Sunday, 26 May 2013

STAR BLUES on 26th May 2013 at 22:00

If your name was Steve you found a home in the first hour of last night's STAR BLUES, but if you were a female Smith of the Mamie persuasion you were an effective winner of Hide & Seek in the second one. Messrs Freund and Hooker both have nice new projects, one with John Primer showing off Chicago blues at its best with a great version of a Detroit Junior song; the other with Dee Shine-Eye who overcame the nerves at an early studio date with a confident vocal that recalled Ronnie Spector. Our third Stephen has a long track record and impeccable credentials, his recent project gathered a few famous names around him to celebrate the music of the 5 Royales (John Popper was featured singer with Cropper on our choice).

Steve Freund is also on those previously unissued Al Miller sessions now out on the Delmark label which sees Bob Koesters imprint off to a fine start to their second sixty years. Of the top ten essential Blues Albums you must have in your collection, at least three of them came out on Delmark. You wont go far wrong if you make space for one or two more...   Fiona Boyes comes from Australia but we wont hold that against her and we showed why with her cover of a JB Lenoir track he'd done in 1965. Marshall Lawrence loves blues and he has a marvellous knack for combining his own songs with less-than-well-worn covers. He is an artist whose albums are looked forward to hereabouts.  Alligator has a couple of discs this year with Tom Hambridge in writing and drumming roles: Joe Louis Walker's "Hell-Fire" has some pretty aggressive playing and James Cotton's imperious harp is as good as its ever been on the new "Cotton Mouth Man".

Pinetop Perkins and Willie Big-Eye Smith both wore hats in the photographs in the booklet to their multi-award winning "Joined At The Hip" album. Sharp-dressed men indeed and confirmation on my old mum's advice that you need a hat to get ahead. Everytime I've tried it I just look like a failed reject understudy to one or other Blues Brother - an image  I absolutely detest as it says nothing about the music I love.

We used the vinyl hour to mark fifty years since the death of Elmore James: can there ever have been a more influential first recording session than "Dust My Broom"? Imitated to the point of irritation by lesser mortals over the years, Elmore's slide playing changed music thereafter. The three songs we put in last night barely did him justice - if you want more I'd urge you to seek out Steve Franz' "Secret History of Elmore James" biography it's a well written thoughtful piece of research which really gets to the nub of Elmore's genius. Big Boy Henry was an imposing figure but a gentle soul by all accounts - we marked his birthday with a song he cut for the Music Maker organisation.

The other birthday we wanted to talk about was that of Mamie Smith. In 1920 she cut the first known blues song by an African American Woman when she recorded Perry Bradford's "Crazy Blues". She was then known as "Queen of the Blues" but she didn't get the success as a singer she clearly deserved; she went on to make a handful of movies instead. There was a session from 1929 which included "Sporting Man Blues" - I duly took the box set from the shelf and put it in my box of goodies I bring on a Sunday to STAR towers. However in a filing malfunction equal in size to Janet Jackson's front part, the wrong disc was in the jewel case and the disc I did have still didn't contain the silver platter I needed. Am I allowed to say boob? I've found it now as three cds had all swapped places.

There's been a lot of excited discussion in some of the dingy recesses of the internet lately on how much you should try to cleanup pre-war material, whatever your view we put in Charlie Patton's "Banty Rooster" because we can.It is part of a collection called "Essential Charlie Patton", is there any other kind of C P? Lowell Fulson and Jimmy Rogers were on Chess and at the outset of our vinyl hour, we also included Guitar Frank from a 1980 session put out by the German L&R label - it was done at his mothers house as there wasn't enough room round his place for the recording equipment. Jimmy Ricks had a voice anyone would love, he was with the Ravens and along with those 5 Royales brought lovely vocal skills to the party.

Our gospel tent was where we tarried last night with the a capella delights of the truly amazing Como Mamas. Their "Ninety Nine and A Half Won't Do" was a rousing interpretation which will linger a long time in everyonme who heard it. I'm pretty sure STAR BLUES airplay is their first on any blues show in this country. Don't forget we are different for a reason: Britain's Other Blues Show.

