Sunday, 31 August 2014

STAR BLUES on 31st August 2014 at 22:00 marking birthdates for Freddie and Milton

Freddie King and Little Milton - two of the finest blues artists of all time, and it is tempting to fill an hour with one and the second hour with the other. Of the three men best known by "King" to the mainstream, Freddie was the best vocalist with a big voice that left you in no doubt as to his state of mind selling the song. He wore his guitar slung over one shoulder and he stood front and centre stage challenging all naysayers. His style knew when to let loose and when to hold back - it made him popular with dozens of wannabes. I first found his music via his assault on the disco-friendly arrangements he committed in the early Seventies. Even in that setting his skills were obvious. He'd have been 80 this week, there's barely a week goes by without his music in my car at least once.

Milton Campbell had a long and successful career on some of the biggest record labels: Sun, Checker, Stax, Malaco and Telarc. With a warm, throaty vocal style he was equally at home on soulful blues ballads as on the rockier arrangements he was forced towards on his later work. That guitar was edgy and unflustered, a lack of flash keeping him out of lists of 500 guitarists that ain't worth a hill-o-beans anyway. His 80th year was due on Sunday 7th.

Elsewhere in our first hour we caught up with some new stuff from Lucky Peterson at that edge of the genre and a heartfelt project from Mud Morganfield going to his father's records (Kim Wilson tidily supple in accompaniment). Speaking of blues harp: I just got the latest issue of Living Blues magazine and it has fulsome coverage of blues harp and its current practitioners. We include something from one of the featured names, Omar Coleman. Mem Shannon and Memphis Gold made welcome returns to our listing and it would be a treat to get them both back into the studio before the year is out.

Pretty decent opening salvo to seamlessly segue from the STAR ROCK show: Otis Grand and Earl Green swinging like a pub sign in a Force-8 and then his producer Joe Louis Walker with the opener to his early solo piece called "The Gift". I've been known as a shameless hussy for a while now, willing to steal ideas from anywhere. STAR BLUES this time out reprised the Albinia Jones track that Liza Tarbuck had on her BBC Radio2 show. Not sure she's yet done Russell Jacquet, if it;s in her portfolio next week you know where she heard it. (If I told you she's already done Stick Horse Hammond there's a good chance he'll get another outing for us sooner or later).

Our couple of hours round at your place just flew past, you made me feel most welcome. Next Sunday night at 10pm (BST) we'll have music from the runners, riders and winners of Living Blues Awards - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Things Are Getting Harder To Do Otis Grand 1 He Knows The Blues Otis Grand SEQUEL
one time around Joe Louis Walker 6 The Gift Joe Louis Walker HIGH TONE
still a fool mud morganfield and kim wilson 5 for pops mud morganfield and kim wilson -
biscuit boogie memphis gold 2 pickin in high cotton memphis gold -
Mojo Hand Omar Coleman 8 Louisiana Swamp Stomp Various Artists honeybee
Annie Mae's Cafe Little Milton 11 The Last Soul Company Various Artists Malaco Records
she's a burglar Freddie King 5 staying home with the blues various artists spectrum
get your business straight shawn holt and teardrops 6 daddy told me shawn holt and teardrops blind pig
you move me Robert Cray 1 in my soul Robert Cray PROVOGUE
Doing The Best That I Can Mem Shannon 12 Memphis In The Morning Mem Shannon SHANACHIE
feeling they call the blues lucky peterson 2 travellin man lucky peterson jsp
rooster blues Robert 'Bilbo' Walker 3 Rock The Night Robert 'Bilbo' Walker ROOSTER BLUES
Bring It On Home Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller) 8 Led Astray Various Artists CONNOISSEUR COLLECTION
Mr. Lucky John Lee Hooker 1 The Original Mr. Lucky John Lee Hooker BLUES ENCORE
Worried Man Blues Big Joe Williams 1 Baby Please Don't Go Big Joe Williams ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
No No Blues Curley Weaver 20 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Atlanta Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Hey Little Boy Albinia Jones 26 I'm A Bad Bad Girl Various Artists INDIGO
Have You Ever Loved A Woman Freddie King 14 Here 'Tis Various Artists CONNOISSEUR
Blind Man Little Milton 3 Stand By Me Little Milton ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Shake Walkin' Mickey Baker 9 In The '50S: Hit, Git & Spit Mickey Baker Rev-Ola Bandstand
Cross Bones Russell Jacquet 12 The R'n'b Years 1949: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1949 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Vicksburg Blues Little Brother Montgomery 11 History Of Rhythm And Blues Part One Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
mama oh mama luke jones 1-3 no more doggi' - rpm story vol. 1 various artists ace
Larry Birdsong Three Times Seven 15 Champion Records The Singles Collection Various Artists SPV
red hot rockin' blues jesse james 23 backbeat various artists ace
Lonesome Highway Blues Lazy Lester 20 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter Lazy Lester ACE
The Welfare (Turns It'sback On You) Freddie King 19 Texas Sensation Freddie King CHARLY
Beggin' My Baby Little Milton 22 Rockin' Memphis Various Artists Proper Box
chicago jump jimmy lee robinson 2 bandera blues and gospel various artists ace
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

