Sunday, 31 May 2015

STAR BLUES on 31st May 2015 at 22:00 with Vintage sounds from the ages

.. belated birthday wishes to Taj Mahal and T-Bone Walker. Cracking new projects from Harrison Kennedy and Slam Allen, more reissues from Jasmine, Fantastic Voyage and Ace. In the words of MasterChef, blues radio doesn't get more exciting than this.

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label duration writercredit
Garbage Man Blues Maurice John Vaughn 2 Generic Blues Album - Maurice John Vaughn Maurice John Vaughn Alligator [ 5 mins 24 secs ] Maurice John Vaughn
you've got to love her with a feeling freddy king 2 heads up freddy king jasmine [ 3 mins 14 secs ] king
I'm No Fool, I Know the Blues Smokey Wilson 7 Sing the Blues Smokey Wilson   [ 4 mins 2 secs ] Smokey Wilson
Take it to the Bank Sugaray Rayford 5 Southside Sugaray Rayford Delta Groove [ 4 mins 23 secs ] Rayford, Crawford
Freight Train Taj Mahal 19 In Progress And Motion Taj Mahal SONY [ 3 mins 19 secs ] Taj Mahal
Little By Little Nappy Brown 21 The Influences Behind The Rolling Stones Various Artists Hoodoo Records [ 2 mins 36 secs ] McCoy
See See Rider (Studio) La Vern Baker 17 The Best of the Rest Lavern Baker Jasmine Records [ 2 mins 26 secs ] La Vern Baker
Leaping Boogie Crown Prince Waterford 14 1946-1950 Crown Prince Waterford BLUES CLASSICS [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Crown Prince Waterford
Triflin' Woman Blues T-Bone Walker 21 You're My Best Poker Hand: The Definitive Collection T-Bone Walker Fantastic Voyage [ 3 mins 12 secs ] T-Bone Walker
Jump the Broom Mr. Sipp 2 The Mississippi Blues Child Mr. Sipp Malaco Records [ 4 mins 29 secs ] Mr. Sipp
Fix It When I Can Daddy Mack Blues Band 4 A Bluesman Looks At Seventy Daddy Mack Blues Band INSIDE SOUNDS [ 3 mins 40 secs ] Daddy Mack Blues Band
35 Miles Outside of Memphis Slam Allen 6 Feel These Blues Slam Allen   [ 4 mins 17 secs ] Slam Allen
White Rock Rooster Super Chikan 9 Blues Come Home to Roost Super Chikan   [ 3 mins 53 secs ] Super Chikan
reconsider baby lowell fulson 1 reconsider baby lowell fulson jasmine [ 3 mins 10 secs ] fulson
Rockett 88 Arlen Roth With Johnny Winter 5 Slide Guitar Summit Roth, Arlen aquinnah [ 4 mins 35 secs ] Arlen Roth With Johnny Winter
Mojo Hand Andrew 'Blueblood' Mac Mahon 14 Go Get My Baby Andrew 'Blueblood' Mac Mahon STORYVILLE [ 4 mins 0 secs ] Andrew 'Blueblood' Mac Mahon
I Got the Blues When it Rains Buster Brown 9 I'm Going But I'll Be Back Buster Brown Jasmine [ 2 mins 30 secs ] Buster Brown
walking dr. bill b. b. king 2-12 blues in transition (my kind of blues) b. b. king hoo doo [ 3 mins 33 secs ] ling
I'm Through Dealing Eddie Bo 13 Keep It Rollin' - Blues Piano Collection Various Artists Rounder [ 2 mins 41 secs ] Eddie Bo
Bass on Top Meade Lux Lewis 5 The Best Of Boogie Woogie Various Artists DOCUMENTS [ 3 mins 42 secs ] Meade Lux Lewis
Ain't Gonna Hush Cordella De Milo 4 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 34 secs ] Cordella De Milo
Good Gravy Baby Varetta Dillard 15 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 36 secs ] Varetta Dillard
Humdinger Little Marie Allen 23 Ain't Gonna Hush: The Queens Of Rhythm & Blues Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 17 secs ] Little Marie Allen
Wanna Be Loved (All Nite Long) Bee Bee Queen With Teacho's Orch. 13 The Devil Hates You: Serious '50S Female Jivers Various Artists   [ 2 mins 19 secs ] Bee Bee Queen With Teacho's Orch.
neighbour neighbour jimmy hughes 14 fame singles vol. 2 jimmy hughes ace [ 2 mins 40 secs ] hughes
Step in the Right Direction Brother Prince Dixon 8 Wow, Wow, Baby! 1950S R&b, Blues And Gospel From Dolphin's Of Hollywood Various Artists Ace Records [ 2 mins 21 secs ] Brother Prince Dixon
you got me hummin otis clay and billy price 12 this time for real otis clay   [ 3 mins 18 secs ] clay
rock and roll chuck higgins 24 Wow, Wow, Baby! 1950S R&b, Blues And Gospel From Dolphin's Of Hollywood Various Artists Ace Records [ 3 mins 21 secs ] higgins
Sweet Taste Harrison Kennedy 1 Sweet Taste Harrison Kennedy   [ 3 mins 18 secs ] Harrison Kennedy
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