If I promise not to lose any more blues artists on the anniversary of their birth, can we get together again at 10pm (BST) next Sunday on Star107.9/1FM and from You were magnificent last night I was Gary Blue, until next week take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you


Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Sell My Monkey B. B. King 5 Introducing B. B. King B. B. King MCA
Tighten' Up On It Al Miller, John Primer, Billy Flynn, Dave Specter 9 In Between Time Al Miller, John Primer, Billy Flynn, Dave Specter DELMARK
Call My Job Steve Freund 4 Come On in This House Steve Freund 9below
grandma's advice Fiona Boyes 14 Blues For Hard Times Fiona Boyes Vizztone
i got to ramble marshall lawrence 2 house call marshall lawrence  
Bird Nest On The Ground James Cotton 10 Cotton Mouth Man James Cotton Alligator
i'm on to you Joe Louis Walker 4 Hellfire Joe Louis Walker Alligator
Mocking Bird Steve Hooker w. Dee Shine Eye 3 Smokin' Guitar Steve Hooker PUmphouse Records
Cut That Out Pinetop Perkins & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith 2 Joined At The Hip Pinetop Perkins & Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith TELARC
ninety-nine and a half wont do como mamas 8 get an understanding como mamas dap tone
My Sugar Sugar Steve Cropper 5 Dedicated: A Salute To The 5 Royales Steve Cropper 429 Records
Goin' Away Baby Jimmy Rogers 3 Complete Chess Recordings Jimmy Rogers MCA/CHESS
K. C. Bound Lowell Fulson 29 Complete Chess Recordings Lowell Fulson MCA/CHESS
The Invitation Johnny Copeland 2 It's Me Johnny Copeland Kent
1839 blues Elmore James And His Broomdusters 2-27 The Classic Early Recordings 1951-1956 Elmore James And His Broomdusters ACE
dust my broom Elmore James And His Broomdusters 1-1 Complete Chess Chief Fire Recs. Elmore James And His Broomdusters charly
hawaiian boogie Elmore James And His Broomdusters 1-3 The Classic Early Recordings 1951-1956 Elmore James And His Broomdusters ACE
The Hunch Paul Gayten 13 The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 10 Various Artists ACE
Send For Me If You Need Me Ravens, The 9 The R'n'b Years 1948: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1948 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Baby Don't Do It '5' Royales, The 1 Real Thing '5' Royales, The MR. R & B
My Sportin' Man Mamie Smith 27 Roots 'N Blues : Retrospective 1925-1950 Various Artists SONY
Going Back To Arkansas Big Bill Broonzy 14 Good Time Tonight Big Bill Broonzy COLUMBIA
Banty Rooster Blues Charlie Patton 5 The Definitive Charlie Patton CATFISH
Chimney Hill Breakdown Guitar Frank 5 Living Country Blues Usa Vol. 8 - Lonesome Home Blues Guitar Frank / Guitar Slim [aka James Stephens] L & R
nina mae big boy henry 3 music makers various artists music maker
Take Out Insurance Etta James 1 Losers Weepers With Bonus Trucks Etta James Kent
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

STAR BLUES on 19th May 2013 at 22:00

Bob Koester = Delmark = Chicago. Though we couldn't attend the party in Chicago, we didn't want to miss out on marking the diamond anniversary of the oldest independent record label in USA. Bob Koester's achievements are fully chronicled elsewhere so STAR BLUES concentrated on the music with an hour from his current artist roster and an hour of classics made in the era of vinyl at 45 and 78 rpm. Eddie Taylor's daughter Demetria was on hand showing how well the old school approach still works (Billy Branch did harp duties). The two recent albums from Linsey Anderson and Willie Buck got good reviews in Living Blues magazine and sit high up in their radio airplay charts.

We went back a couple of years to Quntus McCormick's label debut "Hey Jodie" which neatly spans a couple of genres with a reference to the Back Door Man character in soul-blues. Happy Birthday to Quintus this week too. Mike Wheeler is another current player who is maintaining Bob Koester's track record picking winners by following his considerable instincts. Never more accurate than when he signed Robert Ward for what proved to be the last recordings made by this elegant guitarist.

