a new favourite in the blues community with his album riding high in the charts, his tough punchy tunes are right on the money. Our Lurrie Bell track was inspired by the recent video performance of the song by Omar Coleman and John Primer which will hopefully get official release on vinyl soon. I have two versions of the song: one by it's writer Willie Dixon with the Chicago Blues Allstars. The other is the one by Lurrie Bell.

Ironing Board Sam had a birthday in the week and he brought something from an informal session cut with MusicMaker label owner Tim Duffy. Buddy Guy will have a new album out on his birthday at the end of the month, previews indicate it's a good'un so we got ourselves limbered up with one of his earliest Chess sides. Birthday boy Lil' Jimmy Reed has a new project just out, he's 79 and this is just the second album out in his name. His first went to the music of his namesake and we also had Lil' Wolf who conjured up the sounds of Howlin' Wolf. The mercurial James Harman was the last in our suite of brand new material.

On the reissue front, Ace continues its work Boppin' by the Bayou, the newest is mostly rock but our two cuts sat squarely in blues mould. The closing number from Little Walter has been remastered to the highest quality for the soon-to-be-released collection on Soul Jam. I doubt these tapes have ever sounded better.

Our theme from last week to bring you lesser well-known players continued and you'd be hard pressed to find nay-sayers when given Pete Mayes and Little Joe Blue. The ladies team had Anisteen Allen and Little Esther. Our BB King selection was intended to wrap up those by his mentors Lonnie Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulson and Louis Jordan. The broken clock in the studio made it a black art getting across the finish line even if I fleetingly thought I may get away with accidentally running into a third hour.

I'm already planning the next extravaganza in a family-size package I can bring round your place at 10pm next Sunday. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

World Don't Stop TurningSlam Allen7Feel These BluesSlam Allen[ 4 mins 19 secs ]Slam Allen
i suffer with these bluesBuddy Guy13stone crazybuddy guyorbis[ 2 mins 45 secs ]Buddy Guy
One Room Country ShackNick Holt5You Better Watch YourselfNick HoltWOLF[ 5 mins 10 secs ]Nick Holt
Early in the Mornin'Lil Jimmy Reed10Blues in ParadiseLil Jimmy Reed[ 3 mins 50 secs ]Lil Jimmy Reed
Key To The HighwayLuther Allison6Standing At The CrossroadLuther AllisonBlack & Blue France[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Luther Allison
Don't Leave Me BabyLowell Fulson7Aladdin StoryVarious ArtistsEMI[ 3 mins 0 secs ]Lowell Fulson
Cold, Cold FeelingT-Bone Walker2You're My Best Poker Hand: The Definitive CollectionT-Bone WalkerFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 13 secs ]T-Bone Walker
Messy BessieLouis Jordan & His Tympani Five5Aladdin StoryVarious ArtistsEMI[ 2 mins 41 secs ]Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five
(Ain't That) Just Like A WomanB. B. King10B. B. King The Crown Recordings: Disc 7 : More B. B.. KingB. B. KingACE[ 0 mins 0 secs ]B. B. King
noahgolden gaTE QUARTET2-6good newsvarious artistsproperboxtrad
(I Ain't) The World's Badluckest ManJames Harman2BonetimeJames Harman.[ 2 mins 48 secs ]James Harman
Chicago Is Loaded With The BluesLurrie Bell33Cuttin Heads - Lets Talk About Love - Blues In My SoulLurrie Bell[ 6 mins 12 secs ]Lurrie Bell
Black Gal BluesWalter Horton5Reborn And RemasteredMuddy WatersROUGH GUIDES[ 2 mins 58 secs ]Walter Horton
I Hate to seeironing board sam5music maker selectionironing board sammusic maker[ 3 mins 8 secs ]Pete Mayes
Gamblin’ ManStick Horse Hammond7Down Home Blues Classics Texas 1946-1954Various ArtistsBOULEVARD ENTERTAINMENT[ 2 mins 39 secs ]Stick Horse Hammond
Drove From Home BluesWright Holmes4Alley SpecialVarious ArtistsCOLLECTABLES[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Wright Holmes
$1,000 Dollar BillBilly Boy Arnold1Billy Boy Sings Sonny BoyBilly Boy ArnoldElectro-Fi[ 3 mins 44 secs ]Billy Boy Arnold
Can't Rest For WorryWillie 'Big Eyes' Smith11Born In ArkansasWillie 'Big Eyes' SmithBig Eyes[ 5 mins 15 secs ]Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith
angry loverJimmie Lee Robinson1Chicago JumpJimmie Lee Robinson[ 4 mins 50 secs ]Jimmie Lee Robinson
I'm ReadyPete Mayes4Pete Mayes - I'm Ready (Double Trouble Tx-3013)Pete Mayes[ 3 mins 8 secs ]Pete Mayes
Same Old BluesLittle Milton18Chicago Blues And Soul Via Memphis And St. Louis, His Early Years 1953 - 1962Little MiltonJasmine Records[ 2 mins 39 secs ]Little Milton
every girl i seelittle wolf5sings the bluesLittle wolfn/a[ 3 mins 29 secs ]wolf
Can't Sleep At Nightjudge davis2The Flash Records StoryVarious ArtistsACE[ 3 mins 0 secs ]davis
me and my womanlittle joe blue21completelittle joe bluen/a[ 2 mins 30 secs ]valery
Hound DogLittle Esther3-6Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & BluesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 36 secs ]Little Esther
g'won bout your businessanisteen allen2-1Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & BluesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 36 secs ]Little Esther
To Do This You Got To Know HowLonnie Johnson4Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New YorkVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 9 secs ]Lonnie Johnson
bad luckdanny6rock me mamma: boppin by the bayouvarious artistsace[ 2 mins 15 secs ]trad
she's mine she's yoursbennie fruge16rock me mamma: boppin by the bayouvarious artistsace[ 2 mins 15 secs ]trad
Blues with a FeelingLittle Walter6Just a Feeling: Chess Sides 1952 - 1962Little WalterSoul Jam Records[ 3 mins 7 secs ]Little Walter
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

