Sunday, 28 July 2013

PRINCE GEORGE BLUES on 28th July 2013 at 22:00

We made a bit of an effort last night to welcome HRH Prince George of Cambridge: we took great pride in the occasion of his introduction to STAR BLUES. With the current ballyhoo around the upcoming London Blues Fest and my recent reading of Classic Blues magazine, it is out job to ensure this future Monarch gets to hear our music outside the confines of the narrow version purloined by white guitarists. Every player on our show has a current project well worth investigating - and seeing live.

There were slight delays in the sequence to ensure we wished Buddy Guy a Happy Birthday as he turns 77 on Tuesday 30th and to congratulate Young Bob Cray now he's hit 60. Folks like me found the genre through his work as his incisive lyrics tackled complex relationship themes not normally associated with blues: his polished good looks at odds with the pain and heartache of his subjects. I've seen him live several times but he's only recently gained any real rapport with the audience, he said little between songs. Buddy Guy infuriates the heck out of me, he cranks up the volume too much for me these days and he can sometimes lose the plot during his seemingly endless solos. On his day he has no equals and whatever your thoughts, he's not slipping into old age gracefully or quietly.

Otis Grand is back with a real fun project with guitar recorded up front in the mix on short punchy songs; Joe Louis Walker began 2013 with a furious blast of aggressive playing on "Hellfire" for the Alligator label, the same imprint inked James Cotton (just turned 78) whose harp is majestic on "Cotton Mouth Man" with subtle tones and control of the highest quality.  I bracket Johnny Rawls with Travis Haddix in so far as they are genetically incapable of making anything else other than top notch music - though neither has really received their due either commercially or in high profile awards.

Bobby Rush sounded effortless funky "Down in Louisiana" and Guy Davis' pairing with Italian harp player with Farbio Poggi drew heavily from the SonnyAndBrownie well (who says that's a bad thing). Like Rush he excels in the live arena. Big Bill Morganfield is currently in the media shadow of his half-brother Mud Morganfield but he channels his famous father through that growl and an edgy guitar. Lady Blue - who knows a thing or two about such matters - says he is sex on a stick. Lurrie Bell is a Delmark artist and he has a project so new the disc still clings to the sleeve like vinyl did as you take it out. This is Chicago blues at its best.

We've been saying for a while that our music is in good shape this year because Chicago blues is so good; another example came in courtesy of John Primer with Bob Coritorre showing how much two skilled artists can give to each other in the joy of playing together. Though the year has had moments of almost unspeakable sadness (the deaths of Magic Slim, Jimmy Dawkins, Bobby Bland and now J.J.Cale) there is still much to savour. I hope my purist friends will indulge me the track from Cale whose songs were covered by blues artists without being the conventional definition of same. His unhurried style and poignant lyrics have been at the heart of so many moments for me, can't believe he's gone.  We also remembered the unique talent known as T-Model Ford, an artist in the old-fashioned tradition of telling whatever tale was expected of him and a cornerstone of the "Mississippi Hill Country" genre also put down by R.L> Burnside and Junior Kimbrough.