The Delmark catalog has issues listed as Blues or Jazz and the female vocal talents of Inetta Visor has the sort of tone to fit either - she was in New Orleans for harp-player Pierre Lacoque's Mississippi Heat on their 20th anniversary. More blues women in evidence courtesy of Big Time Sarah and Karen Carrol.

No decent blues collection can afford to be without Junior Wells' "Hoodoo Man Blues" or Magic Sam's "West Side Soul" - two magnificent examples of the sound of Chicago's West Side. Carey Bell - with his son Lurrie - were caught live and the Joe Carter sessions were Ralph Bass' idea just not issued at the time. The most recent projects from Delmark include a 1969 recording from Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup now out for the first time. Similarly new discs have early Tail Dragger recordings and an otherwise-rare album from Al Miller.

Yank Rachell and Big Joe Williams recalled times gone by ("Texas Tony" was first out on Bluebird in 1938, Yank returned to it in 1961. Big Joe was something from 1958); Jimmy Dawkins was on hand with a track from his debut session (the album was called Fast Fingers) as well as donning the guise of label owner himself for the Leric singles from a few years back.Big Mojo Elem was one of the players Dawkins signed and the Delmark label did a nice survey of all those Leric singles on Jimmy's behalf. Magic Sam's secord playlist entry was recorded in an informal setting just vox and guitar - these rare recordings were done at his house using non-professional kit. It seemed fitting given the geography of our theme on last night's STAR BLUES that we threw caution to the wind in closing to take the title track off the sweet-voiced Syl Johnson's DELMARK album.

Big City Blues Review magazine Feb/Mar 20133 has a lovely cover photograph which shows Bob sat benevelently among his artists - he rather nervously holds an acoustic guitar. The mag has a decent history of Bob's unmatched contribution to blues over these 60 years. We just hope we did Bob Keoester proud with our survey, we're up for some more of the stuff that makes us Britain's Other Blues show this upcoming Sunday at 10pm (BST). Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

New Role SoulRobert Ward2New Role SoulRobert WardDELMARK
I Wasn't Thinkin'Quintus McCormick Blues Band12Hey Jodie!Quintus McCormick Blues BandDELMARK
Get Your Mind RightMike Wheeler9Self Made ManMike WheelerDELMARK
Big WomanLinsey Alexander9Been There Done ThatLinsey AlexanderDELMARK
Goin' To St. LouisMississippi Heat9Delta BoundMississippi HeatDELMARK
Doin' Good and Bad at the Same TimeWillie Buck1Cell Phone ManWillie BuckDELMARK
Bad GirlDemetria Taylor4Bad GirlDemetria TaylorDELMARK
Confessin' The BluesKaren Carrol3Wild About That Thing - Ladies Sing The BluesVarious ArtistsDELMARK
train i ridebig time sarah5a million of youbig time sarahDELMARK
baby please don't goCarey Bell and Lurrie Bell3Gettin' UpCarey Bell and Lurrie BellDELMARK
roll and tumblebig joe williams1stavin' chain bluesbig joe williams and j d shortDELMARK
I Gotta Sad FeelingLittle Johnny Christian14Jimmy Dawkins Presents: The Leric StoryVarious ArtistsDELMARK
Special Kind Of LoveBig Mojo Elem12Jimmy Dawkins Presents: The Leric StoryVarious ArtistsDELMARK
triple treblesJimmy dawkins1fast fingersjimmy dawkinsDELMARK
i feel so goodMagic Sam2west side soulMagic SamDELMARK
Sweet Little AngelMagic Sam7Give Me TimeMagic SamDELMARK
chitlins con carnejunior wells feat. buddy guy8hoodoo man bluesjunior wells blues bandDELMARK
texas tonyyank rachell2mandolin bluesyank rachelldelmark
Railroad BluesBarrelhouse Buck McFarland5Alton BluesBarrelhouse Buck McFarlandDELMARK
I'm WorriedJoe Carter7That Ain't RightMagic Slim & The TeardropsJoe CarterDELMARK
The One That I LoveArthur "Big Boy" Crudup6Sunny RoadArthur "Big Boy" CrudupDELMARK
Talkin' Bout ChicagoSyl Johnson4Talkin' About ChicagoSyl JohnsonDELMARK
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Monday, 13 May 2013