STAR BLUES on 12th July 2015 at 22:00 (BST) with ten guitarists never normally heard on British blues radio

such as Pete "Guitar" Lewis, Cal Green and Jimmy Nolen ...and we had a first hour choc full of the best albums from 2015 so far. When that lineup includes Jackie Payne, Omar Coleman and Eugene Bridges, you ain't doing too bad.

First out of the gate - ahead of a new greatest hits set - Jeff Healey (trombonist, radio-dj and blues-collector par excellence). His go at the Freddie King tune reminded me of the scorching version he gave on screen in Patrick Swayze's "Roadhouse" movie. Easy mark to cue up the second item: Otheneil Bridges was known as "Hideaway Slim" and his son Eugene is the complete package. A Physically imposing man, his huge presence includes a voice like Sam Cooke and a lyrical guitar style invoking B B King at his swinging best. The album by Eugene is a handsome contender for awards come year-end with fifteen gems. Omar Coleman's time has surely come, his harp skills are now in much demand and his debut album for Delmark is much feted already.

Daddy Mack Orr stands at the threshold of his eighth decade and his four piece band typifies the Memphis blues sound. Both Jackie Payne and Frank Bey have solid groundings in sixties soul and their knowing, grainy voices are ideal in 2015 - both have albums with good original songs instead of covers remade. Otis Clay seems relaxed these days and he adds gospel gravitas to the project whose idea came from long time admirer Billy Price. The new one by Tony Fazio has an enigmatic harp genius in tandem: Charlie Sayles. A lovely retro project is just out from Chris Daniels; it has sumptuous full arrangements you just want to wrap around you, I've played their version of Rance Allen's "What A Day" so many times the cardboard font of the digipack is almost torn through. Michael Falzarano is a more eclectic player with many facets on offer on the album just out.

one of STAR BLUES' core artists is Bob Corritore by dint of the results he inspires in his partners  his collection on Delta Groove is the first volume of work he and Henry Gray did for the likes of Robert Lockwood Jr. hearing that voice and those jazz tinged guitar fills remind us of Lockwood's genius.

Fitting then our second hour went into the corners of the blues discographies often overlooked on British Blues radio. As well as the names at the top of this blog we found room for Tiny Grimes, Wild Jimmy Spruilll and Harold Burrage. In two or three minutes they each played blues with passion you can't fake. There's a car advert on TV at the moment hereabouts, the insistent beat and unfettered vox have been driving me crackers each time it comes on. So I fired up a search engine or two and bought myself a ten track album by mickey hawk and the raiders. Running time a smidge over twenty minutes. Never mind the width, roll that carpet back to feel the groove.

Our "sox" moment probably came out of Little Johnny Christian, and if you hear anything better than that before the next STAR BLUES, I'll eat my socks. If you're game it'll take place around your place at 10pm on Sunday, until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

