Sunday, 30 March 2014

STAR BLUES on 30th March 2014 at 22:00 marking 65 years of the 45 rpm single

Our vinyl month concludes with a 45 rpm single bonanza. Here's what the Guardian newspaper said five years ago : 

We went to the number 1 hit by Canned Heat to mark the only chart topper in our genre as well as a number of radio favourites in Britain during the early Sixties. Our choice of perfect single of all time came as no surprise to regular listeners: Little Johnny Taylor had it all: killer arrangement, cutting guitar, anguished vocal, sharp lyrics in just four perfect minutes. The irony is the song was only ever considered as the "B" side of the single during pre-release planning.

The ancient medieval lore enforcing a Chuck Berry for every Bo Diddley was observed and the Lowell Luson single was later covered by Robert Cray who was on hand for one of his earliest commercial chart ticklers. At one point our playlist resembled the lineup of Ready Steady Go with John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed; Muddy and the Wolf also on hand. Bobby Parker's riff was borrowed in numerous places by folks like the Beatles, we had his original as an example of a classic single.

Our scope hereabouts includes both JoAnn Kelly and Duster Bennett and we were prompted by a chat on Facebook to mark the date of Duster's fatal car accident after playing support to Memphis Slim in 1976. Scant chance to see him through YouTube which is a shame for a uniquely intense player.  Ripley's Eric Clapton had a birthday and while he lives on Neil's side of the fence we dug out a rare session performance on a single King Curtis did for Atlantic.

Next Sunday we'll be back at 10pm (BST) to bring you some of the very finest projects out in 2014 thus far. If you're a fan of the British live R&B scene you'll want to be listening right to the end to STAR BLUES this upcoming seven days hence. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Lights Out Jerry Byrne 16 Rock On Various Artists ACE
Rock Me Muddy Waters 15 Messin' With The Man Muddy Waters Essential Music and Marketing Ltd
Tell Mama Etta James 10 The Fame Studio Story 1961-1973 Home Of The Muscle Shoals Sound Various Artists Kent
You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover Bo Diddley 16 Jungle Music Bo Diddley ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Boogie In The Dark Jimmy Reed 4 The Anthology Jimmy Reed NOT NOW
Tollin' Bells Lowell Fulson 13 Trouble, Trouble: The Definitive Early Years Collection Lowell Fulson Fantastic Voyage
Blue Guitar Earl Hooker 7 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Memphis Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Going Up the Country Canned Heat 2 The Very Best Of Canned Heat Canned Heat EMI
worried mind Duster Bennett 7 Bright Lights Big City Duster Bennett INDIGO
Jumpin' at Shadows Duster Bennett 8 Bright Lights Big City Duster Bennett INDIGO
Strange Things Happen Lazy Lester 9 Lazy Lester Lazy Lester FLYRIGHT
T-Model Boogie Rosco Gordon 3 I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records Story Various Artists one day
Will My Man Be Home Tonight Lillian Offitt 1 Age / Chief Blues Story Various Artists FUEL 2000
as the years go passing by fenton robinson 5 I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records Story Various Artists one day
Teasin’ King Curtis With Delaney Bramlett, Eric Clapton & Friends 13 Eric Clapton Eric Clapton POLYDOR
The Welfare (Turns It'sback on You) Freddie King 19 Texas Sensation Freddie King CHARLY
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Robert Cray 1 Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Robert Cray HIGH TONE
Angels In Houston Larry Davis 13 I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records Story Various Artists one day
I Smell Trouble Bobby 'Blue' Bland 23 It's My Life, Baby: The Singles - As & Bs, 1951-1960 Bobby 'Blue' Bland Jasmine
Fussin' and Fightin' Blues Junior Parker 19 Feelin' Good Junior Parker Hoodoo Records
Number Nine Train Tarheel Slim (Aka Alden Bunn) 7 The Fire And Fury Of Bobby Robinson Various Artists RPM
Strange Kinda Feeling Elmore James 13 Gaz's Rockin' Blues Various Artists ACE
Watch Your Step Bobby Parker 25 R&b Spotlight '61 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
spoonful Howlin' Wolf 19 back door man Howlin' Wolf complete blues
Boom Boom John Lee Hooker 17 Boom Boom John Lee Hooker CHARLY
baby lets play house arthur gunter 1-4 history og rhythm and blues vol. 3 various artists rhythm and blues
Part Time Love Little Johnny Taylor 3 The Galaxy Years Little Johnny Taylor ACE
Stop For The Red Light Harold Burrage 13 Double Trouble The Cobra Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
ain't that a shame fats domino 2-12 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues
i hear you knockin smiley lewis 2-13 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues
brown eyed handsome man chuck berry 2-24 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues
Every Dog’s Got His Day Johnny Copeland 11 Slow 'N' Moody, Black & Bluesy Various Artists Kent
Hony Tonk Bill Doggett

