Sunday, 27 October 2013

STAR BLUES on 27th October 2013 at 22:00

We're set to start on this side of the pond before cruising into over an hour of vinyl finery on STAR BLUES. Our start was actually in Canvey Island when Dr. Feelgood tickled the UK singles charts for the first time; John Philip Cawthra had joined the band to fill the considerable void left by Wilko Johnson, many diehard fans found it hard to accept "Gypie" Mayo who has died this week. I found the music of Johnny Guitar Watson, Solomon Burke and John Lee Hooker through seeing them live.

Thereafter Bernie Marsden reached back to 1967 for a track off the debut album from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and Otis Grand lovingly recreated that BB King big-band swing for his 1989 "Always Hot" out on the small French label, Special Delivery. Paul Jones picked up on it and in a trice our Otis was the featured star on the cd which celebrated the 100th issue of Blues & Rhythm magazine. In a very different style of playing - though arguably more influential - Bert Jansch gave a masterclass on his 1966 interpretation "blackwater Slide" (he cleverly interpolated some Indian chords into his coda). Manfred Mann have a seven-disc clamshell package of their original EP's with fabulous artwork: "I Put A Spell On You" came closest to our format, but collectors won't care when adding it to their Santa list.

Jo-Ann Kelly was Britain's more credible blues artist in the 1960's and Duster Bennett was her equal counterpart - much missed is something of an understatement. Paddy Milner and Carl Sonny Leyland effortlessly rippled those keys and Little George Suref was superbly controlled for Big Joe Louis' cover of a Snooky Pryor classic. 

The annual Blues Blast awards are on the way and both Johnny Rawls and Barbars Carr are deservedly nominated for their fine albums on Catfood Records. The Johnny Rawls selection was also a nod to his brand new project which celebrates the genius of his old friend and mentor O. V. Wright.  Other awards due to Eddie Shaw and Bob Koerster of Delmark Records, both with lifetime recognition (and further confirmation of the strength of Chicago Blues)  King Curtis came along twice, once under his own steam and once as featured sideman on a superb Big Maybelle single from 1957.
Little Willie John's sister Mabel was one example of what Berry Gordy had on his family of labels as the 1960s dawned. Fantastic Voyage has just issued a piece which by happy chance complements the Vee-Tone album we had as our feature last week. We also took the Little Otis answer song to "Duke of Earl" from the pack.

Garfield Love with Jimmy Spruell and Hound Dog Taylor were both singles licenced by Blue Horizon for British release with glimpses of what was happening in US. Little Sonny and Lowell Fulson closed our show last night as we girded our loins for the trek outside into the approaching Hurricane. It didn't equal what we had for weather in 1987 when Sevenoaks in Kent became one overnight - it was still pretty mean and nasty. We dipped out on gospel last night but we'll be back this upcoming Sunday at 10pm (GMT) with the regular prescription of trivia and tomfoolery in a white tee-shirt. Did I mention armfuls of blues? Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Down at the Doctors Dr. Feelgood 14 25 Years Of Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood Grand Records
Merry Go Round Bernie Marsden 6 Green And Blues Bernie Marsden ESSENTIAL
Whole Lotta Lovin' Otis Grand 6 Always Hot Otis Grand INDIGO
blackwater side Bert Jansch 2 Angie: The Collection Bert Jansch Sanctuary Records Group Ltd
love in vain Tony McPhee 3-12 Hellhounds On Their Trail Various Artists catfish
i put a spell on you Manfred Mann 4 no living without loving Manfred Mann UMbrella
Louisiana Blues Jo Ann Kelly 7 Key To The Highway Jo Ann Kelly Sanctuary Records Group Ltd
Worried Mind Duster Bennett 7 Bright Lights Big City Duster Bennett INDIGO
Boogie Twist Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings 2 The Stars In The Sky Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings  
Down the Road Apiece Carl 'Sonny' Leyland 3 Boogie And Blues Carl 'Sonny' Leyland SOLO ARTIST
21st Century Boogie Paddy Milner 1 21st Century Boogie Paddy Milner LAUNCH
goin' up the country Canned Heat 2 The Very Best Of Canned Heat Canned Heat EMI
blind crippled and crazy Johnny Rawls 2 memphis got soul Johnny Rawls Catfood
I Got the Blues Barbara Carr 4 Keep The Fire Buming Barbara Carr Catfood
One Monkey (Don't Stop No Show) Lavern Baker 12 Super Soul Sisters Erma FranklinLavern Baker EDSEL
lone prairie king curtis 1-28 Wail Man Wail! King Curtis Fantastic Voyage
Blues, Early Early Big Maybelle 2-28 Wail Man Wail! King Curtis Fantastic Voyage
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Mable John 3-20 For This I Thank You: Motown R&b, Popcorn And Rock N Roll Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
i out-duked the duke little otis 1-18 For This I Thank You: Motown R&b, Popcorn And Rock N Roll Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Next Time You See Me garfiled love With Jimmy Spruill Orchestra 15 Blue Horizon Story Vol. 1 Various Artists CBS
Christine Hound Dog Taylor 21 Blue Horizon Story Vol. 1 Various Artists CBS
Country Boy Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang 12 Can't Stop Now Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang DELMARK
stormin' and rainin' lowell fulson 22 trouble trouble lowell fulson fantastic voyage
as the years go passing by fenton robinson 2-5 i pity the fool - duke records story various artists one day
i gotta find my baby little sonny 1-12 i pity the fool - duke records story various artists one day
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Sunday, 20 October 2013