STAR BLUES on 24th August 2014 at 22:00. Walkin' to New Orleans by John Broven

was published 40 years ago by Blues Unlimited magazine. Other than an update in 1978, the book remains one of the defining works about rhythm and blues. It is a good read as it interviews many of those featured who were there at the time - just about every major artist and label is covered and indexed. Those original editions go for silly money now but our playlist on STAR BLUES should give you an idea of why?

Fats Domino had more hits on the charts in the Fifties than Elvis, he has an engaging voice and nimble fingers. The book title John chose marked one of Fats' most successful singles; we also had the lesser known 'Ida Mae ' on hand to illustrate the session playing of guitarist Justin Adams (who played just about every hit session Johnny Vincent did over at Ace.) Adams was one third of a stellar axis of guitar men who showed the Crescent City would be known for something more than rollicking, pounding, keyboard that was born in bars and bordellos. Ernest McLean was considered the most adept and even in his advanced years found joy playing for tourists on the streets visiting Disneyland. Not far behind came Edgar Blanchard whose aggressive style appealed to the rock'n'rollers.

We had plenty of keyboard dexterity from the usual suspects: I first saw Longhair filmed at a club for a Jools Holland documentary around 1990; I was spellbound, still am. Jack Dupree was one heck of a character who never left New Orleans no matter where he was. We cheated for the second of his tracks by going to the version of 'Stagger Lee' he did in New York City for his seminal 'Gutter' album. James Booker could be described as mercurial and he's been a hard one to pin down with consistency in his output. Our closer wäs an instrumental named after the lead character in a cult film and Archibald was a leading player not often heard these days..

It would have been remiss to skip over the hits from Smiley Lewis, Joe Jones and Huey Piano Smith; it was fun to mix them with lesser known titles by Lloyd Price and so on. Dr. John was on piano for Jerry Byrne and Ernie K. Doe brought something I first heard covered by the Yardbirds. Thanks to the constant rotation on TV for Boots, his 'Here Come the Girls' is never far away.

Irma Thomas is probably the Queen of New Orleans and she still has a gorgeously pliable husky voice. Chubby Newsome was one of the names playing the clubs in the city in 1947; Joe Google Eyes August and Roy Brown were two more  After the second Petrillo ban ended Cosmo Matasa enlisted Brown to cut some sides for the Deluxe label in 1948 - their 'Good Rockin' Tonight' wasn't a hit which gave Wynonie Harris time to steal the thunder with his go. Sid Nathan's King label had meantime bought the name and catalogue of Deluxe - and the track was a smash next time out. A&R man Henry Glover was a big fan and together they created three consecutive years of solid gold. John Broven's book has further fascinating detail.

