Sunday, 29 July 2012

STAR BLUES on 29th July 2012 at 22:00

This exciting instalment of the STAR BLUES blog brings you an update to the saga of the sinister yellow plastic ducks as well as a spectacle to rival the one scripted by Danny Boyle – how dynamic can one man be carrying an armful of blues cds barely clad in a skimpy white upper body garment? We rose to the challenge I’ll tell you.

Luther Allison fixed your soul, by crikey he is missed, and Hubert Sumlin cut some sides on his first European tour as bandleader just weeks before his boss Howlin’ Wolf died. They should have been together, Hubert did the tour with Lonnie Brooks on second guitar, Dave Myers and Willie Big Eyes Smith.

You’d be forgiven if you got confused last night with the bard from Stratford, I reckon we did Wills Shakespeare proud:- Henry I was played by Mr. Oden with nifty titfer and beautiful guitar, can’t think why he’s not better known. Henry II followed at the start of hour number two in the shape of Henry Townsend from some sessions on a Swingmaster disc; the two more Henrys did splendid piano duties, Gray earned his stripes for Howlin’ Wolf and Butler is a wild exuberant spirit from New Orleans. Mr. Butler in particular has that wonderful child-like sense of unfailing invincibility no matter what the challenge. Genius. The Heritage Blues Orchestra covered Eric Bibb’s “Don’t Let Nobody Drag” to complete our homage to the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Similarly on Swingmaster, James ‘Son’ Thomas helped out a bit in the gospel spot with ‘Take A Little Walk’ though the main man was John Lee Hooker with ‘Ezekial saw The Wheel’ from an album of rarities he cut in 1949 for the cartoonist Gene Deitch (not released for 60 years). Further mastery from a very cool blues legend ensued with one of the last things Albert Collins ever did, strangely the project owed its life in a roundabout way to Richard Branson’s Virgin label. Billie Holiday’s 1936 recording of George & Ira Gershwin’s “Summertime” was our 1001 Blues, perhaps in relief that the endlessly persistent rain has gone away for awhile. Two new albums on Alligator (lil Ed and Rick Estrin) and a very tasty morsel from Chris O’Leary kept the new release flag flying.

The small plastic duck with eyes like Ernest Borgine who sat on the third stair last week has made a break for it by moving closer to the big one that looks like Mrs Doubtfire. There are two factions of ducks now - I am expecting a skirmish between now and the next blog. You’ll read it here first. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Soul Fixin Man Luther Allison 10 Bad Love Luther Allison Ruf
My Guitar And Me Hubert Sumlin 1 My Guitar And Me (1975) Hubert Sumlin  
Your Time Is Gonna Come Henry Oden 8 You're Wrong For That ! Henry Oden  
My Bleeding Heart Lil Ed WilliamsWillie Kent 5 Who's Been Talking Lil Ed WilliamsWillie Kent EARWIG
Wynonie's Boogie Wynonie Harris 3 Mr. Blues Is Coming To Town Wynonie Harris MR. R&B
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down Heritage Blues Orchestra 7 And Still I Rise Heritage Blues Orchestra MRI
Summertime Billie Holiday 6 The Roots Of The Doors Various Artists SNAPPER MUSIC
Movin' To The Country Melvin 'Lil Son' Jackson 3 Story Of The Blues Various Artists SUNDAY TIMES NEWSPAPER
Take A Chance On Me Baby Jackson Sloan 2 Saturday Clothes Jackson Sloan SHELLAC
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Butterfield Blues Band, The 7 Lost Sessions Butterfield Blues Band, The ELEKTRA
Loving Cup Butterfield Blues Band, The 8 Lost Sessions Butterfield Blues Band, The ELEKTRA
Built For Comfort RoXi And The Blue Cats 3 RoXi And The Blue Cats RoXi And The Blue Cats  
Travellin' South Albert Collins 4 Iceman Albert Collins POINTBLANK
Jump Right In Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials 7 Jump Start Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Alligator
Movin' Slow Rick Estrin And The Nightcats 5 One Wrong Turn Rick Estrin And The Nightcats Alligator Records Inc
Dirty Trick Blues Henry Townsend 3 St. Louis Blues Ace Henry Townsend IODA
Evil Woman Lonnie Johnson 12 The Bluesville Years. Vol 11: Blues Is A Heart's Sorrow Various Artists PRESTIGE
Cold Chills Henry Gray 2 Lucky Lucky Man Henry Gray Blind Pig
I've Got My Eyes On You Henry Butler 1 Blues After Sunset Henry Butler BLACK TOP / C.R.S
X-Temporaneous Boogie Camille Howard 13 Specialty Story Various Artists Specialty
You've Got To Reap What You Sow Walter Davis 16 The Bullet Records Story - The First Americana Label Various Artists SPV
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel John Lee Hooker 7 Jack O' Diamonds John Lee Hooker EAGLE
Take a little walk James "Son" Thomas 5 Mississippi Delta Blues Man James "Son" Thomas IODA
Jump Little Children, Jump Brownie McGhee 2 The Last Great Blues Hero Brownie McGhee WESTSIDE
Without You Chris O'leary Band 2 waiting for the phone to ring Chris O'leary Band VIZZTONE
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