HideawayJeff Healey Band, The11See The LightJeff Healey Band, TheARISTA[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Jeff Healey Band, The
V-8 FordEugene 'Hideaway' Bridges6Hold On A Little Bit LongerEugene Hideaway Bridges[ 3 mins 51 secs ]Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges
Pocketful Of BluesDaddy Mack Blues Band11A Bluesman Looks At SeventyDaddy Mack Blues BandINSIDE SOUNDS[ 3 mins 2 secs ]Daddy Mack Blues Band
Those Things Of OldTony Fazio2Another WayTony FazioFETAL RECORDS[ 4 mins 23 secs ]Tony Fazio
I Need MoneyHans Theessink & Terry Evans13True & BlueHans Theessink & Terry Evans[ 4 mins 38 secs ]Hans Theessink & Terry Evans
Somebody's Changing My Sweet Baby's MindBilly PriceOtis Clay1This Time For RealBilly PriceOtis Clay.[ 4 mins 2 secs ]Billy PriceOtis Clay
Man Like MeOmar Coleman2Born & RaisedOmar ColemanDELMARK[ 3 mins 47 secs ]Omar Coleman
I Saw the BluesJackie Payne2I Saw The BluesJackie PayneBLUE DOT[ 4 mins 10 secs ]Jackie Payne
What A DayChris Daniels & The Kings, Freddi Henchi Band7Funky To The Bone (Featuring Freddi Gowdy)Chris Daniels & The Kings, Freddi Henchi Bandmoon voyage[ 3 mins 54 secs ]Daniels & The Kings, ChrisFreddi Henchi Band
troubleMichael Falzarano11I Got Blues For YaMichael Falzaranohypnotation[ 3 mins 25 secs ]Michael Falzarano
ramblin' on my mindhenry gray & bob corritore feat robert lockwood jr.4henry gray sessions vol. 1bob corritoredelta groove[ 3 mins 25 secs ]robert johnson
don't ask me how i feelBey Paule Band11Not Goin' AwayBey Paule BandBLUE DOT[ 4 mins 43 secs ]Bey Paule Band
Worried BluesWillie Love and His Three Aces14Greenville Smokin'Willie Love and His Three Aces[ 3 mins 4 secs ]Willie Love and His Three Aces
Country BoyWild Jimmy Spruill15The Hard Grind Bluesman 1956-1964 (Kk7429)Wild Jimmy Spruill[ 2 mins 39 secs ]Wild Jimmy Spruill
Crying With The Rising SunPete 'Guitar' Lewis6Scratchin'-Federal 52-56Pete 'Guitar' Lewis-Jimmy Nolen-Cal Greencharly R&B[ 3 mins 6 secs ]Pete 'Guitar' Lewis
Messed Up (Cobra 5012)Harold Burrage14R&b Humdingers Volume 14Various ArtistsVee-Tone Records[ 2 mins 5 secs ]Harold Burrage
all of your loveLittle Johnny Christian9Somebody Call My BabyLittle Johnny Christian[ 4 mins 21 secs ]Little Johnny Christian
Big MuddyLarry Dale22Old Town Blues - The Uptown SidesVarious ArtistsACE[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Larry Dale
too bad babyJimmy Dawkins7Kant Shek Dees BluzeJimmy DawkinsEARWIG[ 4 mins 30 secs ]Jimmy Dawkins
If You Come To LouisianaLarry Garner8Blues For SaleLarry GarnerDixiefrog[ 4 mins 27 secs ]Larry Garner
bip bop boommickey hawk1bip bop boommickey hawk[ 1 mins 24 secs ]hawk
The Way You DoJimmy Nolen13I'll Go Crazy: Federal Records StoryVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 2 mins 24 secs ]Jimmy Nolen
working with my babygoree carter14unsung herogoree cartercollectables[ 2 mins 54 secs ]carter
The Search Is OverCal Green3I'll Go Crazy: Federal Records StoryVarious ArtistsOne Day Music[ 2 mins 41 secs ]Cal Green
Juice FruitTiny Grimes19The R'n'b Years 1954: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1954Various ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 47 secs ]Tiny Grimes
Trouble In MindLarry Johnson4Blues For HarlemLarry JohnsonARMADILLO[ 3 mins 20 secs ]Larry Johnson
Wee Wee HoursSteady Rollin' Bob Margolin4Late Night BluesVarious ArtistsMUSIC CLUB[ 4 mins 18 secs ]Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin

Monday, 6 July 2015

STAR BLUES on 5th July 2015 at 22:00 - uniquely, willfully, purposely, deliberately different

We've more tunes in the bag tonight than we can possibly play in two hours - if nothing else proving that UNCUT magazine are a little premature in announcing the death of our music upon BB's passing. Rude health from the down home simplicity of James Cotton's award winner from ten years ago to the pre-war mastery of Blind Willie McTell. It's all here.

We took a moment to play a Mighty Sam McClain song from his 2009 album: his unique, rich voice was stilled on 16th June and in truth I don't know of a bad record by him. James Cotton turned 79 this week and his graceful yet urgent harp was never better than on the heartfelt three-hander he did for Verve with Joe Louis Walker and Charlie Haden. Our other dip into the birthday book found Champion Jack Dupree on one of his 1940 sides issued on Okeh.