Broven was one of the founding fathers of Blues Unlimited magazine, his passion for the artists working out of Louisiana has been an inspiration to many, hopefully our show did him justice. We're back Sunday at 10pm with something guaranteed to confirm we are Britain's Other Blues Show - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those who take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Walking To New Orleans Fats Domino 11 The Imperial Singles Vol. 4, 1959-1961 Fats Domino ACE
good rockin' tonight roy brown 2-1 let me tell you about the blues:new orleans various artists fantastic voyage
Barefootin' Robert Parker 17 This Is Soul Vol.2 Various Artists CLASSIC SOUL
A Certain Girl Ernie K-Doe 20 R&b Spotlight '61 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
I Didn't Want To Do It Spiders, The 5 Cosimo Matassa Story Various Artists Proper Box
Bald Head Professor Longhair 1-1 Mardi Gras In New Orleans: Complete Recordings 1949-1962 Professor Longhair Jasmine Records (UK)
Longhair stomp Professor Longhair 1-7 Mardi Gras In New Orleans: Complete Recordings 1949-1962 Professor Longhair Jasmine Records (UK)
Don't You Just Know It Huey 'Piano' Smith & The Clowns 25 The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 6 Various Artists ACE
Shake Baby Shake Archibald 23 Gettin' Funky Various Artists PROPER
Let's Try And Talk It Over Tommy Ridgley 18 You Talk Too Much: The Ric & Ron Story Volume 1 Various Artists ACE
Just To Hold My Hand Big Boy Myles 13 Rip It Up: The Specialty Story Various Artists One Day Music
lights out jerry byrne 4 Rip It Up: The Specialty Story Various Artists One Day Music
don't mess with my man Irma Thomas 3 Jockomo Jockomo Various Artists MUSIC CLUB
Feel So Good Shirley & Lee 5 Let The Good Times Roll - The Aladdin Story Various Artists One Day Music
Those Lonely Lonely Nights Earl King 3 Kings Of New Orleans R'n'b Various Artists MUSIC CLUB
Things I Used To Do Guitar Slim 6 Things I Used To Do Guitar Slim BLUES ENCORE
Hard Luck Blues Roy Brown 26 The R'n'b Years 1950: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1950 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
New Orleans Lover Man Chubby “Hip Shakin’” Newsom 4 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New Orleans [Disc 1] Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Country Boy Dave BartholomewErnest McLean 3 The History Of Rhythm And Blues Volume Two 1942-1952 Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
Let's Get It Edgar Blanchard 6 You Talk Too Much: The Ric & Ron Story Volume 1 Various Artists ACE
Ida Jane Fats DominoJustin Adams 3 The Imperial Singles Vol. 5 1962-1964 Fats Domino ACE
Early Morning Blues Boogie Jake 13 Bluesin' By The Bayou Various Artists ACE
You Talk Too Much Joe Jones 22 You Talk Too Much: The Ric & Ron Story Volume 1 Various Artists ACE
Big Time Mama Champion Jack Dupree 3 Gettin' Funky Various Artists PROPER
stack'o'lee Champion Jack Dupree 10 blues from the gutter champion jack dupree atlantic
Just To Be Home With You Joe (Mr. Google-Eyes) August 107 Gettin' Funky Various Artists PROPER
I Hear You Knocking Smiley Lewis 8 Cosimo Matassa Story Various Artists Proper Box
Working In The Coal Mine Lee Dorsey 8 Soul Mine Lee Dorsey CLASSIC HITS
Mailman Blues Lloyd Price 19 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New Orleans [Disc 1] Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Gonzo James Booker 17 Teen Beat Vol. 5 Various Artists ACE
Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear Dave Bartholomew 19 Cosimo Matassa Story Various Artists Proper Box
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

STAR BLUES on 17th August 2014 at 22:00 birthdates for Luther Allison and John Lee Hooker

... as well as Eric Bibb, Lil Son Jackson and Roy Gaines. Somewhat shame-faced I conceded on-air that I really didn't "get" Luther Allison until after his passing: The cursory judgement I'd made didn't properly do him justice for the control he had even at high volume. "Cherry Red Wine" won armfuls of awards when first issued through Alligator though my favourite of his projects was done for Motown in 1971. Roy Gaines is still very active gig-wise though I wish he'd get back into the studio to add to the items on his shelf in my study.