STAR BLUES on 20th October 2013 at 22:00

Just announced: the UK record industry has just had the best vinyl sales for 12 years. Biggest consumers are 18-24 year olds by all accounts; they know what we already knew. To underscore the point Vee-Tone has just gone into the vaults of Motown Records and come out with 16 R&B cuts of the highest order. Our featured platter on STAR BLUES this week!

I felt this week just as I did at the age of 14 having unearthed some prize gem anxious to show it to the other two folks at school who'd know what it was. Junior Blue can download every single track in an artists' discography but not actually have anything with as much effort as it takes Google to find it. The period covered by Vee-Tone's album predates the smooth pop-soul projects which redefined Britain from about 1964 onwards. The Contours brought their debut disc and Gino Parks gritty punch drove his tracks hard and its always a treat to find a platter with the criminally under-known Singin Sammy Ward.

Jackson Sloan is quite possibly the coolest guy working the live British Blues Scene; his birthday will be Friday, he puts out EP's on his own label called Shellac (what else). New album due soon. Little Milton's best work for Stax came with his final single on the label which went bankrupt a few days after his single came out. In the finest tradition, Tommy Brown sang about cars and girls while fellow-shouter was more direct in his association with  with the petite women needed to ride as jockeys? The Memphis team came in full strength too with contributions from B B King and junior Parker; while the earliest Lowell Fulson came off a brand new triple on Fantastic Voyage. Thunder Smith was raw, downhome and in Texas and the Speer family did gospel duties for us on the same label as Cecil Gant's frolic around the keyboard.

The line between us and Neil's STAR ROCK was kinda wobbly at the top end of the shop but by crikey we finished well. Come along and hear how we get on this next Sunday, until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Reap What You Sow Jim Allchin 4 Q.E.D. Jim Allchin Sandy Key Music
dark night james armstrong 1 dark night james armstrong hitone
The Clock John Primer & Bob Corritore 1 Knockin' Around These Blues John Primer & Bob Corritore Delta Groove Productions
sing it louder cary morin 2 sing it louder cary morin music maker
I Had a Notion Steve Howell & The Mighty Men 1 Yes, I Believe I Will Steve Howell & The Mighty Men Orchard
i can't turn back jackson sloan 1 i can't turn back jackson sloan shellac
i feel so good Chris James & Patrick Rynn 3 Barrelhouse Stomp Chris James & Patrick Rynn EARWIG
Same Thing (Tamla T54042 1961) Gino Parks 19 Motown Rhythm & Blues '59-'62 DOWNLOAD ALBUM Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
Packed Up and Took My Mind Little Milton 20 Complete Stax Singles Little Milton STAX
Get Out of My Life Woman Lee Dorsey 6 Soul Mine Lee Dorsey CLASSIC HITS
sugar coated love barbara lynn 19 a good woman barbara lynn kent
texas stomp - live Bob Hall 15 At The Window - Plus! Bob Hall INDIGO
caldonia louis jordan 1-10 History Of The rhythm and Blues (vol 2) Various Artists SUNDAY TIMES NEWSPAPER
V-8 Baby Tommy Brown 9 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Atlanta Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
my gals a jockey big joe turner 1-19 History Of The rhythm and Blues (vol 2) Various Artists SUNDAY TIMES NEWSPAPER
Whole Lotta Woman (Motown M1008 1961) Contours, The 3 Motown Rhythm & Blues '59-'62 DOWNLOAD ALBUM Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
I Wonder b b king 12 rpm blues story Various Artists one day
boogie woogie baby Cecil Gant 3-10 bullet records story Various Artists spv
ain't nobody's business lowell fulson 2-1 trouble trouble lowell fulson fantastic voyage
dig a little deeper speer family 3-20 bullet records story Various Artists spv
Big Stars Are Falling Thunder Smith 2 Down Home Blues Classics Texas 1946-1954 Various Artists BOULEVARD ENTERTAINMENT
telephone blues little george smith 1-11 rpm blues story various artists one day
I Ain’t Drunk Jimmy Liggins 19 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: West Coast Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Big Joe Moe (Tamla 54057 1962) Singin' Sammy Ward 6 Motown Rhythm & Blues '59-'62 DOWNLOAD ALBUM Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
Bad Women, Bad Whiskey Little Junior Parker 2 Ride With Me, Baby: The Singles 1952-1961 Little Junior Parker Fantastic Voyage
Good Morning Judge Wynonie Harris 71 Mr. Blues Wynonie Harris PROPER
Sadie Mae Joe Haywood 15 Sehorn's Soul Farm • 50 New Orleans Soul Classics Various Artists CHARLY
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