STAR BLUES on 24th May 2015 at 22:00 with a big serving of new releases to make up for lost time

Did you know you can get here directly from ? Less typing, fewer links, try it next time you stop by.

Lot of catching up with fine new releases

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label duration writercredit
Sell My Monkey B. B. King 5 Introducing B. B. King B. B. King MCA [ 3 mins 2 secs ] B. B. King
Guitar Angels James Armstrong 11 Guitar Angels James Armstrong Catfood [ 4 mins 45 secs ] James Armstrong
The Blues is Back Slam Allen 4 Feel These Blues Slam Allen   [ 3 mins 27 secs ] Slam Allen
Look Before You Leap Kenny Parker 3 Yes Indeed! Kenny Parker blue angel recordings [ 5 mins 1 secs ] angove & Parker
Cold Blooded Lover Texas Horns feat WC Clark 5 Blues Gotta Holda Me Texas Horns, The Vizztone [ 3 mins 33 secs ] Clark
coffee flavoured kisses Gaye Adegbalola & the Wild Rutz 5 Is It Still Good To Ya? Gaye Adegbalola & the Wild Rutz   [ 3 mins 0 secs ] Gaye Adegbalola
the well runs dry wynona carr 3-2 ain't gonna hush various artists fantastic voyage [ 2 mins 30 secs ] carr
a help each other romance lavern baker w. ben e. king 3 best of the rest 1960-1962 lavern baker jasmine [ 2 mins 30 secs ] singleton
tollin' bells lowell fulson 10 coplete checker singles 1954-1962 lowell fulson jasmine [ 2 mins 30 secs ] dixon
Bip Bop Bip Pretty Boy (Aka Don Covay) 24 Let The Boogie Woogie Rock'n'roll Various Artists ACE [ 1 mins 56 secs ] Pretty Boy (Aka Don Covay)
Cool Disposition Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller) 14 One Way Out Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller) CLASSIC BLUES [ 2 mins 43 secs ] Sonny Boy Williamson (Aka Rice Miller)
Western Union Man Chicago Sunny Boy (Aka Joe Hill Louis) 9 The Complete Meteor: Blues, R&b, & Gospel Recordings Various Artists ACE [ 3 mins 9 secs ] john lee sonny Boy williamson
Hucklebuck Scratch Riff Ruffin 2 Best Of New York On Fire Vols. 1 And 2 Various Artists FIRE [ 2 mins 36 secs ] Riff Ruffin
I Held My Baby Last Night Elmore James 2 The Complete Meteor: Blues, R&b, & Gospel Recordings Various Artists ACE [ 3 mins 24 secs ] Elmore James
Elevate Me Mama Muddy Waters 22 One More Mile Muddy Waters MCA/CHESS [ 3 mins 20 secs ] sonny boy williamson aka rice miller
Davisl04 Angels in Houston Larry Davis 3 dave's dukes Larry Davis   [ 2 mins 14 secs ] Larry Davis
Black Cat Bone Albert Collins & Johnny Copeland 3 The 20th Anniversary Collection Various Artists Alligator [ 4 mins 58 secs ] hop wilson
Standing at the Crossroads John Primer 8 You Can Make it if You Try John Primer WOLF [ 5 mins 42 secs ] luther allison
We Can Make it if We Try Lil' Dave Thompson w. mary taylor 4 C'mon Down To The Delta Lil' Dave Thompson JSP [ 3 mins 59 secs ] feiner
What'd I Say? Ruth Brown 18 Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties Females Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 39 secs ] Ruth Brown
Elevator Boogie Mabel Scott 5 Chronological Recordings 1938-1950 Mabel Scott CLASSICS [ 2 mins 20 secs ] Ray
Nothin' for Nothin' Magic Slim 14 Alone and Unplugged Magic Slim WOLF [ 3 mins 7 secs ] Magic Slim
Captain, Captain Mance Lipscomb 2 Songster Mance Lipscomb ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION [ 3 mins 9 secs ] Mance Lipscomb
Biscuit Roller Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes 4 Done Got Tired of Tryin' Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes . [ 4 mins 39 secs ] Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes
Guitar Blues Lonnie Johnson 8 Blues Guitar Pioneers Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE [ 3 mins 14 secs ] Lonnie Johnson
67 Blues Little Willie Pollard 11 West Coast Guitar Killers - El Segundo Volume 3 (1950-1978) Various Artists   [ 2 mins 57 secs ] Little Willie Pollard
money aint long enough Al King 4 on my way al king   [ 3 mins 10 secs ] Al King
It’s Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers 24 It's Jamaica Jump Blues Time! Jamaican Sound System Classics 1941-1962 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage [ 2 mins 40 secs ] Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers
It's Tight Like That Clara Smith 8 The Blues Box Various Artists METRO [ 3 mins 21 secs ] Clara Smith