STAR BLUES on 12th May 2013 at 22:00

With just one hour to survey the Blues "Oscars" it was always going to be a tough ask on last night's STAR BLUES: we squeezed as many winners of the BLUES FEDERATION's BLUES MUSIC AWARDS as we could. The wraps came off on Thursday night for a list I mostly agreed with (for a change).

The "Not Alone" two-handed project by Ann Rabson and Bob Margolin was a particularly heartening result which recognises two players at the top of their game just enjoying making music they love. It meant Billy Boy Arnold's album didn't get an award, and he also dipped out on best Harmonica player too.  Eric Bibb was another winner of an Acoustic category and we had a track from his latest album. Janiva Magness co-wrote the Blues Song of the Year from her Alligator album "Stronger For It" and label-mate Michael Burks' "Show of Strength" got recognition as Contemporary Album of the Year.

The label also has Curtis Salgado in its roster and he was another big winner on Thursday night. Not to be outdone by Alligator, Delta Groove's house band, the Mannish Boys were suitably rewarded. The Traditional Blues Female Artist award is called the Koko Taylor award these days and Ruthie Foster went home with it this year. The late Magic Slim got the male version of her gong which underlined how much Chicago has lost this year now he and Jimmy Dawkins havw passed.

Also in our first half, we marked Guy Davis' birthday with 'Black Coffee' from his "Juba Dance" album on Dixie Frog. Last October Living Blues magazine had a front-cover feature on the New Generation of Acoustic Blues" which included the gifted Valerie June: her debut album is out now ("Pushing Against the Stone") and her Trial and Tribulations sat nicely in our gospel tent. Bert Deivert brought his elegant mandolin and Ronnie Earl and Robert Cray had different axe skills on show.

If you thought Fabrizzio Poggi set the harp bar at a high level with Guy Davis in Hour One, we wheeled in Walter Horton helping out Johnny Shines at 23:30. With just a bass player and no drummer they laid down a real groove on "Evening Sun" originally done for the JOB label. I stand by my challenge: "if there's another blues show playing a better song at exactly that moment - anywhere on the planet - I'll eat my socks. As if that wasn't enough Sonny Boy Williamson did similar honours for Baby Boy Warren. Valerie Carr recorded supper club jazz ballads for the Roulette label, she must have given her fans a double take when she turned up at Atlas records with a raunchy little number she gave us last night. Being hot on the heels of one of Lula Reed's final Federal cuts, she had to be good.

Little Junior Parker put a different spin on Eddie Boyds 'Five Long Years' in 1958 for Duke records and Little Johnny Taylor is still in a class of his own almost fifty years after he did Somewhere Down the Line. The other great vocal master - Little Willie John - wasn't far behind and it was easy to hear why he was so highly rated by folks like James Brown. Jesse Stone penned hundreds of rock'n'roll hits for others but rarely recorded himself, so we treated ourselves and slipped inn Pearl Traylors "Play Boy" on Modern from 1945.  For his Atco recording in 1958 under the watchful eye of Herb Abramson, Guitar Slim was somewhat restrained but you couldn't mistake his guitar tone.

