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STAR BLUES on 28th June 2015 at 22:00 (BST) Willie Dixon was born 100 years ago: twenty of his songs

barely do justice to the influence of his gifts. According to his autobiography there are 521 songs in his canon; that doesn't take into account the dozens of sessions he played proper stand-up bass on, countless times acting as producer. He worked for both Chess and Cobra labels (among others), and he had two of his own.

In a colourful life he started out singing gospel and was a useful boxer, winning a Golden Gloves title. When Led Zeppelin included his 1962 song for Muddy Waters called "You Need Love" into a track on their iconic second album, he sued, got an out of court settlement and the song writing credits amended on all subsequent versions of the Zep album. If that wasn't enough, the money was used to help set up the "Blues Heaven Foundation" charity (now administered by his family). It's probably better left to the listener to fire up a search engine to get more detail. Pretty sure the legal niceties are the reason the movie hasn't been commissioned (the plot is terrific).

His "Signifying Monkey" was a big sheet music seller before the Big Three cut a record of it and we went to his final solo album called "Hidden Charms" stuffed full of his own songs on silvertone. (The following project "Ginger Ale Afternoon" was a soundtrack).
We inadvertently chose a poor copy of Charles Clark's version of "Hidden Charms" - the fidelity probably through the radio may not have been great: sorry (sourcing old vinyl does that sometimes).

I was away from the bridge for just two weekends and look what happens: the blues died. Well it did if you read Uncut magazine. Patent nonsense easily rebuffed when you consider Mavis Staples had just done a terrific set from the stage of Glastonbury. I also have a handsome heap of brand new albums for airplay audition arrived while I was away. Classical music didn't die when Beethoven died.. Sure BB King was a gifted musician who continues to influence so many other players, his real loss is that of a humanitarian of grace, patience and understated wisdom. Celebrate what he did and what we have now. I struggle each week trimming my playlist into a two hour slot: the blues will be dead when I can't find enough good stuff (not while I have so much).

We paid tribute to Big Time Sarah and Wendell Holmes who died this month; Wendell's passing is particularly poignant given band-mate Popsy Dixon's recent death and the lovely cover feature in the newest Living Blues magazine. His version of "Beast of Burden" showed off a smoky voice and textured guitar and organ.

If you want to write off our music, you should probably note our next planned holiday is 15th November. Before then - Sunday in fact - I'm plotting more trivia, tomfoolery and good old-faashioned blues, be good to have you along. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

one bourbon one scotch one beerJohn Lee Hooker4-20chess bluesVarious Artistsmca[ 2 mins 50 secs ]John Lee Hooker
Iou BluesBobby 'Blue' Bland17Ace's Wild!Johnny AceFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 12 secs ]Bobby 'Blue' Bland
Overworked and UnderpaidSelwyn Birchwood7Don't Call No AmbulanceSelwyn BirchwoodAlligator[ 4 mins 6 secs ]Selwyn Birchwood
turn me roundmavis staples9we'll never turn backmavis staplesanti
just about to lose your clownbreezy rodio3so close to itbreezy rodiowind chill[ 2 mins 32 secs ]mcRae
Beast of BurdenWendell Holmes7Paint It Blue : Songs Of The Rolling StonesVarious ArtistsRuf[ 4 mins 46 secs ]Wendell Holmes
Long Tall DaddyBig Time Sarah1Wild About That Thing - Ladies Sing The BluesVarious ArtistsDELMARK[ 4 mins 55 secs ]Big Time Sarah
Statesboro BluesGuy Davis13Juba DanceGuy Davis (Featuring Fabrizio Poggi)Dixiefrog[ 3 mins 56 secs ]Guy Davis
big meat shakin on the boneToby Walker1hand pickedToby Walkerband in the hand[ 2 mins 44 secs ]Toby Walker
signifying monkeybig three trio3-13bullet records storyvarious artistsspvwillie dixon
i live the lifewillie dixon6hidden charmswillie dixonsilvertone[ 3 mins 13 secs ]willie dixon
Black Angel BluesRobert Nighthawk2Weak Brain Narrow MindWillie DixonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 3 mins 3 secs ]willie dixon
Seventh SonWillie Mabon19The R&b Years 1955 Vol.2Various ArtistsBOULEVARD ENTERTAINMENT[ 2 mins 52 secs ]Willie dixon
Broken Hearted BluesBuddy Guy17Deep FeelingVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage[ 3 mins 12 secs ]willie dixon
Young Fashioned WaysMuddy Waters8Messin' With The ManMuddy WatersEssential Music and Marketing Ltd[ 3 mins 0 secs ]willie dixon
Hidden CharmsCharles Clark With The Willie Dixon Band29Goin' Down To Eli's (The Cobra And Abco Rhythm And Blues Anthology 1956-1958)Various ArtistsWESTSIDE[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Willie Dixon
When the Lights Go OutJimmy Witherspoon3Weak Brain Narrow MindWillie DixonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 2 mins 51 secs ]willie dixon
29 WaysWillie Dixon16Chicago Bound: Chess Blues, R&b And Rock 'N' RollVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 11 secs ]Willie Dixon
Shake for MeHowlin' Wolf24The Back Door ManHowlin' WolfEssential Music and Marketing Ltd[ 2 mins 13 secs ]willie dixon
forty fourHowlin' Wolf4The Back Door ManHowlin' WolfEssential Music and Marketing Ltd[ 2 mins 13 secs ]
Do Me RightLowell Fulson6Complete Chess RecordingsLowell FulsonMCA/CHESS[ 2 mins 30 secs ]willie dixon
You Know My LoveOtis Rush8Weak Brain Narrow MindWillie DixonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 2 mins 40 secs ]willie dixon
Too Many CooksJesse Fortune10The Way I FeelVarious ArtistsFLYRIGHT[ 2 mins 55 secs ]willie dixon
Crazy Mixed Up WorldLittle Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs)21Blues With A FeelingLittle Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs)ROOTS[ 2 mins 20 secs ]willie dixon
Pretty ThingBo Diddley7Jungle MusicBo DiddleyORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 2 mins 0 secs ]willie dixon
Whatever I Am You Made MeKoko Taylor9Koko TaylorKoko TaylorMCA / CHESS[ 2 mins 40 secs ]willie dixon
Third DegreeEddie Boyd6Weak Brain Narrow MindWillie DixonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 3 mins 15 secs ]willie dixon
Violent LoveBig Three Trio, The2Tribute To Willie DixonVarious ArtistsCHARLY[ 0 mins 0 secs ]willie dixon
pain in my heartwillie dixon3Tribute To Willie DixonVarious ArtistsCHARLY[ 3 mins 0 secs ]willie dixon
Mellow Down EasyLittle Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs)11Weak Brain Narrow MindWillie DixonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION[ 2 mins 41 secs ]willie dixon
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Sunday, 7 June 2015