Things That I Used to Do Lefty Dizz 8 The Story Of Black And Blues :1976-1988 Various Artists FREMEAUX ET ASSOCIES [ 4 mins 35 secs ] Lefty Dizz
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

B. B. King through his rarely heard and hard to find Blues

Our way of saying thank-you to Riley B. King, master guitarist, much loved man: we wanted to pass on some anecdotes and tracks that other tribute shows won't have time for or not know about. Stories about how Lucille got her name and his pairing with the like of U2 are commonplace so we skipped over those.

The biographies do include the bare facts so we did too: born on 16th September 1925 to Nora Ella and Albert King, who were share croppers. His parents divorced when B was 4 and his mother and grandmother died within months of each other when Riley was 10. He carried on living alone in his grandmother's shack for five years before his father took him away  unsuccessfully.  When he returned he borrowed $15 to buy a red Stella guitar, he became part of a gospel group and was working driving a tractor from can to can't. (can see when the sun was up until you couldn't see after sundown).

His occupation was on the reserved list which meant that he was excused National Service during the war. He did prang the tractor however and he ran away to Memphis to seek out his 2nd cousin Bukka White. His conscience got the better of him and so he returned to the farm to pay for the repair debt. Once that was done he headed back to Memphis.

The first four songs he cut there for Bullet during May 1949 don't often get a full hearing - I found them on a Catfish disc that was issued and swiftly withdrawn for unspecified reasons. (the song about his wife "Miss Martha King" isn't hard to find however). B B King was dismissive when asked about the sides but he shows off some decent singing in a couple of blues styles with enough promise to get him a deal with RPM/Modern the following year.

In 1954 he did guitar duties for a single by Otis Spann, the instrumental "Five Spot" was on the flip side and in our survey on STAR BLUES. By 1956 he was doing over 340 one-night stands in a calendar year (still the record surely). So he invested in a bus "Big Red" but early in 1958 the vehicle was in an accident that killed two  people in the other car and truck. All the group escaped unhurt through the back of the bus but B was left with a big bill to pay out of his own pocket. The insurance company had been suspended on the Friday, BB had commitments to fulfil over the weekend and he intended getting replacement insurance on the Monday morning. It took him years to clear it.

His troubles continued in 1958, he met Miles Davis who spoke about how the bizness worked and so  started to get itchy feet regarding his contract with the Bihari Brothers. Down in Miami in July he recorded four songs for the Chess label. After some discussions Chess had to hand over the tapes and the sides weren't issued officially in the USA for a couple of decades.  Vagaries in European licencing made them more readily available and just about every budget blues anthology having something by BB King used these tracks. "Recession Blues" is a fine piece, "Tickle Britches" done with more tongue in cheek shall we say. The other two are ballads that we ran out of time for last night.