I hope our choices were right for the six day old Prince George or it'll be the Tower of London for me and definitely no knighthood. All being well we're back for more high treason and trivia and tomfoolery at ten pm (BST) this upcoming Sunday. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Movin' on Joe Louis Walker 6 Hellfire Joe Louis Walker Alligator
Those Days Are Gone Otis Grand 12 Blues '65 Otis Grand MAINgate
Blues Get Off My Shoulder Robert Cray 6 Nothing But Love Robert Cray PROVOGUE
Stay Around a Little Longer Buddy Guy Featuring B.B. King 4 Living Proof Buddy Guy SILVERTONE
Soul Survivor Johnny Rawls 1 Soul Survivor Johnny Rawls Catfood
Jodie Travis Haddix 1 Ring on Her Finder, Rope Around My Neck Travis Haddix Benevolent Blues
Young Bold Women James Cotton 9 Cotton Mouth Man James Cotton Alligator
Money's Gettin' Cheaper Big Bill Morganfield 3 Blues With A Mood Big Bill Morganfield 101 Distribution
Cairo Blues John Primer & Bob Corritore 4 Knockin' Around These Blues John Primer & Bob Corritore Delta Groove Productions
Fulton Blues Corey Harris 6 Fulton Blues Corey Harris Njumba
Did You See My Baby Guy Davis 8 Juba Dance Guy Davis (Featuring Fabrizio Poggi) Dixiefrog
Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) Mavis Staples 9 One True Vine Mavis Staples Anti
Down in Louisiana Bobby Rush 1 Down In Louisiana Bobby Rush DEEP Rush
New B&o Blues Billy Boy Arnold 9 The Walter Davis Project Various Artists Electro-Fi
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Habib Koité, Eric Bibb 13 Brothers In Bamako Habib Koité, Eric Bibb
Come Back Home T-Model Ford 9 You Better Keep Still T-Model Ford FAT POSSUM
Boogie Woogie Ball Tail DraggerBob Corritore 9 Longtime Friends In The Blues Tail DraggerBob Corritore Delta Groove Productions
Hey Hey baby lurrie bell 1 Blues in my soul Lurrie Bell DELMARK
You better listen Lazy Lester 2 You better listen Lazy Lester Phonofile
Right Next Door (Because of Me) Robert Cray 3 Strong Persuader Robert Cray MERCURY
I Can't Quit the Blues Buddy Guy 2 Complete Vanguard Recordings Buddy Guy VANGUARD
Everlovin' Woman J. J. Cale 13 Anyway The Wind Blows: The Anthology J. J. Cale POLYGRAM
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

STAR BLUES on 21st July 2013 at 22:00

With dozens of press gathered outside a hospital front door expecting something, STAR BLUES whiled away the hours with some cool vinyl moments: Imagine starting out in life at 78 or 45 ... our companions in the running order all did so. As it turns out the Duchess gave birth well into Monday afternoon, no doubt spurred on with trivia and tomfoolery. Right Royal result too as the new Prince of Cambridge can safely be numbered among the STAR BLUES audience (allegedly). Can the badge of "By Royal Appointment" be far away? It is however somewhat unlikely the happy parents will do the decent thing and name him Mojo as I suggested.

Our thoughts were with the good folks of Detroit who are having a real stinker of a time at the moment, so we played John Lee Hooker and John Brim for them The Hook was in a band setting to take on the Rosco Gordon classic and Brim was an early release for the Fortune label with his wife Grace on vocal and harp. Junior Parker was oh-so-much more than the man who did the original of Elvis' "Mystery Train", his supple soul voice added that something special to just about everything he did. There's a couple of surveys of his 1952-61 recordings out, surely can't be long before someone grasps the nettle for a decent career box-set to cover those last nine years as well?.

Little Hudson only cut five songs at a single session but he fell out with the J.O.B.  label over which side should be featured on top of the single and he never made it back into the studio. Not sure I've ever seen a photo of him. Our show last week had a superb three hander under Jimmy Rogers' name with Little Walter and Big Crawford. Serendipitously I eavesdropped on a fascinating FB discussion on Crawfords skills as bass player. While Dave Penny's help I settled on some Big Bill Broonzy from 1953 to showcase his rock solid talents. we weren't done with Chicago until we'd had Howlin' Wolf, Magic Sam and Otis Rush.

Bessie Smith was imperious and Son House both brutal and exciting as we did an extended spell pre-war including a 1935 original from Gary Davis called "One True Vine"; Mavis Staples has the song as title track on her brand new album. She is the sole performer on the recently announced "London Blues Fest" who could easily fit the playlist here rather than the one Neil does on the Rock Show. I know they need the big names to sell tickets but there's absolutely no justification for totally ignoring African-American players. Look at this years running order at the Chicago Blues Festival for a glimpse of what is out there at the moment. Lazy Lester is a case in point and we had one of his singles last night. He still does the biz, so does Bobby Rush, John Primer, Bob Corritore, Guy Davis, Bob Margolin, Lurrie Bell, Candye Kane and so on. On the bill just announced there's no harp players or pianists just guitarists. I'm not arguing for anything other than balance and the *FULL* range of blues styles: if it sounds like rock, it ain't blues. Neil knows what goes into my show, I know what goes into his and I am extremely lucky to follow him in the live Sunday night schedule.