That vinyl hour always seems like five minutes and is over all too soon. You were magnificent company last night - I was the ethical man in the white (non-Primark) tee-shirt, I'll be him again next Sunday on Britain's Other Blues Show if you'll have me? Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Fix This Robert Cray 7 Nothing But Love Robert Cray PROVOGUE
robert nighthawks' stomp ronnie earl 10 just for today ronnie earl stony plain
I Won't Cry Janiva Magness 2 Stronger For It Janiva Magness Alligator
Black Coffee Guy Davis (Featuring Fabrizio Poggi) 7 Juba Dance Guy Davis (Featuring Fabrizio Poggi) Dixiefrog
kid man blues bert deivert 5 kid man blues bert deivert hard danger
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Habib Koité, Eric Bibb 13 Brothers In Bamako Habib Koité, Eric Bibb
Let It Go Ann Rabson With Bob Margolin 8 Not Alone Ann Rabson With Bob Margolin Vizztone
Bad Boy Magic Slim & The Teardrops 1 Bad Boy Magic Slim & The Teardrops Blind Pig
Count On You Michael Burks 1 Show Of Strength Michael Burks Alligator Records & Artist Management, Inc.
Back To The Blues Ruthie Foster 8 Ruthie Foster Live At Antone's Ruthie Foster Blue Corn Music
trials troubles and tribulations valerie june 8 pushin against the stone valerie june
Hello, How Ya Been? Goodbye Guitar Slim 6 Atco Sessions Guitar Slim ATCO
You Gotta Have That Green Lula Reed 19 Solid Stroll Vol. 4 Various Artists LUCKY Gal
Rockin' Bed Valerie Carr 23 New Breed Blues With Black Popcorn Various Artists Kent
Five Long Years Junior Parker 3 The Collection Junior Parker SPECTRUM MUSIC
You Hurt Me Little Willie John 24 Mark Lamarr's Roc-King Up A Storm Various Artists WESTSIDE
My Talk Didn’t Do Any Good Frankie Lee Sims 16 The Ace Story Volume Two Various Artists ACE
I wanna be your man Frankie ford 17 The Ace Story Volume Two Various Artists ACE
Hello Stranger Baby Boy Warren 17 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Detroit Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Evening Sun Johnny Shines 62 The R'n'b Hits Of 1953 Various Artists INDIGO
Bottle It Up And Go Big John Greer 12 The R'n'b Years 1954: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1954 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
An Ace In The Hole Jesse Stone 3 The R'n'b Years 1947: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1947 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
play boy blues pearl traylor 21 modern music: the first year - 1945 various artists ace
have mercy baby hank ballard and midnighters 3-2 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues records
wake up and live floyd dixon 8 sing my blues tonight The Ace Ms. blues masters vol. 1 Various Artists westside
Somewhere Down The Line Little Johnny Taylor 4 The Galaxy Years Little Johnny Taylor ACE
the walk jimmy mccracklin 6 solid stroll - vol. 4 various artists lucky gal
i'm wise eddie bo 2-15 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues records
red hot billy emerson 1-3 history of rhythm and blues various artists rhythm and blues records

Monday, 6 May 2013

STAR BLUES on 5th May 2013 at 22:00

Last nights STAR BLUES had tracks from the new albums from Guy Davis, James Cotton, Hans Theesink, Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Larry Miller and Steve Hooker.  Hans has a gentle understated vocal style and is a strong advocate of all forms of roots music, "Wishing Well" is a fine addition to his canon. Guy Davis reworks the "Statesboro Blues" motif in a new way that is neither Blind Willie McTell nor Duane Allman. Beth Hart as been joined by Joe Bonamassa again to show-off her amazing vocal chops: we chose a Randy Weeks composition first done by Lucinda Williams on here "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" album. nice accordion playing set it off. Steve Hooker's music can't easily be categorised, the instrumental "Wicked Blues" is probably the closest to blues on his new album "Smokin' Guitar". He's also in Linton, Cambridge on 18th.

As for James Cotton, the blues purists will note the rock arrangements on a couple of tracks on his new album "Cotton Mouth Man" - however James is on good form throughout, he continues to astound with his supple technique and in a few weeks he'll be 78.

Plenty of other instrumental prowess on offer from two sizes of Walter: the smaller one cut loose on the instrumental "Off the Wall" and the big one was part of a stellar lineup backing Floyd Jones in 1966 for a session at Testament. (Otis Spann and Eddie Taylor to name but two of the other players).  The earliest work from Little Johnny Christian and Kid Thomas were featured in our Vinyl Hour; as was T-Bone Walker taking a Vacation for the Black & White label in 1946. Electric blues guitar never gets better than T-Bone Walker and his effortless playing meant he never played one note too few, nor ever one too many.  Albert Collins was another man whose solos were finely placed and his "Fake Id" was our third instrumental last night. Christian's song first came out on the Leric label, the brainchild of the already much missed Jimmy Dawkins.