STAR BLUES on 13th October 2013 at 22:00

Whatever you're doing between 10 and midnight, wherever you find yourself at the time, we're here with trivia tomfoolery and an armful of blues stuff we promise will be different to anything else.

Serendipity was hard at work yesterday to ensure prompt arrival of the new project from Johnny Rawls on Catfood Records calleed "Remembering O V". Otis Clay adds further vocal gravitas on three tracks of the album celebrating Overton Vertis Wright. It would have been O V's 74th birthday during the week and we already planned to play his version of the classic song "Ace Of Spades". Done deal to go to Johnny and Otis' cover of "A Nickel and A Nail". Rawls is a master craftsman: singer, guitarist, writer, producer.

Similar soulful voice and tasteful understated guitar came from Kenny Neal (who has a birthday today, Monday). His 2010 outing on Bling Pig shows some maturity and unforced elegance compared with the upfront power he showed on earlier Alligator albums. The lush guitar solos were down to Larry Lamkin last night during "Cable Man" from his debut album; we eagerly await more from this man.

Lou Pride died earlier this year, his work for Ichiban was top-notch and we chose a song from his "Twisting The Knife" to note how deftly his soulful voice could be put into a blues guitar setting. Father and son team, Carey and Lurrie Bell, were in Chicago in 1988 for a set originally put out through John Stedman's JSP imprint, but taken last night from the series of fortnightly Blues Collection magazines which came out 20 years ago. (as an aside who would you add to an extension of the series if you were doing it today?)

Star Radio's Day-time jock O-J and his producer Adam skillfully bested all comers in the Great Potato Race in Ely on Saturday. Had to play Robert Brown's "Diggin My Potatoes", didn't we? In 1949 with the growing popularity of electric blues and the onset of rock'n'roll Washboard Sam (because it's him) fell out of favour and became a policeman in the Chicago force. I will resist the obvious remarks about peelers ...!!

It would have been Wade Walton's birthday yesterday (90 years) and he was known as the signing barber (he had his own haircutting shop in Chicago). There was a little curio he recorded with Richard Curtis Jones for Arhoolie where you hear him keep rhythm by sliding his cut-throat razor along the strop.

We were asked to play some more Furry Lewis, which is never a hardship, and our gospel feature went to Chicago outside a shop to sample Rev. Louis Overstreets amplified guitar and stomping bass drum with gear perched on a car bonnet (or should that be hood). He was issued by Chris Strawicz on the Arhoolie label, as was Melvin 'Lil Son' Jackson who brought us an early version of "Cairo Blues" which if memory serves the Ripley Kid did on his "Old Sock" album. Piano was on offer from Charles Brown and Floyd Dixon somewhat later in the running order than we normally do those 88s.

We were actually spoiled for guitar mastery last night with Jody Williams' debut single as a solo artist (aka Little Papa Joe) and fascinating interplay caught betwixt and between Taj Mahal and Etta Baker. The album first came out on Music Maker. Phillip Walker never disappointed and his artistry was balanced by a somewhat ragged performance BB King did at Tuff Green's house in Chicago c.1952 which had Johnny Ace on piano.