On that more serious than usual note, I'll just promise to be back round your place if you'll have me and my records 10pm (BST)  Meantime I am practising my tie-knotting technique and Lady Blue does some curtsey's just in case Prince Mojo does tune in as well. Got a ring to it don't you think, Prince Mojo? Yes. Prince Mojo.

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
No More Doggin’ John Lee Hooker 25 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Detroit Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Fussin' and Fightin' Blues Junior Parker 19 Feelin' Good Junior Parker Hoodoo Records
Goin' Back to La Johnny Otis 18 On With The Show: The Johnny Otis Story Volume 2: 1957-1974 Johnny Otis Show Live, The ACE
I'm Gonna Leave You Baby Lazy Lester 21 Bluesin' By The Bayou Various Artists ACE
Cool Disposition Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup 6 My Baby Left Me The Definitive Collection Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Fantastic Voyage
Dark Road Floyd Jones 4 Down Home Blues Classics - Chicago (1946-1954) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
I Can't Hold Out Elmore James 25 The Chess Story Various Artists CHARLY
Steppin' Out Syl Johnson 2 Hi Fidelity Various Artists HI
Cheater Man Esther Phillips 15 A Road Leading Home Various Artists ACE
Rock Me Baby Otis Redding 15 100 Hits Legends - Otis Reading Otis Redding DEMON
rock me sister rosetta tharpe 1-1 The Original soul sister sister rosetta tharpe proper
Strange Things Happening Etta James 12 Miss Etta James - The Complete Modern And Kent Recordings Etta James ACE
I Am the True Vine Rev. Gary Davis 6 I Am The Tree Vine Rev. Gary Davis CATFISH
I Smell Trouble Bobby 'Blue' Bland 23 It's My Life, Baby: The Singles - As & Bs, 1951-1960 Bobby 'Blue' Bland Jasmine
Cheatin' and Lynin' Blues Pat Hare 19 The Sun Blues Box Sampler - Blues, R&b And Gospel Music In Memphis 1950 - 1958 Various Artists bear family / b&r magazine
Strange Man John Brim 18 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Detroit Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Move on Down the Line Earl Hooker 11 The Sun Blues Box Sampler - Blues, R&b And Gospel Music In Memphis 1950 - 1958 Various Artists bear family / b&r magazine
Slowly Goin' Crazy H-Bomb Ferguson 5 The R'n'b Years 1952: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1952 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
got you on my mind john greer 22 The R'n'b Years 1952: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1952 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Diggin' My Potatoes Big Bill Broonzy 22 Rockin' in Chicago Big Bill Broonzy Rev-Ola Bandstand
Rough Treatment Little Hudson 11 Blues Is Killin' Me Various Artists FLYRIGHT
Early in the Morning Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) 5 Sugar Mama Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) INDIGO
Death Letter Son House 13 Hard Times And Heartaches Various Artists COLUMBIA
Gimme a Pigfoot Bessie Smith 24 Blues Queen. The Definitive Collection Bessie Smith Phoenix Records
Goin' Back Home Howlin' Wolf 5 Howlin' Wolf / The Wolf Is At Your Door: The Singles 1951-1960 Howlin' Wolf Jasmine
three times a fool otis rush 2-15 double trouble: cobra records story various artists one day
easy baby magic sam 1-18 double trouble: cobra records story various artists one day
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Sunday, 14 July 2013

STAR BLUES on 14th July 2013 at 22:00

There was a - some would say - rash boast that at least one of the timechecks during STAR BLUES would be precise. In case you missed it... (6 secs before 22:31). For those of you yet to hear the show you can look forward to the dignified aplomb with which I undertook this delicate task.

Rock god Neil Jones included both Mick Box and Tony Iommi amongst his fare, so out came our big guns in response: a couple of old boys who really should know better at their age (and that was ten years ago) and a fabulously controlled blues piece from Jimi Hendrix. Our choice of Buddy Guy eschewed such obvious pyrotechnics (doubtless present in spades on his new album which doesn't appeal to me) - he reworked a song by Frankie Lee Sims for us instead. Veteran Willie Buck has lead bands in Chicago for about four decades and his 1980's debut found reissue favour in 2008 on Delmark. We sampled his version of a Muddy Waters classic from the follow-up (also on Delmark).