STAR BLUES on 22nd July 2012 at 22:00

My evening started with a real treat with a glimpse into the dark arts purveyed by our own rock God Neil Jones. On air we reminisced about the late Jon Lord and spoke about the fare on offer in STAR BLUES yet to come. There were three featured albums to preview, all from Fantastic Voyage and each one from an influential player in our music post war.

Little Junior Parker's survey looked at his singles recorded in Memphis and Houston for the Sun and Duke labels. Those sessions included either Ike Turner or Pat Hare on guitar: two men with a genuinely menacing edge to their sound. Most rock'n'roll fans will know Parker as being writer and originator of "Mystery Train" whose arrangement was purloined note-for-note by a certain Elvis A.P..  They'll also know the name Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup who started recording for Bluebird in 1941 - five years before those seminal songs like "That's Alright Mama". He was destined never to get his financial dues in his lifetime that royalty cheque only arrived to his family after his death.

Pick of the three (just) was the 3-cd set on Johnny Otis in the "Pioneers of Rock'n'Roll" series that Fantastic Voyage is running. 83 tracks span 3 discs covering the 40's 50's and early 60's, each one showing Otis as songwriter, player, arranger, producer or mentor. We slipped in a couple of examples but you can bet we'll be back for more. Etta James was launched by Johnny Otis while barely out of her teens and they worked together going forward it was somewhat fitting they died within days of each other in 2010. Etta's album "Queen of Soul" is reissued by the Kent label but we took one of the dozen bonus tracks for STAR BLUES yesterday.

The 1001 feature had both Crime and Punishment: Lead Belly's true story of John Hardy cut in 1942 and the hope of dodging the deserved justice of the hangman as told by Odetta in 1957 (on a song usually credited to Lead Belly). The Staples Singles did gospel duty with tremulous voice and guitar from Pops Roebuck; while Scrapper Blackwell superbly accompanied Leroy Car in 1928. Perhaps more  evidence  to support the bold claim in Living Blues a few years ago regarding the breadth of Carr's influence?

Tapes of Magic Sam's 1969 gig a few months before his death have just surfaced and though the bass and drums are murky to put it kindly but Sam's guitar cuts through to remind us why he was so great. It is a rare chance to hear what it was like in the clubs on the West Side of Chicago in 1969. Both Carl Marshall and Curtis Salgado have had serious health worries and now seem to be making good progress, we sent them all our best wishes with a track apiece from current albums.

The white upper body apparel showed up well on the webcam I'm told but I still didn't get an answer on why we had mascots from Hitch Hikers Guide on our stairs (or is it a sinister invasion of yellow plastic ducks that look at you strangely in the dark. To be safe I didn't dare turn my back on them, the small ones were far worse than the bigger ones). Next week I'll be prepared, but will you? Find out at 10pm (BST) on Sunday, until then take care of yourselves ad take care of those that take care of you).