King did sign for ABC in 1962 and his first recording session used the Maxwell Davis Orchestra. One number "Little Mama" laid around unloved from the date, it first saw light of day as an extra to the lovely project Dick Waterman put together to mark B's 80th birthday in 2005. It also had a similarly rare "May I have a talk with you" from the early 70s.

Two other significant events happened in 1971, he followed in the  footsteps of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry by coming to England to record; he also set up F.A.I.R.R. with lawyer F Lee Bailey.  The "In London" album included a track where he put Lucille on one side in favour of an acoustic instrument, he got backing from Alexis Korner and Humble Pie where Steve Marriott was understated on harp. The charity was something dear to BB King's heart as he thought he'd only just marginally avoided his life taking a criminal path at different times. the FOUNDATION for ADVANCEMENT of INMATE REHABILITATION and RECREATION was an important initiative as so many of the inmate population in America are African-American. He played dozens and dozens of gigs behind bars for prisoners; he recorded projects at Sing Sing, San Quentin and the gig at Cook County in 1971 (it yielded one of his landmark albums). In 1993 his concert in Gainesville prison included a family member in the inmate throng. "People" magazine ran a feature piece.

The Ali-Frazier fight billed as "Rumble In the Jungle" took place in Zaire in 1974, there was to be a filmed concert the day before as build up to the encounter. BB King was on the bill and he is in the film, the song "Sweet Sixteen" from the event was put onto the sampler prom for 2012's bio-pic "Life of Riley" so we put it into our tribute running order. Though B has always been a seasoned traveller he was less than thrilled with the plane used to get him to the gig: a tiny three wheeler so laden down that the front wheel barely touched the ground. There were genuine concerns about the plane's ability to take off and land. The weight was in the band equipment carried by James Brown entourage (theirs wasn't a one off gig in Zaire, they were due the entire continent). Luckily common sense prevailed and BB persuaded James to ship his gear on a separate flight for the remaining journeys.

We did have a number of songs where B provided guest guitar and we think you'll agree Lucille was always present as a distinctive voice no matter the setting. "Patches" is a pretty sentimental piece of hokum but just savour how far BB King dug down to let his guitar soar above the string arrangement. It was a masterful piece of showmanship. There was a telling dialogue with Elvin Bishop before and after their version of Roy Milton's "Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket", B asks Elvin if he could remember B stating he was King of the blues, Bishop had to concede not: surely ending the nonsense about "King of the Blues" once and for all.

Riley B. King a lowly sharecropper upbringing did play for Kings, Presidents and the Pope - he never forgot seeing the body of a black man displayed for public entertainment on court house steps after execution. He played for prison inmates and became an honourary doctor at Yale. He endorsed Pepsi, KFC, Budweiser and Panasonic. He even appeared in the Simpsons.

The most recent song we played was a piece he did with Buddy Guy, wherein they reflected on how lucky they'd been and how they enjoyed how things were turning out for them - only seasoned road warriors that had seen and done what they have would be entitled such reflective contemplation. Buddy Guy commented to his friend "You're the best that did it and got away with it".

Thank goodness he did, he filled a huge hole in our souls and when it all comes down, his music will still be around.