Eric Bibb is a beautiful man with the voice of an angel, we went back almost 20 years to an album he did on an audiophile label; the song "Shingle by Shingle" came from his own pen with a spiritual message from the ancients in the live environment he can attack his axe in the manner of Big Joe Williams. John Lee Hooker at one time or another was the most famous bluesman of them all, often wilfully free with the twelve bar structure, there was no-one else like him who could bear down on a riff in the same way.

We've played "Cairo Blues" by Lil Son Jackson several times, to mark what would have been his 99th birthday with a different song. He is known for being an influence on Eric Clapton but deserved rather more than that. Larry Johnson is another name with a long and reliable pedigree, I dipped into the box set marking the Blue Horizon label for the track taken from his 1966 recordings done in NYC. It was heartening to read a FB post during the afternoon making a similar suggestion: guess great minds and all that. Larry Lampkin is hot right now and it's pretty apparent when you hear him sing and play; I've got two albums by him and there'll be more riches to come if he doesn't get hi-jacked by the plank-spanker brigade.

Roy Roberts has a soft husky tone ideally suited to that soul end of blues where you'll often find Johnny Rawls (they've done an album together already). Joe Doucet is on Dialtone and we didn't quite get time to showcase him on our Texas blues special a few weeks back and Beverley Guitar Watkins made a welcome return. David Vest's album found him unfettered and un-constrained by convention in his piano style, the self-penned instrumental was a breath of fresh air. Our other newcomer was Matt Backer though he did bring old stager Adam Gussow with him for flexible harp support. In something of a treat for harp fans we sneaked in a track from Harmonica Shah's recent Electro-Fi album (someone else who is well overdue another record).

Henry Stone, owner of TK Records and first man to coax Ray Charles into the studios, died last week. His operation in Miami played home to a pair of albums Little Milton did for Glades after Stax folded. We chose Milton's go at "Angel of Mercy" from the second one. Pete Welding was another great label owner and he had a series of albums called "Masters of Modern Blues" which had blues from JB Hutto and Johnny Shines who both featured Walter Horton on harp. well worth seeking out if you can find them.

Those splendid folks at Ace have just anthologised the first three years' output on RPM, time for a couple selections you can be sure we'll return p-d-q. With a couple of slide maestros (Elmore James and Homesick James), the original of Robert Lockwood's "Take a little Walk" and our blues ladies included Ella Johnson and Alberta Hunter, rocking in their own ways - it was over all too soon. The birthday survey was done in depth because our Bank Holiday show is going to mark 40 years since John Broven wrote his definitive history of Louisiana music, called "Walking to New Orleans". My challenge is to squeeze all that fabulous stuff from the bayoux into a mere 118 minutes - expect three or four failed attempts between now and Sunday at 10pm (BST), until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
new frontier lover roy gaines 1 new frontier lover roy gaines severn
Cherry Red Wine Luther Allison 5 25th Anniversary Collection Various Artists Alligator
Running For Your Love Larry Lampkin 1 When I Get Home Larry Lampkin Kaint Kwit
I'm Never Gonna Stop Roy Roberts 5 Strange Love Roy Roberts
My Baby Left Town Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins 4 Back In Business Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins MUSIC MAKER
I've Got to Find My Baby Joe Doucet 12 Houston's Third Ward Blues Joe Doucet DIALTONE
sata fe steamer david vest 8 roadhouse revelation david vest cordova bay
shingle by shingle eric bibb 3 needed time eric bibb opus 3
I Don't Worry About A Thing Matt BackerAdam Gussow 1 Get Backer Matt Backer Right Recordings
10. Blind Man Crying In The Middle Of Detroit Harmonica Shah 10 Havin' Nothin' Don't Bother Me Harmonica Shah Electro-Fi
Take A Little Walk With Me Robert Lockwood Jr. 22 Dust My Broom - Mississippi Blues Various Artists INDIGO
Rockin' And Rollin' Lil' Son Jackson 13 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Texas Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
My Kind of Woman Jb Hutto & The Hawks 6 Masters of Modern Blues Jb Hutto & The Hawks Testament
Angel Of Mercy Little Milton 12 Complete Tk Sessions Little Milton SEQUEL
Highway 60 Johnny 'Guitar' Watson 5 Space Guitar Johnny 'Guitar' Watson CHARLY
fine litle honey dripper t-99 nelson 1-17 no more doggin: rpm story vol 1 various artists ace
you don't know jimmie huff 2-22 no more doggin: rpm story vol 1 various artists ace
early in the morning Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five 19 reet petite and gone Louis Jordan indigo
My Castle's Rockin' Alberta Hunter 6 Empty Bed Blues : Best Of The Good Time Mommas Various Artists PULSE
they don't want me to rock ella johnson 3-32 voodoo voodoo various artists fantastic voyage
Got To Move Elmore James 6 Complete Chess Chief Fire Recs. Elmore James CHARLY
the cloud is crying Homesick James 9 blues on the south side Homesick James original blues classics
Southern Train Larry Johnson 9 Blue Horizon Story Vol. 1 Various Artists CBS
44 blues (prev. unissued) big joe williams 9 60 years various artists delmark
I’m A Boogie Man John Lee Hooker 10 Deep Feeling Various Artists Fantatsic Voyage
no more heartaches sugar boy crawford 11 slabs of humdingers, vol. 1 various artists veetone
one little boy had money don covay 1-19 soul city philadelphia various artists fantastic voyage
Walkin' Blues Johnny Shines Band, The 8 Masters of Modern Blues Johnny Shines Band, The Testament
Blues Stay Away From Me Jb Hutto & The Hawks 8 Masters of Modern Blues Jb Hutto & The Hawks Testament
Little Red Rooster Luther Allison 1 The Motown Years 1972-1976 Luther Allison GORDY
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