My Only Good Thing Kenny Neal 7 Walking On Fire Kenny Neal Alligator
The Good The Bad The Blues U.P. Wilson 6 The Good The Bad The Blues U.P. Wilson JSP
You Don't Love Me Magic Sam 3 Live 1969 Raw Blues Magic Sam Rock Beat
I.C.U. (Saw Me) D.C. Bellamy 2 Give Some Body To Somebody D.C. Bellamy Stackhouse Recording
Travelin' Alone Eric Clapton 1 Clapton Eric Clapton Reprise/Warner Music Japan
John Hardy Lead Belly 17 Crime And Punishment Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
The Gallows Pole Odetta 20 Crime And Punishment Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
She Ain't Nothing But Trouble Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup 3 My Baby Left Me The Definitive Collection Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Fantastic Voyage
Mercy Mercy Wailers, The 9 Have Mercy! The Songs Of Don Covay Various Artists ACE
You're So Good Looking (Jin 112) Otis Smith 16 R&b Humdingers Volume 13 (Compiled By Mark Lamarr) Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
A Big Fat Saturday Night Gene Vincent 21 Have Mercy! The Songs Of Don Covay Various Artists ACE
heebie jeebies larry williams 1 Great Googa Mooga Various Artists ACE
A Woman Or The Blues Curtis Salgado 11 Soul Shot Curtis Salgado Alligator
Payback Etta James 19 Queen Of Soul With Bonus Tracks Etta James Kent
Double Crossing Blues Johnny Otis Quintette, The Robins & Little Esther 22 That's Your Last Boogie! Johnny Otis Fantastic Voyage
I'm Gonna Whale On You Little Arthur Matthews 19 That's Your Last Boogie! Johnny Otis Fantastic Voyage
Natural Man Taj Mahal 11 In Progress And Motion Taj Mahal SONY
Rabbit In A Log Arzo 'Gearshifter' Youngblood 6 Gearshifter Arzo 'Gearshifter' Youngblood SMP
I Wanna Ramble Little Junior Parker 18 Ride With Me, Baby: The Singles 1952-1961 Little Junior Parker Fantastic Voyage
Jack, That Cat Was Clean Dr. Horse 26 Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 2: Sue's Rock 'N' Blues Various Artists ACE
the last time staple singers 2-25 gospel celebrities various Artists fantastic voyage
Naptown Blues Leroy Carr 7 Naptown Blues Leroy Carr ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
I Won't Let You Take Nothing From Me Carl Marshall 8 Going Back To The Blues Carl Marshall
if you dont love me artie bluesboy white 4 home tonight artie bluesboy white wakldoxy
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

STAR BLUES on 15th July 2012 at 22:00

The news was out, upgraded and super whizzo webcam would be up and running in time for STAR BLUES last night: "What to wear??" Long sleeves!

As it turned out neither STAR ROCK nor STAR BLUES were webcammed, we reached for new levels of sartorial elegance without diminishing the heights of trivia, tomfoolery or blues you've come to expect. We kept our end up with spanking new releases by John Primer, Marion James and Debbie Davies and more gems from 2012  from messrs Bassett, Garner and Morganfield (all candidates for gongs at Christmas). Special mention to John Primer who wrote all 13 of the songs for his project with the express intent of showing how the blues still has relevance and to give it a solid ground as basis for a tradition worth carrying on without dilution. Larry Garner similarly demonstrates the old stereotypes of hardship and privation are back in a big way for many who most folks step over.It was ever thus.  Hattie Burleson made a telling commentary of life below stairs in 1928

Ivory Joe Hunter warned against "False Friends", later a bigger hit for Ruth Brown and Willie Borum's second full album was done for Sam Charters in 1961 with powerful guitar and harp accompaniment. I had a notion to include some tracks from gifted players who celebrate our music through their knowledge and passion for the originators: hence we welcomed Rory Block, Michael Messer, Guy Tortora and Toby Walker who each chose wisely for inspiration. Johnny  Littlejohn wasn't a well man in the few years before his death in February 1994, his spirit and determination to refuse to compromise meant his live work and last albums were full of sparky playing and singing.

I found Kay Kay's great voice just a couple of weeks ago and now she's gone (this week). She made just three albums in the early Noughties, for which CatFood Records has filleted for a new Best Of survey - we wish it well with sadness that Kay Kay won't be with us to savour her due reward. Ernest Lane was known as the Boogie Woogie Master, he died last Sunday leaving just two full albums under his own name. He did play with Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker, Ike Turner and the Monkees (*TRUE*. I'm certain there is a clip of the lovable foursome accompanied by Ernest on piano).  The two sides we included were done for the Modern label with Ike Turner on guitar (I think but will check).