Various Artists
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

STAR BLUES on 23rd March 2014 at 22:00 - maximum vinyl

Last ten days or so in March mark anniversaries of Otis Spann and the first artist recorded as Sonny Boy Williamson - -tracks from both this edition of STAR BLUES.

John Lee Curtis Williamson's recorded career lasted just eleven years before his death aged just thirty-four in 1948. The short form of his biography puts him squarely in the country blues mould but that understates his incredible facility with his harp and he was almost certainly the first to establish the instrument as a credible lead instrument rather than just playing in a supporting role. some of the pieces he did for Bluebird in 1940 pre-date the urban Chicago sound of Chess by ten years or more. Such was his reputation that he could entice players of the stature of Big Bill Broonzy into the studio for two handers like "Good Gravy". a second player (Alec "Rice" Miller) from another Mississippi borrowed the name to secure work locally after our hero left for the Windy City. Their timespans of recorded output don't overlap and is useful when flicking through record racks of on-line listings, Miller became more famous through the patronage of the Sixties British Blues Boom but you're missing out if you don't have slots for both men in your collection. The prime choices are set out for you by Ray Templeton in the new issue of Blues & Rhythm magazine: to mark SBW centenary he's first and next issue Ray will look at SBW2.  Rather than showcase "Good Morning Little schoolgirl" we dipped in four times to his other work.

Otis Spann is justifiably known as the greatest blues pianist of them all; his session work fills 89 pages of discography and just about every major side put out on Chess in the 50s and 60s was graced with his subtle power. He'd have been 84 last Friday and we had time for just two pieces he cut with Muddy Waters (complete with harp maestro - still going strong - James Cotton).

I put Sonny Rhodes in as opener because it coincides with the anniversary of one of my earliest blues memories, the session he did for Paul Jones on radio 2. Been a sucker for lap slide every since. The Guitar Jr number came off a rare vinyl album cut in 1969 and he now goes out under the name Lonnie Brooks with the same caustic voice and guitar. More rarity quotient with Little Joe (aka Joe Hill Louis) with the top side of a 1957 single on House of Sound. He is one of dozens of artists to be found on the sumptuous box set of Sun blues artists put out by the Bear Family last year, we went there and found another variant of Pat Hare's landmark single. B. B King is on that collection but he was never as naked visceral  as he was for the 1966 live recordings which came out as "Blues Is King". You should start there instead of "Live at the Regal" to understand why he was so magnetic.

Lest you think - as do some other blues shows - the electric guitar is where it all starts and ends, we proudly worshipped at the church of the saxophone this week. Buddy Johnson and Roy Montrell got us in the mood while T J Fowler and Lynn Hope bubbled away quite nicely. Its inconceivable to imagine rock'n'roll without the instrument. Buddy was taken from a set on Fantastic Voyage compiled by Stuart Coleman to bring us the music that was around immediately prior to Elvis hitting the airways. Lady Blue and I have been enjoying the two discs in the car, so much so I had to run down stairs during the show to retrieve it from the car player. Lula Reed is on that one too.

If you're confused by the two (at least) with records as Sonny Boy Williamson, just think of the trouble when you're one of three going by Dr. Feelgood! And as for names, I prefer living in a parallel universe in which Gordon Sumner pays tribute to Amos Easton aka Bumble Bee Slim). With a brief outing from very early Robert Lockwood Jr. we were just about done.