STAR BLUES on 10th August 2014 at 22:00 marking the 1970s a decade blues discovered 33 third revs

According to history the watershed for blues happened in 1970; singles made way for albums. I've seen it described as the Decade that taste forgot - certainly not as far as blues was concerned some of the finest came out of those ten years. We had Jimmy Johnson, Lonnie Brooks and Albert King to prove it.

The first segment included a random sampling of current projects like the new tribute to Louis Armstrong put out by Dr. John. If it reignites a fresh look at Satch's legacy it ticks our boxes hereabouts. Dexter Allen is a new name to me but I'll certainly look for his stuff in future; he's now on Deep Rush Records and label boss Bobby Rush lent his harp to a couple of the dozen self-penned songs - Dexter is pretty nifty on guitar too. newbie Alexis P. Suter has pretty robust fret-work too added to her band, we chose the cover of Big Mama Thornton from her recent project. Rufus Thomas' daughter Vaneese has a little gem on her hands and you can expect her in that year-end list for the Almanac.

We had two bites from James Amstrong's cherry while we struggled with cd player #2 that took umbrage at Freddie King. James album is a masterful showcase of his writing singing and playing. His lyrics have a wry humour and he completely retooled a hoary old chestnut by the Eagles we may use on a future show. Fear not it is blues, the whole blues and nothing but. The first hour also went to some tracks from Lynwood Slim who died earlier in the week. He was a classy performer with a smooth harp tone who could attract the finest players for his albums. The Pilgrim Travellers sang unaccompanied for our gospel offering and baby Doo Caston's guest outing for Slim more than held down the piano stool.

The core of the vinyl hour was found from a list Living Blues magazine compiled of 40 albums from the 1970s. Hence Buddy Guy and Philip Walker - no arguments here. The Bobby Bland track had a fine piece of singing even though the setting had only a small blues component. OV Wright was at his best for his entry and showed why he has been such an influence on Robert Cray. Junior Wells at Montruex in 1978 had both Jimmy Johnson and Buddy Guy in support roles. We held over John Lee Hooker (due for the collaboration with Canned Heat) and also Luther Allison who should have done something off his Motown piece. They're on next weeks show to go with celebrating what would have been their birthdays. All that right here on Sunday at 10pm (BST) until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