The Time Monkey jumped on my back too early again last night - not before we had a stinging guitar piece from Otis Rush - and we were off into the night (or breakfast depending on where you are). Next Sundays show will feature two glorious anthologies on Fantastic Voyage, one on Arthur Crudup, one on Johnny Otis. I can't wait - until then please take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Woke Up This Morning Quintus McCormick 11 Still Called the Blues Quintus McCormick DELMARK
Blues In My Shoes Mud Morganfield 12 Son Of The Seventh Son Mud Morganfield SEVERN
True Blue Fool Debbie Davies 3 After The Fall Debbie Davies MC RECORDS
L And N Blues Memphis Willie B. 2 Hard Working Man Blues Memphis Willie B. ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS
If You Don't Want Me Johnny Littlejohn 2 When Your Best Friend Turns Their Back On You Johnny Littlejohn JSP Records
Lone Wolf Blues Michael Messer 3 King Guitar Michael Messer CATFISH
'ain't Nobodys Business' Guy Tortora 5 Jefferson Guy Tortora TURTLEGROVE
False Friend Blues Ivory Joe Hunter 4 Blues Tunes Various Artists HIT
Sadie's Servant Room Blues Hattie Burleson 7 Territory Singers - Vol2 : 1928-1930 Various Artists DOCUMENT
Man Size Job Marion James 12 Northside Soul Marion James eller soul
Proud To Be From Detroit Johnnie Bassett 1 I Can Make That Happen Johnnie Bassett Sly Dog Recods
Hidin' Place John Primer 1 Blues On Solid Ground John Primer Blues House Records
If You Come To Louisiana Larry Garner 8 Blues For Sale Larry Garner Dixiefrog
No Mama's Boys Kay Kay & The Rays 1 best of Kay Kay & The Rays Cat Food records
little girl ernest lane 22 modern downhome blues vol. 1 various artists ace
What's Wrong Baby? Ernest Lane 23 The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 1 Various Artists ACE
I Belong To The Band Rory Block 4 I Belong To The Band Rory Block STONY PLAIN
Something Is Missing Holmes Brothers, The 5 Feed My Soul Holmes Brothers, The Alligator
Keep On Truckin' Mama Toby Walker 5 Shake Shake Mama Toby Walker ltw
Born Under A Bad Sign William Bell 3 Best Of William Bell STAX
Keep On Talking Gary Primich With Omar Dykes 8 Just A Little Bit More Gary Primich With Omar Dykes Old Pal
Keep On Lovin' Me Baby Otis Rush 6 Tops Otis Rush DEMON
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

STAR BLUES on 8th July 2012 at 22:00

If Lady Blue wasn't blushing she was certainly having a "moment" as I had a wardrobe malfunction during my prep for STAR BLUES last night. I put on our son's white tee shirt and it was quite a snug fit in some interesting places. For reasons of comfort and modesty I changed into one of my own before coming to Star Towers. (Luckily it is radio so the horses weren't frightened by my rippling biceps. I am actually Brad Pitts body double, which reminds me I must ask for it back sometime).

Our menu was a bit of a recap of 2012 so far mixed with the usual dose of trivia and tomfoolery I managed to smuggle past the watchful eye of the Mighty Mark Peters. Sample(1): the Lazy Lester album won a WC Handy award and featured John "Big Figure" Martin on drums lately of Dr. Feelgood classic-era. Sample(2): budding folk-singer Peggy Seeger got lost in a department store in Washington DC but was found by Elizabeth Cotten. The parents were so grateful they ended up giving Cotten a job, and then when they found out the housekeeper could play a bit of guitar.... Sample(3); Without Bobby Parker's "Watch your step" there'd probably be no Led Zeppelin as it inspired Robert Plant to start singing. And so on.