While over in the piano tent we heard Memphis Slim - I mused that considering his music was some of the first I found, he isn't a regular contributor. Still can't explain why; there's a fabulous photo of him in Francis Wilford Smith's back garden inexplicably holding a penny farthing bicycle.

Roy Gaines and Gorgeous George Stancell (both respectively out of the JSP stable at the time) set out our stall for proceedings. I almost posed a silly question at the start of our second hour following the robust guitar soloing on "Texas" track off the fairly-rare album done by Long Jong Hunter and Tom "Bluesman" Hunter: I almost ventured that they are the only pair of  brothers in this game (then I remembered Syl and Jimmy Johnson). Called it an honourable draw.

Three new anthologies on Jasmine caught our attention, each one with the very first output  of its star (Don Covay, Joe Tex and JB Lenoir). The first two started out with gospel in their voices aimed at covering Little Richard, but who soone developed individual styles ideal for R&B. The Lenoir set has 22 unissued cuts in addition to his hits from 1950-1960.

Fans of blues guitar were further delighted by tracks on Otis Rush, Johnny Shines, Little Joe Blue, Ray Agee and Earl King; harp lovers got Sydney Maiden and the second Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Willie Littlefield did piano duties. As for blues singers, not doing too bad when you can call on Wynonie Harris, Tiny Topsy and the sock selection from Evelyn Freeman. (This is the choice show highlight for our challenge that if you can find another track on UK blues radio as good as this, I will eat my socks).

What we do ain't pretty, thanks for your kind invite to your place to let us do it - we're already cooking up more trivia tomfoolery and blues as good as these for next Sunday at 10pm (BST). Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Bluesman For Life Roy Gaines 1 Bluesman For Life Roy Gaines JSP
Mississippi Woman George Stancell 8 Gorgeous George George Stancell JSP Records
thats fair play johnnie bassett 4 blues insurgents johnnie bassett cannonball
lift me up mighty sam mcclain 9 lift me up mighty sam mcclain telarc
Meet Me In Church Joe Tex 2-28 yum yum yum. The early sides joe tex jasmine
Pony Time Don Covay 18 Rockin' And Doowoppin' - The Early Years Don Covay Jasmine Records
She'll Be Sorry Tarheel Slim 7 Too Much Competition Tarheel Slim sundown
Mama, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day Blind Willie McTell 2 Statesboro Blues Blind Willie McTell INDIGO
c c rider Lead Belly 10 Goodnight Irene Leadbelly MUSIC CLUB
Dynaflow Blues Johnny Shines 3 Ramblin' Blues Johnny Shines ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Wild As You Can Be Mary Ann Fisher 7 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
I Ain't Mad At You Bobby "Mr Blues" Merrell 13 The Last Shout Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
miss you so Tiny Topsy 1-10 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
didn't it rain evelyn freeman 1-11 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
two trains runnin james cotton 9 deep in the blues james cotton verve
One Foot In Texas Long John HunterTom 'Bluesman' Hunter 2 One Foot In Texas Long John HunterTom 'Bluesman' Hunter DOC BLUES
Double Trouble Otis Rush 13 Good'uns : The Classic Cobra Sides Otis Rush BLUESIDE
love is a gamble Ray Agee 7 West Coast Blues 2 (1952-1957) Ray Agee
Packin' Up Earl King 11 The Ace Story - Volume 5 Various Artists ACE
You Keep Me Yearning Arbee Stidham 1 Tired Of Wandering Arbee Stidham
I've Been Down For So Long J. B. Lenoir 1-27 i wanna play a little while J. B. Lenoir jasmine
You Keep My Nose To The Grinding Stone Little Joe Blue 16 Little Joe Blue - Greatest Hits Little Joe Blue collectables
I Got To Know Eddie Bo 13 Baby I'm Wise Eddie Bo ACE
Grandma Plays The Numbers Wynonie Harris 11 Don't You Want To Rock? The Acetate Masters Wynonie Harris ACE
I Ain't Drunk Lonnie The Cat 7 Speak Easy - The Rpm Records Story Volume 2 1954-57 Various Artists Ace Records
Once Was Lucky Little Willie Littlefield 2 Boogie Blues And Bounce : Modern Recordings Vol. 2 Little Willie Littlefield ACE
Gamblin' Man Blues Champion Jack Dupree 1 New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie Champion Jack Dupree COLUMBIA
Diggin' My Potatoes Memphis Slim 12 That's Blues Various Artists THAT'S BLUES
Hurry, Hurry, Baby Sydney Maiden 3 The Flash Records Story Various Artists ACE
Flat Foot Sam Tv Slim 6 Rhythm & Bluesin' By The Bayou - Rompin' & Stompin' Various Artists ACE
Work With Me Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller) 3 Work With Me Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller) CHARLY
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