gut bucket bluesDr. John1Ske-Dat-De-Dat...Spirit of SatchDr. Johncode 619
Ride This TrainAllen, DexterBobby Rush2Bluez Of My SoulAllen, DexterCDBaby
TroublesMannish Boys, The13Wrapped Up And ReadyMannish Boys, TheDelta Groove Productions
You Don't Move Me No MoreAlexis P Suter Band, The8Love The Way You RollAlexis P Suter Band, TheAmerican Showplace Music
Wrap Your Arms Around MeThomas, Vaneese4Blues for My FatherThomas, VaneeseSegue Records
watermelon, barbecue and beerduncan street1single from baptized by the bluesduncan streetdave duncan
Blue Bopigor prado band5Brazilian KicksLynwood SlimDELTAGROOVE
Doo's GrooveLeonard 'Baby Doo' Caston8Soul FeetLynwood Slim (Aka Richard Duran)ATOMIC THEORY MUSIC
soul feetlynwood slim9Soul FeetLynwood Slim (Aka Richard Duran)ATOMIC THEORY MUSIC
ok you winlynwood slim1mellow soundslynwood slimdelta groove
straight streetpilgrim travellers1-6sound of the city - los angelesvarious artistsemi
moving to nashvilleJames Armstrong5Guitar AngelsJames ArmstrongCatfood
goodbye kissJames Armstrong6Guitar AngelsJames ArmstrongCatfood
i'm tore downfreddie king1-1Deep FeelingVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage
Forgive Me DarlingOhio Untouchables feat. Robert Ward, The2-14Deep FeelingVarious ArtistsFantatsic Voyage
Two TelephonesBobby King18Chicago Blues From Federal RecordsVarious ArtistsACE
She's Out There SomewhereBuddy Guy14Genuine House Rockin' Music Vols 1-3Various ArtistsAlligator
country preacherJimmy Johnson1County PreacherJimmy JohnsonORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
DreamerBobby 'Blue' Bland4Master Of The BluesBobby 'Blue' BlandNECTAR
Bottom Of The Top,ThePhillip Walker8Bottom Of The Top / BluesPhillip WalkerDEMON
A Nickel And A NailO. V. Wright11Soul Of O. V. WrightO. V. WrightMCA
Messin' With The KidJunior WellsJimmy Johnson3The Story Of Black And Blues :1976-1988Various ArtistsFREMEAUX ET ASSOCIES
Don't Burn Down The BridgeAlbert King7I'll Play The Blues For YouAlbert KingSTAX
Honey, Hush! (Talking Woman Blues)Albert Collins1Ice Pickin'Albert CollinsAlligator
Watch What You GotLonnie Brooks8Bayou LightningLonnie BrooksAlligator
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

STAR BLUES on 3rd August 2014 at 22:00 with a focus on piano, voice, harp and sax

Putting a bit of balance back into the way blues is portrayed after a few weeks of electric guitar domination. Other than an unplanned visit from Pat Hare on "Cotton Crop Blues" we pretty much nailed it. (There was no way I'd interrupt anything as magnificent as Hare's aggressive solo). So no apologies for that, nor for being a shameless hussy in stealing ideas for our playlist from FB (especially Lou Sargent)

Little Richard's collection has a title that is too modest and his full on piano style is never more than one track away in the jukebox I have in my head. Wynonie Harris possessed quite the dirtiest pipes  in rock'n'roll and our choice showed how he was rock'n'rollin' ahead of the pack.  Hadda brooks was elegant and stylish - and a founding star at Modern in the Bihari's debut year; Jimmy Witherspoon and Billy Boy Arnold  were out and about on Chess.

Our most left field offering got back to basic instrumentatio with Napolean Strickland's crew: its a marmite instrumental you either love or loathe (count me in pile number one). It sounds as it it should be really old but was actually cut in the early Sixties released by Pete Weldings Testament imprint. The Memphis Jug Band had top notch players like Will Shade in the ranks and the joyous sound they made together still has echoes today in the work of folks like Otis Taylor. Sister Rosetta's go at "Take A Little Walk" had different emphasis to the well known version by Robert Lockwood Jr.