I'm Movin' onB. B. King1There Is Always One More TimeB. B. KingMCA[ 4 mins 16 secs ]sample / Jennings
Sinner's PrayerRay Charles & B. B. King9Genius Loves CompanyRay CharlesCONCORD[ 4 mins 20 secs ]fulson
Stay Around a Little LongerBuddy Guy Featuring B.B. King4Living ProofBuddy GuySILVERTONE[ 5 mins 0 secs ]hambridge / nicholson
Alexis' BoogieB. B. King w. Alexis Korner & Humble Pie1In LondonB. B. KingBLUESWAY[ 3 mins 29 secs ]B. B. King / Alexis Korner
Little MamaB. B. King6B. B. King TreasuresB. B. KingDick WatermanBULLFINCH PRESS[ 1 mins 51 secs ]B. B. King
May I Have a Little Talk With YouB. B. King12B. B. King TreasuresB. B. KingDick WatermanBULLFINCH PRESS[ 3 mins 53 secs ]B. B. King
Walking Dr. BillB. B. King1Life Of RileyB. B. KingUNIVERSAL[ 5 mins 41 secs ]clayton
Sweet SixteenB. B. King7Life Of RileyB. B. KingUNIVERSAL[ 6 mins 11 secs ]B. B. King
PatchesGeorge Jones & B. B. King11Rhythm Country And BluesVarious ArtistsMCA[ 6 mins 12 secs ]Clarence Carter
Woman's Got SoulB. B. King1tribute to Curtis MayfieldVarious Artists[ 3 mins 50 secs ]Curtis Mayfield
Keep a Dollar in Your PocketElvin Bishop feat. B. B. King5The Blues Rolls OnElvin BishopDelta Groove Music[ 4 mins 53 secs ]Roy Milton
Miss Martha KingB. B. King1Got The BluesB. B. KingCATFISH[ 2 mins 40 secs ]B. B. King
When Your Baby Packs Up and GoesB. B. King2Got The BluesB. B. KingCATFISH[ 2 mins 28 secs ]B. B. King
Got the BluesB. B. King3Got The BluesB. B. KingCATFISH[ 2 mins 47 secs ]B. B. King
Take a Swing With MeB. B. King4Got The BluesB. B. KingCATFISH[ 2 mins 33 secs ]B. B. King
Five SpotOtis Spann feat. B. B. King6Chicago Blues - Chess MastersVarious ArtistsCHESS[ 2 mins 43 secs ]Otis Spann
Blues HotelKoko Taylor feat. B. B. King6Royal BlueKoko TaylorAlligator[ 4 mins 4 secs ]jon tiven
how blue can you getb b king15how blue can you get live recordingsb b kingMCA[ 5 mins 57 secs ]feather
Recession BluesB. B. King15Chess RaritiesVarious ArtistsCHESS[ 2 mins 22 secs ]B. B. King
Tickle BritchesB. B. King17Chess RaritiesVarious ArtistsCHESS[ 0 mins 0 secs ]B. B. King
Better Not Look DownB. B. King2Introducing B. B. KingB. B. KingMCA[ 3 mins 11 secs ]sample / jennings
When it All Comes DownB. B. King5King Of The BluesB. B. KingMCA[ 4 mins 12 secs ]B. B. King
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Sunday, 10 May 2015

STAR BLUES on 10th May 2015 at 22:00 surveying blues players under 30 *and* marking BMA winners

... after last weeks run through of senior players, we wanted to show our music is in great shape by including the new crop of artists. It made for a different sounding STAR BLUES, a shift toward the guitar-heavy end of our music reflecting what the next blues will sound like? Selwyn Birchwood and Jarekus Singleton are both on Alligator leading the youthful charge. Robert Randolph (slightly older) adds a gospel passion to his breakneck playing, the arrangements stem from the Sacred Steel style. No surprise if you remember the project called "The Word" he did a few years back.

Some our picks for the future of blues also came along in the show: Brandon Bailey who has a mature harp style that avoids over-playing, he learned at the knee of Adam Gussow. Valerie June has an altogether more eclectic take on her muse, she's hard to characterize but I can hear elements of the classic blues women along with some country blues in her work. Jerron Paxton is definitely old school - both in terms of his approach and his material. Close your eyes and you're back pre-war. I can't believe how scarcely he's recorded so far, but he is only 24. Marquise Knox is another eloquent player with nice control and tone in his guitar playing. Nice voice, skilled writer too. We've played the Homemade Jamz band for a number of years now; three talented players, one not even a teenager when they started out. Two still are. Dad plays harp on some songs but that's a bonus not a centre-piece.

Talent at a youthful age isn't new of course: in evidence we brought tracks by Sugar Chile Robinson, Young Jessie and Sugar Boy Crawford.