This month is the 65th birthday of the 45rpm single and we'll round off our vinyl March with a full-fat survey of 25 of the best on the next STAR BLUES until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Ya Ya Sonny Rhodes 7 Disciple Of The Blues Sonny Rhodes Wild Dog
wee wee hours guitar jr. 1 broke an' hungry guitar jr. capitol
Let's Have a Natural Ball Albert King 1 More Big Blues Albert King ACE
Rough Treatment Little Hudson 11 Blues Is Killin' Me (1953) Various Artists FLYRIGHT
Have You Ever Been Mistreated Gatemouth Brown 19 The Rogana Story - 'Hossman's Blues' Various Artists SPV
Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra 22 The Road To Rock And Roll Vol. 3 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Bump On A Log Lula Reed 5 The Road To Rock And Roll Vol. 3 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Soulful Dress Sugar Pie Desanto 1 Go Go Power • The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1966 Sugar Pie Desanto Kent
You're the One Jimmy Rogers 12 That's Alright Jimmy Rogers ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Jivin' the Blues John Lee 'Sonny Boy Williamson 20 History Of Rhythm And Blues Part One Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
I Been Dealing With the Devil Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) 18 Sloppy Drunk Blues Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) ABM
Bear Cat Crawl Meade Lux Lewis 15 The Best Of Boogie Woogie Various Artists DOCUMENTS
Let's Have a Good Time Tonight Piano Red A.K.A. Dr. Feelgood 3 Snatch And Grab It! Rhythem & Blues Classics Various Artists DEAR FAMILY
jesus said it heavenly lights 2-4 hop skip jump - screamin gospel hpoly rollers vol. 3 various artists vee-tone
Gambler's Blues B. B. King 2 Great Moments With B. B. King B. B. King MCA
Cheatin' and Lynin' Blues Pat Hare 19 The Sun Blues Box Sampler - Blues, R&b And Gospel Music In Memphis 1950 - 1958 Various Artists bear family / b&r magazine
glamour girl little joe hill louis 3 glamour girl (1957) little joe house of sound
Mudd Roy Montrell 20 Mr Joe's Jambalaya // Loaded Down With The Blues Various Artists CHARLY
blow lynn blow lynn hope 1-26 jump blues jamaica way various artists fantastic voyage
wine cooler t j fowler 5 wine cooler t j fowler savoy
What's on Your Worried Mind? Otis Spann 14 Live The Life Otis Spann Testament
I Got a Feeling Otis Spann 13 The Bluesville Years. Vol 2: Feeling Down On Various Artists PRESTIGE
X-Temporaneous Boogie Camille Howard 13 It's Spelt Specialty Various Artists Specialty
Lonely Avenue Ray Charles 8 Ray Charles: Eight Classic Albums Ray Charles IODA
Back in Jail Again Bumble Bee Slim (Aka Amos Easton) 14 The Essential Bumble Bee Slim (Aka Amos Easton) CLASSIC BLUES
(I'm Gonna) Dig Myself a Hole Robert Lockwood Jr. 6 Down Home Blues Classics - Chicago (1946-1954) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Good Gravy Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) 10 Sugar Mama Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) INDIGO
Whiskey Headed Woman Blues Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) 8 Sugar Mama Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka John Lee Williamson) INDIGO
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

STAR BLUES on 16th March 2014 at 22:00 with oodles more vinyl

Just ahead of the new Big Mama Thornton biography by Michael Speorke we had two of her hits on STAR BLUES and our current commitment to vinyl during March continues. Willie Mae Thornton was a hugely influential artist on Peacock in the Fifties and Arhoolie in the Sixties. She had the extreme misfortune to have had not one but two definitive versions of songs remade in the mainstream by inferior copies (Elvis with "Hound Dog" and Janis Joplin with "Ball and Chain". We dipped into two other examples of her craft and the new book is much anticipated.

The Vee-Tone outfit is based in Scotland and they have a limited edition vinyl collection of top-notch gospel. The selection is the work of Doubting Thomas Lamarr which guarantees a no holds barred take on the genre to be bathed in at high volume. He lovingly annotates the set and if you need an excuse to upgrade your hi-fi kit this is it. It's the third time he's put out a Gospel project for Vee-Tone, add in a  clutch of rare rock'n'roll discs with stuff you can't get elsewhere and you're darned near the definition of essential in my book.