2012 already has a number of top class releases that will vie for the STAR BLUES album of the year award; Rick Estrin and Joe Louis Walker on Alligator, Johnny Rawls on Catfood and Billy Boy Arnold on Electro-fi. Each of those four has made quite possibly their own career defining moment. Curtis Salgado - label mate to Joe and Rick - has a cancerous growth due to be removed next week and we wish this big-sweet-voiced singer all the very best (first came upon him singing on Robert Crays debut). Bob Corritore and Tail Dragger gelled superbly on their project this year leading to nominations already in Living Blues poll for Bob and their pianist of choice Henry Gray. (He's getting up there in years now but was subtle when needed on this fabulous album. You'll know  the name from Howlin' Wolf's band).

This year also contains neat reissue compilation projects from Ace (as always), Fantastic Voyage and VeeTone - the latter imprint has Mark Lamarr to thank for their matchless collections of Humdingers (just got vol 13). As for Crime and Punishment we did songs from the second Sonny Boy Williamson and the first Lightnin' Hopkins.

No sooner had you time to settle into our compendium of delights than it was time to slip away into the midnight hour / evening meal / beakfast depending on where your place is. Until next Sunday night at 10pm (BST) take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Watch Your Step Bobby Parker 25 R&B Spotlight '61 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Lucky You Rick Estrin And The Nightcats 2 One Wrong Turn Rick Estrin And The Nightcats Alligator Records Inc
Keep It To Yourself Johnny B. Moore 2 Troubled World Johnny B. Moore DELMARK
Nothing But The Devil (Take 1) Lazy Lester 11 Rides Again Lazy Lester ACE
Something For Nothing Robert Ward 5 Fear No Evil Robert Ward SILVERTONE
Your Funeral and My Trial Sonny Boy Williamson 11 Crime and Punishment Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Movin' On Joe Louis Walker 6 Hellfire Joe Louis Walker Alligator
Cotton Pickin' Mama (Studio 1002) Claude Robinson 11 R&B Humdingers Volume 13 (Compiled By Mark Lamarr) Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
Aged And Mellow (Blues) Little Esther 11 Theme Time Radio Hour - Series 2 Various Artists ACE
Geneva Eugene Church 13 King New Breed R&b Volume 2 Various Artists Kent
Shake Sugaree Elizabeth Cotton 23 Theme Time Radio Hour - Season 3 Various Artists ACE
Cold Outdoors Tail Dragger 5 Longtime Friends In The Blues Tail Dragger Delta Groove Productions
This Is The End Buddy Guy 1 Theme Time Radio Hour - Season 3 Various Artists ACE
You Better Dig It Mike Sanchez 1 You Better Dig It Mike Sanchez Doopin
Strollin' Champion Jack Dupree 1 Blues From The Gutter Champion Jack Dupree Atlantic
Ain't That Just Like A Woman Fats Domino 26 R&B Spotlight '61 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Hand Me Downs Johnny Rawls 2 Soul Survivor Johnny Rawls Catfood
The Right Time Ray Charles 4 The Genius Sings Blues Ray Charles Atlantic
Jail House Blues Lightnin' Hopkins 13 Crime and Punishment Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Just One More Time Billy Gayles 23 Theme Time Radio Hour - Series 2 Various Artists ACE
Going Back to Arkansas Billy Boy Arnold 2 Billy Boy Arnold Sings: Big Bill Broonzy Billy Boy Arnold Electro-Fi
Bad Dream Little Milton 1 Too Much Pain Little Milton MALACO
36-22-36 Bobby 'Blue' Bland 1 Theme Time Radio Hour - Season 3 Various Artists ACE
Worried About You Chick Willis 10 Let The Blues Speak For Itself Chick Willis Benevolent Blues
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

STAR BLUES on 1st July 2012 at 22:00

Lady Lynda sends thanks to everyone for their good wishes regarding last Sunday.

The legality and morality for what other folks should pay in tax is like worrying what colour the walls are in your neighbour's place. Pointless but often worth a giggle or two. George Harrison was more outraged at the 96% levy from Harold Wilson in the Sixties and wrote "Taxman": we dedicated Junior Parker's cover to cheer up high profile stars who got found out.