2013 will be remembered for the passing of Magic Slim, Bobby Bland and Jimmy Dawkins - we should also remember it for some pretty decent music already: don't forget Bobby Rush, nor John Primer at his absolute best with Bob Corritore. Bob will be out again first week in September with Dave Riley for their third project: we went to their first by way of taster.  Two elegant guitarists, Duke Robillard and Ronnie Earl, have new ones out this year and both got played last night. Bob Margolin got a bitter sweet award for the two-hander he did with Ann Rabson, but he'd already done similar support to her Saffire band-mate Gaye Agdebelola on "Gaye Without Shame". His Piedmont picking graced a caustic expose of the hypocracy within the "preacher" industry based on her own experiences. Mud Morganfield will be at the Sunday stage of the Cambridge Folk Festival - that man Corritore did harp and production duties for his album on Severn Records.

The redoubtable Bob Pearce introduced me to both Big Joe Louis and Carl "Sonny" Leyland, both men in top form for us with CSL honouring a couple of guys who also love boogie piano so much they put on an annual festival. 

Our Vinyl Hour (two of em next week by the way) started with a performance in Houston from Clarence Green. It had Hop Wilson on lap steel and was complete ignored in my edition of "Blues Records A-K". Those quiet snug moments are regularly enlivened by the trivia you discover within STAR BLUES, last night no different in remarking that the first Chicago visit by Little Walter was as a guitarist and that of Jimmy Rogers was as harp player. Both men used their familiar axes on Jimmy Rogers' "Loudella" in 1950 with Big Crawford on proper bass.  I bought "Vintage Rock" magazine on Saturday - my first ever issue - on the strength of the articles on Sun Records and Lowell Fulson. Hence our inclusion of the Willie Dixon penned "Tollin' Bells" Lowell waxed in 1956. (Robert Cray later did a cover but the real emotional power was found in its first rendition).

Pre-war and Gospel : Tom Dorsey's "Precious Lord" was one of the handful of sacred sides Blind Boy Fuller did at his last recording date in June 1940. He had bad health and died in February 1941, he was so popular that his label Columbia issued Brownie McGhee's debut records as "Blind Boy Fuller No. 2".  No introduction needed for Lead Belly with an arrangement of "Gallis Pole" that was spookily similar to Led Zeppelin's 1970 remake. The dip into classic waters concluded with Skip James wire thin voice and beautiful playing technique on "Cypress Grove Blues" from 1931.