A fair chunk of the remainder on our list was cut in the pre-war yeas and I shamelessly went to one of the supporting pieces Scrapper Blackwell did for Leroy Carr: he was one of the first players I came to when discovering the blues genre. Trixie Smith had just one extended sequence of sides to her name, her voice reached out across the ages for us. We tickled the trivia spot by noting hers was the first recorded instance of the phrase "rock'n'roll" on another of her hits. Blind Willie Johnson was one of the greats at a time when that word still meant something, not blessed with a wide vocal range he compensated with shimmering slide playing. Like his namesake (though not related) the circumstances of his death are told several different ways and no-one will know for sure. Romeo Nelson's piece was on the bawdy side and recounted in that half spoken mode used on "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie".

Electric blues guitar badges were worn by Guitar Slim and Left Hand Frank , and Ike Turner was on hand to illustrate how much he contributed during rock'n'roll's most formative era. Whatever his reputation or truth thereof, he changed what we all hear in several genres. I put in some Big Bill Broonzy because I came across his masterful "Guitar Shuffle" embedded in a legal drama soundtrack on one of the satellite channels. Elton Anderson was one of the lesser known stars on Johnny Vincent's Ace label and Whispering Smith was part of a double album project called "Swamp Blues" with a band which had Henry Gray on piano. This week I heard a 1983 version of a Louis Jordan song, and while I track down a copy for airplay we were tempted with Jordan's original "Woman".

We don't play nearly enough R&B sax heroes, something I must put my mind to but hopefully Red's closer will whet your appetite. You were magnificent company and I'm humbled by the feedback we've had in both Russia and Ukraine at a time they've got more than enough other stuff to deal with. Next weeks show is being planned already and will be unleashed at 10pm next Sunday -0 until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you
track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
linda lu left hand frank 14 living chicago blues various artists alligator
Bad Luck Blues Guitar Slim 4 Things I Used To Do Guitar slim BLUES ENCORE
Egg or the Hen Koko Taylor 10 Wang Dang Doodle Koko Taylor ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
This is My Story Gene & Eunice 6 Aladdin Story Various Artists EMI
Bradshaw Boogie Tiny Bradshaw 5 Jivin' Jamboree 3 Various Artists ACE
little bitty pretty one thurston harris 27 Aladdin Story Various Artists EMI
baseball Boogie mabel scott 3 Jivin' Jamboree 3 Various Artists ACE
Looking the World Over Whispering Smith 1 Swamp Blues Various Artists ACE
Roll on Train Elton Anderon 6 The Ace Story - Volume 5 Various Artists ACE
Guitar Shuffle Big Bill Broonzy 4 House Rent Stomp Big Bill Broonzy BLUES ENCORE
Alabama Women Blues Leroy Carr With Scrapper Blackwell 21 Heavy Hitters Vol. 1 Various Artists PIGMEAT RECORDS
They Call Me Big Mama Big Mama Thornton 4 Jiving Jamboree Various Artists ACE
Mischevious Boogie Big Mama Thornton 4 They Called Me Big Mama Big Mama Thornton Proper Introduction
Ain't That Just Like a Woman Louis Jordan 18 The History Of Rhythm And Blues Volume Two 1942-1952 Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
Drown in My Own Tears - Lacy Gibson Lacy Gibson 1 Living Chicago Blues, Vol. 3 Various Artists Alligator
loosely ike turner 1-25 flair: dust my blues various artists ace
I'm Gonna Move Cross the River Brownie McGhee 6 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New York Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Freight Train Blues Trixie Smith 14 That's Blues Various Artists THAT'S BLUES
Walkin' the Blues Champion Jack Dupree 19 Blues For Everybody Champion Jack Dupree CHARLY
Getin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing Romeo Nelson 13 Pure Vintage Blues Vol. 3 : Future Blues Various Artists EMPRESS
Devil is a Busy Man Sunnyland Slim 12 Down Home Blues Classics - Chicago (1946-1954) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
God Don't Never Change Blind Willie Johnson 3 The Slide Guitar:Bottles,Knives & Steel Various Artists Blue Label / SPV
hop skip and jump blind boys of alabama 3 hop skip and jump various artists vee-tone
buryin ground nightingales 9 hop skip and jump various artists vee-tone
Dry Land Blues Furry Lewis 8 Beale Street Blues Frank StokesFurry Lewis ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Slow Mama Slow Sam Collins 15 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New York Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Chickasaw Special Noah Lewis 19 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Memphis Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Purple Wail Red Prysock 4 The Very Best Of Burlesque Various Artists Not Now Music
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Sunday, 9 March 2014