If this was a sports show I'd make comment on how the soccer team came home at the quarter-final stage (exactly predicted by their world ranking and on our thoughts in the Wimbledon tennis tournament centre on Mr Murrays balls). Luckily I'm here to bring you blues, and by crikey we did last night. Johnnie Bassett is a marvellous player of a truly beautiful instrument, he has a brand new album out and a track on STAR BLUES. Over on our facebook group STAR BLUES you can see and hear what the fuss is about. Quintus McCormick is at the other end of the age spectrum and he is one of the finest young talents plying the blues trade. His brand new  Delmark album is already being tipped for awards - I'd put a couple of bob on Big Walker as an outsider each-way (the "Roots Walking" project repays repeated investigation). Eddie Martin and Mike Sanchez are two guys who know, love and celebrate the traditions of our music, both are favourites round these parts.

Big topic of the show was saying Happy Birthday to James Cotton (born 1st July 1935) looking back over 60 years of recording.We had two sides from his early times for Sam Phillips, perfect examples of his harp craft in Muddy Waters band and lovely controlled playing as a solo band leader. Throat cancer limits his chance to sing but there's no filter to his blowing - he learned from the second Sonny Boy Williamson, goodness knows how many he's influenced himself. Look up Giant in the blues dictionary - his photo is there.

Alligator is one of the big players as far as blues labels go in the world, 2012 continues to be a good year for them with a witty, polished top-notch outing for Rick Estrin & the Nightcats (surely the coolest man in blues right now). His song "You're Not the boss of Me" echoes a phrase our kids learned from age 2 onwards.  Over sat Music Maker, they signed Robert Lee Coleman - he's been backing Percy Sledge, James Brown and more - with a sharp red suit and classy guitar its nice to see and hear him out front.

More new anthologies from Fantastic Voyage, a couple of real goodies from my holidays and were were done in a gnats blink. The list of what I'm planning for this upcoming Sunday is already in need of elastic waisted trousers, you'll need to be at your place at 10pm next Sunday to see if it stays tucked in - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Taxman Junior Parker 8 Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Various Artists Uncut Magazine
Freddie's Boogie Albert Castiglia 3 Living The Dream Albert Castiglia Blues Leaf Records
I'm tore down Freddy king 12 R&B Spotlight 1961 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Proud To Be From Detroit Johnnie Bassett 1 I Can Make That Happen Johnnie Bassett Sly Dog Recods
Raisin' Cain Robert Lee Coleman 6 One More Mile Robert Lee Coleman MUSIC MAKER
hold me in your arms james cotton 2-19 ultimate sun blues various artists varese saraband
cotton crop blues james cotton 1-16 ultimate sun blues collection various artists varese
rock me muddy waters 6 trouble no more muddy waters chess
close to you muddy waters 10 at his best 1956-1964 muddy waters mca
Mighty Big Shoes To Fill Lou Pride 8 I Won't Give Up Lou Pride King Snake Records
You Got To Do Better Dan Pickett 18 Shake That Thing!: East Coast Blues 1935-1953, Various Artists JSP Records
$29 Special Michael Roach 3 The Blinds Of Life Michael Roach STELLA
yours truly snooks eaglin 14 r & b humdingers vol. 13 various artists vee-tone
I Gotta Go Quintus McCormick 1 Still Called the Blues Quintus McCormick DELMARK
Woman Across The River Little Milton 21 Nobody Wins Stax Southern Soul 1968-1975 V A Various Artists Kent
How Can A Broke Man Survive Little Johnny Taylor 3 Everybody Knows About My Good Thing + Open House At My House Little Johnny Taylor WESTSIDE
on the rock soul stirrers 2-1 gospel celebrities Various Artists fantastic voyage
bottle it up and go mike sanchez 15 you better dig it mike sanchez doopin
cherry red chuck jackson big band 4 cup of joe chuck jacksons big band linus
find yourself another fool james cotton 3 giant james cotton alligator
country boy james cotton 6 deep in the blues james cotton verve
one more mile james cotton + otis spann 4 feelin down on the south side: bluesville vol 2 various artists original blues classics
Wild Black Bill Big Walker 3 Root Walking Big Walker bigwalker
youre not the boss of me rick estrin + nightcats 10 one wrong turn rick estrin + night cats alligator
tough times eddie martin 5 lookin forward lookin back eddie martin blueblood
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