This year has also seen a number of label surveys chronicling the development of the music and their rosters during the Fifties and Sixties. I've shamelessly wallowed in such riches including the Sue and Cobra editions last night. From a different source Buster Brown was a great example of output from Bobby Robinson's Fire outfit circa 1959.  The Blues Busters from Jamaica were contemporaries of Sam and Dave, their song written by Dan Penn was first out from Arthur Conley and a minor success for Solomon Burke. Time squeezed out an Albert King album track of something Penn wrote for him, made a note to put it into a playlist in the very near future. Our next extravaganza will be two hours of sounds originating from vinyl, until then, Sunday at 10:02 pm (BST) precisely take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
ridin with the king b. b. king and eric clapton 1 ridin' with the king b. b. king and eric clapton mca
Red House Jimi Hendrix 3 :Blues Jimi Hendrix MCA
Two Trains Running Willie Buck 8 Cell Phone Man Willie Buck DELMARK
Lucy Mae Blues Buddy Guy 3 Blues Singer Buddy Guy SILVERTONE
I Wouldn't-A Done That Duke Robillard Band, The 1 Independently Blue Duke Robillard Band, The STONY PLAIN
Robert Nighthawk Stomp Ronnie Earl 10 Just For Today Ronnie Earl
short dress woman Mud Morganfield 1 Son Of The Seventh Son Mud Morganfield SEVERN
Travelin' the Dirt Road Dave RileyBob Corritore 2 Travelin' The Dirt Road Dave RileyBob Corritore
Lying Preacher Blues Gaye Adegbalola 10 Gaye Without Shame Gaye Adegbalola Hot Toddy
downhome blues Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings 2 big joe louis // The Stars In The Sky Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings blue horizon
E and N Blues Carl 'Sonny' Leyland 15 Boogie And Blues Carl 'Sonny' Leyland SOLO ARTIST
You Don't Move Me No More Clarence Green 12 Guitar Crying The Blues Clarence Green DOUBLE TROUBLE
Luedella Jimmy Rogers 2 Complete Chess Recordings Jimmy Rogers MCA/CHESS
tollin' bells lowell fulson 14 complete chess masters lowell fulson mca
Sugar Babe Buster Brown 31 The Fire And Fury Story Various Artists CHARLY
i can't stop blues busters 17 a road leading home (songs of dan penn) various artists ace
betty jean don covay 1-7 sticks and stones: sue records story various artists one day
You Don't Treat Me Right Guitar Shorty 14 Double Trouble The Cobra Records Story Various Artists one day
precious lord Blind Boy Fuller 20 1935-1940 blind boy fuller travelin man
Gallis Pole Lead Belly 9 The Early Blues Roots Of Led Zeppelin Various Artists CATFISH
Cypress Grove Blues Skip James 16 Blues Images Presents 1920's Blues Classics Cd - Volume 3 Various Artists BLUES IMAGES
T Model Boogie Rosco Gordon 2 It Came From Memphis Various Artists MANTERA
Typhoon Cootie Williams 18 Good Rockin' Tonight Various Artists CHARLY
elevator boogie mabel scott 18 Good Rockin' Tonight Various Artists CHARLY
Something Else Duke Jenkins Orchestra, The 17 Double Trouble The Cobra Records Story Various Artists one day
It's Your Voodoo Working (Single Version) Charles Sheffield 1 It's Your Voodoo Working: The Best Of Excello Various Artists universal music operations
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Sunday, 7 July 2013

STAR BLUES on 7th July 2013 at 22:00

On what would have been Pinetop Perkins' hundredth birthday, we'll help ourselves to a couple more Humdingers on STAR BLUES and remember Texas Johnny Brown, one of the classiest blues guitar players. He only recorded sporadically under his own name until 1998 - did we mention he wrote "Two Steps From The Blues"  one of Bobby Blue Bland's biggest hits?

Brown was a very classy player, both economical and direct. He showed that in the session work he did at the start of his career for folks like Amos Milburn (we played "Bow-Wow") and it is a surprise how his first solo outings on Atlantic were overlooked. If I can get them, I'll bring them in. That first album in 1998 was critically well received and it's follow-up was even beter (pickying up awards along the way). Two tracks of that one just underlined how much he will be missed.

STAR BLUES was one of the first to give airplay to Marshall Lawrence and since he's into a fourth week at #1 in the Blues Underground charts, we felt we could help him mark that success with another play from the disc. While listening you can ogle at the three beautiful steel-body Resonator guitars on the back cover. Gorgeous.If you ask the purists, they'd say Gwyn Ashton has a foot in rock and blues camps - his slide work on a song from his latest EP fell on our side of the fence last night.

There's a knighthood in store for the guy who had the idea to team Charlie Musselwhite with German piano-master Christian Rannenburg as part of a tribute album celebrating Walter Davis. The whole kit and caboodle is on Electro-Fi: not only is Charlie in the best form I've heard there are other remarkable performances from Henry Townsend, Billy Boy Arnold and Bob Corritore. The Electro-Fi album from Billy Boy won our STAR BLUES award last year, on this showing the imprint may well score again. Folks will have to go some.

Pinetop would have been 100 and like most folk I just thought he'd be there forever. Genius piano player full of joy with a wide grin and always in a stylish hat. Helped out by ling time buddy Willie "big-Eye" Smith they did a standout project on Telarc to crown the careers of both men. They died within weeks of each other soon after the release and never saw the success "joined At The Hip" drew.