STAR BLUES on 9th March 2014 at 22:00 with more vinyl treasures

Up and running with a preview of Robert Cray's new album "In My Soul" and vinyl all the way into the Midnight Hour. There's a new line up based around bass player Richard Cousins and the songs will hark back to the era of classic soul on Stax etc. Cray has long been a favourite player though he is long overdue a focus to a project his gifts deserve.

More and more new releases include a vinyl format which can only be a good thing, and March right here is all about music that was created for 78 45 or 33 rpm on black plastic. Little Walter was on our playlist three times, one apiece with Big Crawford on bass adding support to Muddy Waters and Jimmy Rogers, and a magnificent piece under his own name that was anything but mellow. During the week I'd heard Z Z Top give their treatment to it and needed to remind myself of the grace and brio of Walter's axe. We dipped into the Chief recordings of Junior Wells with Earl Hooked and Willie Dixon but his harp was buried in the mix on Universal Rock.

Rogers was one of five artists with first name Jimmy and is certainly the best known. In a different strain of our music, Jimmy Liggins purveyed an engaging form of jump blues and Jimmie Lee Robinson was dubbed Prince of the Blues and shown wearing a turban on the front cover photo for his recordings on Chicago's Bandera label. Jimmy Nolen was a caustic player able to carve stinging solos and is oft overlooked; Jimmy Johnson was chosen by Bruce Iglauer to open his three album project which showcased the growth of Chicago blues since Sam Charters original survey on Chicago the Blues Today.

On a night for great players we had the already much missed Bobby Parker and Neal Pittman (who was backed by Cookie Stark and Tan Mahal), Taj had already been on show with his reading of Statesboro Blues taken from his eponymous full label debut on Columbia. The scorching slide there was the work of Jesse Ed Davis - and according to brother Gregg interviewed for a BBC4 documentary on Muscle Shoals studios - the inspiration which drove Duane Altman's slide prowess.

Hadda Brooks was  beautiful elegant woman who could dust those keys nine ways till Sunday, as a mark of her significance during the first year of the Bihari's Modern imprint in 1945 she is the face for the artwork on the current survey. We're played Varetta Dillard before though her place in my collection is shamefully scant, something I fully intend to put right. From the same era we put in a seminal piece of John Lee Hooker and noted the album No Friend Around is still the first stopping off point for anyone who is serious about JLH. Over in Philadelphia, the nimble skills of Dan Pickett turned to a song from Sonny Boy Williamson, and though he often covered work by others he too had a unique style.

Tabby Thomas died at the start of the year and it was nice to be able to go to another of his earliest rockin' sides and Eddie Lang was our first choice from a new anthology of Ric Ron records out on Ace. We didn't confuse him with the urbane jazz guitarist  of nearly the same name, though you may if you spend too long on Wikipedia. At the moments in my time growing up, I always seemed to find something by the man known as 'the Voice' : Bobby Blue Bland and there are dozens of great reminders of his prowess. The A and B sides of his Duke records are out on Jasmine (the same source gave us our Willie Mahon and Eddie Boyd selections last night).