I came to Lou Pride's music fairly late in his career but I immediately set about wrapping myself in as much of his gorgeous voice as possible, He brought a version of a 1978 song by Earl Randle for Ann Peebles. You may not know the name James Phelps but you may have heard the voice: he had the tough job following Johnnie Taylor and Sam Cooke in the Soul Stirrers. His secular side for Checker was a hit and our choice on this special STAR BLUES.

Mattie Delaney only cut two records, one more than Cleo Gibson who delighted us from a bygone era. we didn't ignore the guitar completely, we just had it acoustically and rarely better than with Robert Johnson, Tommy McClennan, Black Ace or Bukka White. As for piano we stayed with the heavyweight names of Jimmy Yancey and Pete Johnson.

The kind feedback we got before, during and after the show makes it almost certain we'll do another show with the same theme. Told you we were different: Britain's Other Blues Show will be back on Sunday at 10pm (BST) with more mayhem, trivia and tomfoolery. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Heeby-Jebbies Little Richard And His Band 21 Just About As Good As It Gets Little Richard SMITH & CO
Mean Old Frisco Champion Jack Dupree 1 Two Classic Albums Plus Singles Champion Jack Dupree AVID
Ridin' The Boogie Lou Sargent 6 Rockin' Memphis Various Artists Proper Box
It Ain't The Meat Swallows, The 48 Bedspring Poker - Meat In Motion 1926/1951 Various Artists INDIGO
Ridin' The Boogie Hadda Brooks 11 Modern Music: 1945 Various Artists ACE
Dig This Boogie Wynonie Harris 1 The Bullet Records Story - The First Americana Label Various Artists SPV
When The Lights Go Out Jimmy Witherspoon 18 Chicago Bound: Chess Blues, R&b And Rock 'N' Roll Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
I Didn't Take Your Woman (You Gave Her To Me) Lou Pride 13 Twisting The Knife Lou Pride ICHIBAN
Love Is A Five Letter Word James Phelps 9 Chicago Radio Soul Various Artists Kent (U.K.)
you got me where you want me Etta James 11 queen of soul Etta James kent
night train james brown 1-2 only young once various artists one day
Down The Big Road Blues Mattie Delaney 11 The Great Women Blues Singers Various Artists RETRO
I've Got Ford Movements In My Hips Cleo Gibson 10 Bedspring Poker - Meat In Motion 1926/1951 Various Artists INDIGO
I'm A Steady Rollin' Man Robert Johnson 1-9 old school Robert Johnson ROUGH GUIDES
Blue As I Can Be Tommy McClennan 19 Cross Cut Saw Tommy McClennan DOCUMENT
parchman farm bukka white 2-1 old school Robert Johnson ROUGH GUIDES
Eleven O'clock Twist Bill Doggett 10 Only Young Once: The King Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
Black Ace Black Ace 7 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Texas Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Jivin' The Blues John Lee 'Sonny Boy Williamson 20 History Of Rhythm And Blues Part One Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
Cotton Crop Blues James Cotton 18 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Memphis Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Harmonica Jam Hot Shot Love 3 Sun Blues Box : 1950-1958 Various Artists CHARLY
My Babe Napolean Strickland Fife & Drum Band 20 Sampler Various Artists Testament
Sun Brimmer's Blues Memphis Jug Band 1 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Memphis Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Just A Closer Walk With Thee Sister Rosetta Tharpe 15 Gospel - The Ultimate Collection Various Artists RED Box
House Rent Stomp Big Bill Broonzy 8 House Rent Stomp Big Bill Broonzy BLUES ENCORE
Sugar Farm Blues Yank Rachell 22 Walk Right In Various Artists INDIGO
My Trainfare Out Of Town Johnny Young 9 Ground-Breaking Blues: A Blue Horizon Sampler Various Artists BLUE HORIZON
You Got To Love Me Billy Boy Arnold 14 Chicago Bound: Chess Blues, R&b And Rock 'N' Roll Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Pinetop's Blues Pinetop Smith 23 Roll 'Em Pete : 25 Years Of Piano Blues And Boogie Various Artists INDIGO
At The Window Jimmy Yancey 13 The Blues Box Various Artists METRO
Cherry Red Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson 2-1 Roll Em Pete Various Artists INDIGO
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