Eric Bib and Guy Davis did a version of the gospel standard "99 and a Half", the song is also covered by the Como Mamas - three ladies with strong, contrasting gospel voices joined together a capella for an album on Dap-tone. It will probably take a Seasick steve moment on the Hootenanny for the world to catch up with them. You can safely get ahead of the game - God made the human voice, it rarely sounds better.

There are some rare and lesser known places in Scotland, not the first backdrop for a splendid team of enthusiasts responsible for a series of collections of blues, r&b, gospel and rock'n'roll sides only ever previously out on vinyl. For the Humdinger brand, volume 14 is compiled by the redoubtable Mark Lamarr. I'm guessing the singles are in his collection, and if you're like me you'll enjoy the label shots in the booklet. We had a second tip into the gems on offer and came up with JB Lenoir and Eddie Kirkland, but there's not a dud among 'em.  Eddie's sometime boss/mentor/friend John Lee Hooker covered "Jack O Diamonds" which for some reason is flashing up the name Lead Belly in my mind. Memphis Willie B was working double shifts in August 1961 in a soya bean oil plant before Sam Charters tracked him down; the two men subsequently did sessions issued in the early 60's on Original Blues Classics.

We didn't forget those Blues Ladies either: Julia Lee (knowingly mischievious) and Big Maybelle (imperious). I fully intended to play some of the Memphis Beale Streeters last week as tribute to Bobby "Blue" Bland but time and the light were closing in, so we did Earl Forest, Junior Parker and Bland's second ever song. With a couple of romps from Frankie Lee Sims and Champion Jack Dupree we were done.  Two hours is just full to bustin as my mum would say, until next Sunday at 10pm take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
got to be some changes made king brothers 11 mo' heat king brothers hard attack records
Take You for a Ride Johnny Rawls 4 Memphis Still Got Soul Johnny Rawls Catfood
99 and a Half Eric Bibb 1 Friends Eric Bibb MANHATON
Take You Home Tonight Gwyn Ashton 1 Fistful of Blues - E.P. Gwyn Ashton FAB Tone
biscuit rollin' daddy marshall lawrence 6 house call marshall lawrence doctor blues
grindin' man pinetop perkins and willie big-eyes smith 12 joined at the hip pinetop perkins and willie big-eyes smith telarc
Friends We Must Part Charlie Musselwhite 8 The Walter Davis Project Various Artists Electro-Fi
god is good to me como mamas 3 get an understanding como mamas dap tone
Handy Man Texas Johnny Brown 1 Blues Defender Texas Johnny Brown CHOCKTAW CREEK
Bow-Wow Amos Milburn 36 Booze Babes Blues and Boogie - Essential Amos Milburn INDIGO
Blues Defender Texas Johnny Brown 7 Blues Defender Texas Johnny Brown CHOCKTAW CREEK
Do What I Say (Vee Jay) J.B. Lenoir 16 R&b Humdingers Vol. 14 Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
Take Your Fine Frame Home Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm 22 Trail Blazer Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm CHARLY
So Tired Rosco Gordon 23 The Original Memphis Blues Brothers Various Artists ACE
Takin' Care of Business Ruth Brown 19 Miss Rhythm - Greatest Hits and More Ruth Brown SEQUEL
Gabbin' Blues Big Maybelle 2 Blues Tunes Various Artists HIT
king size Papa Julia Lee 2 Snatch and Grab it - Essential Julia Lee (Vol. 1) Julia Lee INDIGO
l & n blues Memphis Willie B. 2 Hard Working Man Blues Memphis Willie B. ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS
Jack O' Diamonds John Lee Hooker 8 Jack O' Diamonds John Lee Hooker EAGLE
Train Done Gone (Tru-Sound 409) Eddie Kirkland 5 R&b Humdingers Vol. 14 Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
she likes to boogie real low frankie lee sims 23 ace story vol. 5 Various Artists ace
Sad and Lonely Earl Forest 11 The Original Memphis Blues Brothers Various Artists ACE
crying all night long bobby blue bland 2 its my life baby bobby blue bland jasmine
Undercover Blues Crown Prince Waterford 6 The R'n'b Years 1947: 100 Hot Rhythm and Blues Tunes From 1947 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
that's all right Champion Jack Dupree 11 New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie Champion Jack Dupree COLUMBIA
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