Our current playlists are from the vinyl area and our commitment to showcasing the Current blues artists who still play in the old fashioned way marks out STAR BLUES as wilfully different, and we make no apologies. Thank-you for the very kind words on Britain's Other Blues show; back next Sunday at 10pm if you'll have us, until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
you move me (single) robert cray 1 in my soul (album) robert cray provogue
Statesboro Blues Taj Mahal 2 Taj Mahal Taj Mahal COLUMBIA
Got to Move Elmore James 6 Complete Chess Chief Fire Recs. Elmore James CHARLY
Crosscut Saw Otis Rush 2 Tops Otis Rush DEMON
Bottle Up and Go Neal Pattman 11 Prison Blues Neal Pattman MUSIC MAKER
Shake That Thing Kokomo Arnold 13 Old Original Kokomo Blues : His 20 Greatest Song Kokomo Arnold WOLF
Decoration Day Dan Pickett 20 Shake That Thing!: East Coast Blues 1935-1953, Various Artists JSP Records
No Friend Around John Lee Hooker 7 No Friend Around John Lee Hooker RED LIGHTNING
Wipe Your Tears Jimmy Nolen 15 Scratchin'-Federal 52-56 Pete 'Guitar' Lewis-Jimmy Nolen-Cal Green charly R&B
Tear Drop Blues Jimmy Liggins 25 The R'n'b Hits Of 1948 Various Artists INDIGO
Pretty Mama Blues Ivory Joe Hunter 19 Roots Of Rock'n'roll Various Artists PRISM
Ridin' the Boogie Hadda Brooks 11 Modern Music: 1945 Various Artists ACE
Mercy Mr. Percy Varetta Dillard 3 The R'n'b Years 1953: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1953 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Roll on Ole Mule Tabby Thomas 3 Genuine Excello R'n'b Various Artists ACE
easy rockin' eddy lang 11 ric and ron story vol. 1 various artists ace
Universal Rock Junior Wells 6 Junior Wells 1957-1963 Junior Wells Chief
serves me right to suffer Jimmy Johnson 2 Living Chicago Blues, Vol. 1 Various Artists Alligator
long distance call muddy waters 4 Chess Blues Classics 1947-1956 Various Artists MCA/CHESS
That's All Right Jimmy Rogers 3 Chess Blues Classics 1947-1956 Various Artists MCA/CHESS
Snow Cone - Part 1 Albert Collins 12 The Cool Sound Of Albert Collins Albert Collins BLUE CITY
Shade Tree Mechanic Z. Z. Hill 18 The Last Soul Company Various Artists Malaco Records
No Blow No Show Bobby 'Blue' Bland 9 It's My Life, Baby: The Singles - As & Bs, 1951-1960 Bobby 'Blue' Bland Jasmine
Low Down Dirty Shame J. B. Lenoir 20 J. B. Lenoir J. B. Lenoir ROOTS
Times is Hard Jimmie Lee Robinson 6 Bandera Blues And Gospel From The Bandera, Laredo And Jerico Various Artists ACE
No Feelings for You Slim Willis 8 Dave's Anthology Of Chicago Blues - Vol. 1 Various Artists
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning Mississippi Fred McDowell 9 The First Recordings Mississippi Fred McDowell Rounder
Night Latch Blues Yank Rachell 23 20th Century Blues Various Artists CATFISH
dont drive me away bobby parker 9
various artists
I don't know

Five long years

Mellow Down Easy
Willie Mabon

Eddie Boyd

Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs)



Willies Blues

Blues is here

Chess Blues
Willie Man on

Eddie Boyd

Various Artists


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Sunday, 2 March 2014

STAR BLUES on 2nd March 2014 at 22:00 - two hours of vinyl blues

Everything played on STAR BLUES during March first saw release at 78 or 45 rpm (ok maybe a few at 33 1/3..). We're fairly sure Alberta Adams is currently the most senior blues artist (almost 98 years old) - she had pride of place in a playlist which also said Happy 86th Birthday to Fats Domino.

Alberta was playing last year and still gives a feisty interview by all accounts. She is best known for her presence on the Detroit blues scene going way back and her recording with TJ Fowler was a strong confident reading of "Say Baby Say", a song she remade for Cannonball Records in 2000. Our second hour had that first version as a peach along with more distaff blues from Little Esther, Annie Laurie and Big Maybelle. We don't play nearly enough of this stuff. There was a tinge of mystery to the Bea Booze track as she is thought by some to be one and the same as Muriel Nicholls, now known to be different artists (despite what Wikipedia says).

I read recently that Fats Domino sold more records in the Fifties than anyone else (including Elvis) - he had a birthday the other day and we could have dipped into his rich canon almost at random and come up with a big slice of Crescent City bonhommie.He did an interview with Jools Holland a while back and they did a couple of two handers which put the squeeze on Jools. Though known for his own unique barnstorming style, Little Richard showed a soulful side to the track we played from a new collection of his gospel sides. If you expected hell and damnation or fire and brimstone, you'd find some deft, sensitive phrasing on some heartfelt songs.