Next week I plan to play something from a vinyl album newly out on Vee Tone Records, compiled by Mark Lamarr from the R&B section of the Motown Vaults. If there's more lunches to pack, or work clothes to iron on Sunday at 10pm we'll be back at your place to help as best we can, as only we can. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

I Got a Mind to Go to ChicagoJackie PayneSteve Edmonson Band5Overnight SensationJackie PayneSteve Edmonson BandDelta Groove Music
Cable ManLarry Lampkin2When I Get HomeLarry LampkinKaint Kwit
Cadillac Assembly LineCarey BellLurrie Bell8Second Hand ManCarey BellLurrie BellORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
I Smell SmokeJohnny Winter3I'm A BluesmanJohnny WinterVirgin Records Us
Bitter With the SweetKenny Neal2Hooked On Your LoveKenny NealBLIND PIG RECORDS
I Didn't Take Your Woman (You Gave Her to Me)Lou Pride13Twisting The KnifeLou PrideICHIBAN
Ace of SpadesO. V. Wright9Soul Of O. V. WrightO. V. WrightMCA
nickel and a nailjohnny rawls and otis clay4remembering o. v.johnny rawls and otis claycatfood records
Build Myself a HomeHans Theessink & Terry Evans6Delta TimeHans Theessink & Terry EvansBLUEGROOVE
Madison Street BluesEtta Baker & Taj Mahal4Etta Baker With Taj MahalEtta BakerTaj MahalMUSIC MAKER
Hello My DarlingPhillip Walker3The Best Of Phillip WalkerPhillip WalkerHIGH TONE
I Got a GalB.B. King10Ace's Wild!Johnny AceFantastic Voyage
You Make Me Feel So GoodTarheel Slim (Aka Alden Bunn)Little Anne24Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4Various ArtistsKent (U.K.)
goion' homerosco gordon25Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4Various ArtistsKent (U.K.)
Calling All BluesJunior Wells21Junior Wells 1957-1963Junior WellsChief
Steal Your Heart AwayBobby Parker9Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4Various ArtistsKent (U.K.)
lost in a dreambuster brown10Uk Sue Label Story, Vol. 4Various ArtistsKent (U.K.)
Looking for My BabyLittle Papa Joe1Early SinglesJody WiiliamsVarious
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barbershop rhythmwade walton / richard curtis smith5Journey Of Chris Strachwitz (40 Years Of Arhoolie Records)Various ArtistsArhoolie Records
Falling Down BluesFurry Lewis9Roll And Tumble Blues : History Of Slide GuitarVarious ArtistsINDIGO
believe on merev. louis overstreet17Journey Of Chris Strachwitz (40 Years Of Arhoolie Records)Various ArtistsArhoolie Records
let the good times rollshirley and lee1Aladdin StoryVarious ArtistsEMI
Lost in a DreamCharles Brown21Sing My Blues Tonight - Ace (Ms.) Blues Masters Vol.1Various ArtistsWESTSIDE
Call Operator 210Floyd Dixon8Aladdin StoryVarious ArtistsEMI
Royal Boogie (Take 1)Gene Phillips & His Rhythm Aces16Beating The Petrillo Ban. The Late December 1947 Modern SessionsVarious ArtistsACE
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

STAR BLUES on 6th October 2013 at 22:00

Just really nice to be in amongst such a wide range of top notch artists doing what they do best. That also includes being able to bring you an exclusive for the first record by Dee Shine Eye. Covers of "Need Your Love So Bad" tend to showcase someone's guitar gifts, Dee puts the emphasis back on the lyrics and what they mean.

Roy Gaines is a player of great substance with an enviable pedigree, he is playing in LA, taking about his work and musing on the history of rock'n'roll and blues. By all accounts he has a new live album, which is eagerly anticipated around here - we went to the opening track from his "Tuedo Blues" project, big bold brassy swinging stuff, just the job now the nights are drawing in.

Duke Robillard has similar depth to his canon and he is today's epitome of T-Bone Walker's cool. I dipped into a two disc survey on Stony Plain from 2007 to help mark his birthday this week; in truth we could have picked anything there is no such thing as a bad performance from the Duke.