We didn't forget the ladies, the "Bad Bad Girl" collection gave us Julia Lee and Ella Mae Morse whose rolling piano backing from Freddie Slack qualified here for the piano spot. Denise LaSalle broke through from the start of the genre we now call "soul-blues", her "man Size Job" has been covered dozens of times though never with the same brio as her original on Westbound - all the sides she did for them are out now on a Kent cd. There's also a double disc survey of Johnny Copeland's "Texas Soul" period - the more I hear the more I realise how much we miss him, both in vocal and guitar departments.  Ollie Nightingale was over in the gospel tent and we found a place for Robert Johnson's Vocalion debut from 1936. STAR BLUES also had one of the very first recordings "Down On The Farm" from 1958 by Big Al Downing - no-one told the Billboard judging committee in 1974 when they gave him a best new comer award.

Then in a trice we were done, that vinyl hour goes so quickly I'm planning a whole show in the very near future. Until next Sunday at 10pm (BST) you were magnificent and i was Gary Blue: take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Lake City, Fla Jay Owens 5 The Blues Soul Of Jay Owens INDIGO
Fake I.D. Albert Collins 9 Cold Snap Albert Collins Alligator
I Pity The Fool Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson 9 From Matrimony To Alimony: Blues For Good Love Gone Bad Various Artists TELARC
Wicked Blues (No Filter) Steve Hooker 8 Smokin' Guitar Steve Hooker PUmphouse Records
outlaw blues larry miller 2-1 live and outlawed larry miller provogue
Statesboro Blues Guy Davis 13 Juba Dance Guy Davis (Featuring Fabrizio Poggi) Dixiefrog
Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor Hans Theessink 6 Wishing Well Hans Theessink BLUE GROOVE
Every Night In The Week Mike Sanchez And His BandImelda May 7 Almost Grown Mike Sanchez And His BandImelda May DOOPIN
Mad Man Byther Smith 4 I'm A Mad Man Byther Smith Rounder Records Manufactured and Distributed By Co
Hard Sometimes James Cotton feat. Delbert McClinton 8 Cotton Mouth Man James Cotton Alligator Records & Artist Management, Inc.
Can't Let Go Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa 5 See Saw Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa PROVOGUE
man size job denise lasalle 7 making a good thing better denise lasalle kent
something up your sleeve johnny clyde copeland 1-14 it's me - classic texas soul johnny copeland kent
Baby Let's Play House Arthur Gunter 14 The Real Excello R'n'b Various Artists ACE
Baby Please Set A Date Elmore James 12 Dust My Broom Elmore James ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Baby Lee John Lee Hooker 10 John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker EUK
smokestack lightnin Howlin' Wolf 1 woke up this mornin Various Artists CHESS
King Size Papa Julia Lee 6 I'm A Bad Bad Girl Various Artists INDIGO
house of blue lights ella mae morse 23 I'm A Bad Bad Girl Various Artists INDIGO
living for my jesus ollie and the nightingales 2-3 gospel celebrities Various Artists fantastic voyage
Vacation Blues T-Bone Walker 22 The Complete Capitol/Black And White Recordings T-Bone Walker Capitol
Kind Hearted Woman Blues Robert Johnson 10 Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues [Robert Johnson] Robert Johnson Columbia Legacy
Off The Wall Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) 14 An Introduction To Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) PROPER
New Life Little Johnny Christian 1 Jimmy Dawkins Presents: The Leric Story Various Artists DELMARK
You're Fine Kid Thomas 4 Chicago Blues From Federal Records Various Artists ACE
Stockyard Blues Floyd JonesEddie Taylor 3 Masters Of Modern Blues Floyd JonesEddie Taylor Shout
Down On The Farm Big Al Downing 2 Honky Tonk Charlie Gillett's Radio Picks Various Artists ACE
suzie q dale hawkins 12 Honky Tonk Charlie Gillett's Radio Picks Various Artists ACE
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