The companion piece in the sacred spot was a cut put out on Arhoolie from Robert Pete Williams who will shortly pass the centenary of his birth - Williams was discovered by Harry Ostler while serving a life sentence for murder, the term was cut to twelve years and he was coaxed into the studio when out on licence. If his was an idiosyncratic style we had guitar prowess in ample supply too: Richard Trice, Wade Walton, Gabriel Brown and Big Bill Broonzy and proving you don't need heavy electrification to purvey our music.

There were vocal gymnastics too from Steve Gibson's Red Caps, and the Five Royales. Then by jingo the clock on the wall beat us just as we got into our stride - we never claim to be the best Blues Show on the planet but we're pretty confident were are different. Britain's Other Blues show will be back with more vinyl at 10 pm (GMT) next Sunday, until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Young Man Blues Luther 'Guitar Jr' Johnson 9 I wanna Groove with you Luther 'Guitar Jr' Johnson Bullseye Blues
Say What You Mean Robert Ward 3 Rhythm Of The People Robert Ward BLACK TOP
I'm a Lonely Man Little Milton 15 St. Louis Blues Revue - The Classic Bobbin Sessions Various Artists ACE
havin a good time soul sisters 1 Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4 Various Artists Kent (U.K.)
Baby Say You Will Jesse Allen 4 The Ace Story - Volume 5 Various Artists ACE
Lost in a Dream Buster Brown 10 Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4 Various Artists Kent (U.K.)
Blueberry Hill Steve Gibson & The Redcaps 10 It's So Good Steve Gibson & Red Caps ACROBAT
I Wanna Walk You Home Fats Domino 3-17 the Fat Man Fats Domino EMI
I'm walkin Fats Domino 2-14 the fat man fats domino emi
Blue Monday Fats Domino 1-24 the fat man fats domino emi
(I Can't Believe) She Gave it All to Me Ernie K-Doe 25 Sehorn's Soul Farm • 50 New Orleans Soul Classics Various Artists CHARLY
That's No Way to Do Pink Anderson 14 The Bluesville Years. Vol 6: Sweet Carolina Blues Various Artists PRESTIGE
I'm Gonna Take it Easy Gabriel Brown 20 Shake That Thing!: East Coast Blues 1935-1953, Various Artists JSP Records
down hearted man richard trice 12 down hearted man richard trice savoy
sinner don't you know robert pete williams 4 15 down home gospel classics various artists arhoolie
stop talkin start walkin annie laurie 2-1 I'm A Bad Bad Girl various indigo
Race Horse Tiny Davis 17 I'm A Bad Bad Girl Various Artists INDIGO
I'm A Bad Bad Girl Little Esther Phillips 3-1 I'm A Bad Bad Girl various indigo
Say Baby Say T.J. Fowler & Alberta Adams 17 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Detroit Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
My Country Man Big Maybelle 4 The Okeh Sessions Big Maybelle CHARLY
these young men bea booze 3-13 le blues various NIGHT AND DAY
Baby Don't Do it Five Royales, The 24 Bells Of Love Various Artists Blue Label / SPV
Go on Kokomo Gene & Eunice 17 Go On Ko Ko Mo ! Gene & Eunice ACE
God's Beautiful City Little Richard 8 God´s Beautiful City Little Richard the Gospel Truth
Cotton Crop Blues James Cotton 17 The Sun Blues Box Sampler - Blues, R&b And Gospel Music In Memphis 1950 - 1958 Various Artists bear family / b&r magazine
Lonesome Big Bill Broonzy 18 Rockin' In Chicago Big Bill Broonzy Rev-Ola Bandstand
Big Fat Mama Wade Walton 9 Bluesville Vol. 1 : Folk Blues Various Artists ACE
NEW 4 DAY RIDER Walter Brown 15 1945 - 1947 WALTER BROWN CLASICS
My Daily Prayer Lowell Fulson 22 Trouble, Trouble: The Definitive Early Years Collection Lowell Fulson Fantastic Voyage
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