Righteous old-time gospel flavour imbues the brand new album from the Holmes Brother, my only gripe is why has it been three years since the previous one. Top notch performances as you'd expect. I also felt I was 13 again this week: discussing favourite guitarists. I said Albert Collins was my no.2 to T-Bone Walker but there were pretty compelling arguments to counter from fans of Freddie King. He loses half a point from me because of those unfeasibly large wing-collars he wore in the mid-70's (I worried a small gust and he'd be up there with the Flying Nun). Albert also had the knack of getting that off-centre humour into his singing courtesy of his wife Gwen's lyrics. I broke all the rules last night by giving him 7 minutes to tell us why the lights were on but no-one was home. Ultimately you can't sensibly measure who is the better man but by crikey there's a fairly rich seam to mine from either man in trying to find out.

Kirk Fletcher has a couple of decent albums under his belt and his Delta Groove release gave us a splendid opener last night. Both Joe Tex and Robert Cray did covers of songs written by Don Covay and Earl Thomas has a criminally small catalogue of discs but a tasteful go at Rev. Gary Davis' song "Twelve Gates Of The City" did gospel duties for us.

Carla Thomas' unreleased session done at American Studios finally get to see light of day and her supple vocals made a nice pairing with the classic Sugar Pie DeSanto cut for Chess. Barbara Lynn cut a fine figure on left-handed guitar and Little Joe Blue was similarly edgy on his piece. Pre-war blues came from Bo Carter and from one of just six sides Willie Brown did. His track came from a disc given as companion piece to the book "Chasin The Devils Music". Not sure if its still in print but the bonus disc does have that rare Tommy Johnson track just auctioned on eBay for $37000.  A further curio in our two hours was one of the pair of uncredited Muddy Waters tracks to be found on a Memphis Slim album claimed to be done live at Carnegie hall in  1959 but actual studio-based from 1961.

Two hours was up before we knew it and you were truly magnificent, all being well we'll get together for some more stuff centred on blues at 10pm next Sunday. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

Club ZanzibarKirk Fletcher5Shades Of BlueKirk FletcherDelta Groove
He Don't KnowRobert Cray2Back To The Streets : Music Of Don CovayVarious ArtistsSHANACHIE
Lights Are on But Nobody's HomeAlbert Collins4Crucial Guitar BluesVarious ArtistsAlligator
Jump the Blues for YouDuke Robillard1Duke Robillard's World Full Of BluesDuke RobillardSTONY PLAIN
Need Your Love So Baddee shine eye1need your love so baddee shine eye{world exclusive}
stayed at the partyHolmes Brothers1brotherhoodHolmes Brothersalligator
Johnson's Early Morning BluesLarry Johnson3Railroad ManLarry JohnsonJSP Records
my baby's goneDave Riley9Whiskey, Money And WomenDave Rileyfedora
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Soulful DressSugar Pie Desanto1Go Go Power • The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1966Sugar Pie DesantoKent
hi de hocarla thomas5sweet sweetheartcarla thomasstax
Send for MeRoy Gaines1Roy Gaines and His Orchestra: Tuxedo BluesRoy Gaines
He Won't Bite Me TwiceBig Amos Patton7Rivertown Blues / R'n'b Sessions / Soul YearsVarious ArtistsHI
Dirty Work Goin' onLittle Joe Blue19Chess BluesVarious ArtistsCHESS
Sound the BellClarence Garlow26Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The BayouVarious ArtistsACE
(Real) Fine BoogieSnooky Pryor9An Introduction To Snooky PryorSnooky PryorFUEL 2000
Lights OutJerry Byrne16Rock OnVarious ArtistsACE
She Said YeahJoe Tex25Have Mercy! The Songs Of Don CovayVarious ArtistsACE
Watch the One (That Brings the Bad News)Barbara Lynn5A Good WomanBarbara LynnKent
I'm an Old Bumble BeeBo Carter1Bo Carter's AdviceBo CarterCATFISH
future blueswillie brown3Chasin' That Devil MusicVarious ArtistsBACKBEAT BOOKS
flyright little girlSunnyland Slim4Chess BluesVarious ArtistsCHESS
Johnson Machine GunSunnyland Slim3Chess BluesVarious ArtistsCHESS
rock memuddy waters2broken soul bluesmemphis slimb g o
Harpin' on a RiffCharlie Musselwhite1Harpin' On A RiffCharlie MusselwhiteMUSIC CLUB
Midnight In MemphisJ. J. Cale5CollectedJ. J. CaleUniversal Music Group
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