STAR BLUES congratulations due to Blues & Rhythm magazine: 300 issues is the longest running blues magazine in English.

.. First issue cover dated July 1984, all our music ditto.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label duration writercredit
hey the blues is alright little milton 1 greatest hits little milton malaco [ 4 mins 13 secs ] campbell
The Sky is Crying Albert King 3 I'm In A Phone Booth Albert King STAX [ 4 mins 0 secs ] james
yes baby big mama thornton duet with johnny otis 12 essential collection big mama thornton spectrum [ 2 mins 57 secs ] otis
double crossing blues little esther phillips 1 am i that easy to forget esther phillips fasmine [ 2 mins 46 secs ] robinson
please believe me percy mayfield 8 specialty sampler various artists ace    
Something to Remember You By Guitar Slim 21 Sufferin' Mind Guitar Slim   [ 2 mins 57 secs ] Guitar Slim
I've Got Nothing Working Now Ann Cole 10 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 31 secs ] Ann Cole
I Can't Understand it Willie Egans 7 The R&b Years - 1956 (Vol. 1) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE [ 1 mins 48 secs ] Willie Egans
I Wonder Who's Boogiein' My Woogie Now Buddy Johnson 4 Jukebox Hits 1940-1951 Buddy Johnson ACROBAT [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Buddy Johnson
tee nah nah tuts washington 4 louisiana spice - rounder 25 years various artists rounder    
Just a Poor Boy ( Take 2 ) Roy Hawkins 14 The Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 5 Various Artists ACE [ 3 mins 15 secs ] Roy Hawkins
Cat Squirrel Dr. Ross 20 Sun Blues Box : 1950-1958 Various Artists CHARLY [ 2 mins 23 secs ] Dr. Ross
Ground Hog Blues No.Two Rambling Thomas 12 Classic Slide Guitar Various Artists CATFISH [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Rambling Thomas
gotta move alexis korner 1 r&b from marquee alexis korner castle    
Scorched Varetta Dillard 21 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 43 secs ] Varetta Dillard
my castles rockin alberta hunter 6 empty bed blues various artists pulse    
send me a man alberta hunter 11 empty bed blues various artists pulse    
I'm Tough (Tough as I Want to Be) Phillip Walker 1 The Best Of Phillip Walker Phillip Walker HIGH TONE [ 0 mins 0 secs ] fulson
downhome blues Z. Z. Hill 2 best of Z. Z. Hill MALACO [ 3 mins 37 secs ] Z. Z. Hill
Don't Touch Me Robert Cray 9 Bad Influence Robert Cray DEMON [ 3 mins 25 secs ] Robert Cray
Pickin' Up the Pieces (Fantastic 101) Eddie Kirkland 4 45's Collection Prt 059 Various Artists   [ 5 mins 23 secs ] Eddie Kirkland
Cheating Woman (Fantastic 1007-8) James Peterson 8 45's Collection Prt 081 Various Artists   [ 3 mins 46 secs ] James Peterson
Short Dresses J. T. Brown Feat. Otis Spann 20 Chicago Piano 1951-1958 Various Artists FLYRIGHT [ 0 mins 0 secs ] J. T. Brown Feat. Otis Spann
Wanna Be Loved Willie Bradford 7 Best Of New York On Fire Vols. 3 And 4 Various Artists FIRE [ 2 mins 35 secs ] Willie Bradford
Stormy Weather Blues Sylvester Cotton 17 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Detroit Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 46 secs ] Sylvester Cotton
stone pony blues charley patton 1-4 story of the blues various artists sony / legacy    
black snake moan blind lemon jefferson 1-5 story of the blues various artists sony / legacy    
pigmeat lead belly 1-6 story of the blues various artists sony / legacy    
boogie woogie country girl big joe turner 4 bear family sampler various artists bear family    
chicken shack amos milburn 1-16 1956 r&B years various artists boulevard vintage    
29 ways willie dixon 2-20 1956 r&B years various artists boulevard vintage    

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