If you haven't had your fill of voting this week, there was also time to reflect on the newly announced BMA winners. The afore-mentioned Selwyn Birchwood got a gong for his debut disc, probably the first of several awards he'll get. Memphis played host to the Blues Music awards on Thursday night and the honours got shared about more than in previous years. Elvin Bishop won Band, Song and Album; Bobby Rush got Soul Blues (Male) and BB King Live Entertainer - no other multiple winners. The list of winners and those nominated is here:

It was announced this week that founding father of the Delta Groove stable of labels, Randy Chortkoff has died. Of the dozens of albums he enabled, we chose three including a cut off the latest Mannish Boys album that had him playing supple harp. I found out about his passing just as I unwrapped the new project by Sugaray Rayford, a man with a big expressive voice here in a setting of sympathetic arrangements and to notch ensemble playing. We'll return to the album pretty quick-smart.

There was other stuff in the show I'd just discovered (Mr. Sipp) and a couple of record-fair bargains (Eddie Burns, Calvin Frazier). Before I knew it the midnight hour stole you away  and we're making plans for next Sunday already. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you
track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label duration writercredit
America's Blues Marquise Knox 6 Here I Am Marquise Knox APO [ 4 mins 1 secs ] Marquise Knox
lying woman phillip walker 1 going back home phillip walker de;ta groove [ 3 mins 31 secs ] percy mayfield
i dolize you mannish boys 7 wrapped up and ready mannish boys de;ta groove [ 4 mins 41 secs ] ike turner
master of the game jackie payne 2 master of the game jackie payne de;ta groove [ 3 mins 8 secs ] jackie payne & steve edmundson
Nobody Robert Randolph & The Family Band 3 Unclassified Robert Randolph & The Family Band WARNER BROS. [ 4 mins 32 secs ] Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Hole in My Heart Mr. Sipp 4 The Mississippi Blues Child Mr. Sipp Malaco Records [ 4 mins 43 secs ] Mr. Sipp
You Don't Miss Your Water Ruthie FosterWilliam Bell 4 Let It Burn Ruthie Foster Blue Corn Music [ 3 mins 59 secs ] William Bell
Workin' Woman Blues Valerie June 1 pushing against a stone Valerie June [ 3 mins 5 secs ] Valerie June
Dirtiest Little Darling Blind Boy Paxton 1 Dirtiest Little Darling / Railroad Bill Blind Boy Paxton EVANGELIst [ 3 mins 32 secs ] Blind Boy Paxton
Bye Bye Bird Brandon O. Bailey 8 Memphis Grooves Brandon O. Bailey APO [ 2 mins 56 secs ] sonny boy williamson
Blues Train Homemade Jamz Blues Band 6 The Game Homemade Jamz Blues Band [ 4 mins 36 secs ] ryan perry
Overworked And Underpaid Selwyn Birchwood 7 Don't Call No Ambulance Selwyn Birchwood Alligator [ 4 mins 6 secs ] Selwyn Birchwood
Hit, Git And Split Young Jessie 15 Jiving Jamboree Various Artists ACE [ 2 mins 32 secs ] smith, paul
Have A Little Mercy Sugar Boy Crawford 17 Kings Of New Orleans R'n'b Various Artists MUSIC CLUB [ 2 mins 36 secs ] rebennack
Numbers Boogie Sugar Chile Robinson 4 The R'n'b Years 1949: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1949 Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE [ 2 mins 27 secs ] Sugar Chile Robinson
the sista don't play sista monica 1 live at notodden various artists [ 5 mins 1 secs ] sista monica parker
Can't Even Do Wrong Right Elvin Bishop 1 Can't Even Do Wrong Right Elvin Bishop Alligator Records & Artist Management, Inc. [ 3 mins 46 secs ] Elvin Bishop
I Ain't The One Bobby Rush 3 Down In Louisiana Bobby Rush DEEP Rush [ 3 mins 36 secs ] Bobby Rush
Nineteen Years Old Mud Morganfield 3 For Pops Mud Morganfield SEVERN [ 4 mins 9 secs ] mckinley Morganfield
Trouble In My Way Lurrie Bell 8 The Devil Ain't Got No Music Lurrie Bell ARIA [ 4 mins 12 secs ] Lurrie Bell
lily mae calvin frazier 5 blues for big town various artists chess [ 2 mins 23 secs ] calvin frazier
treat me like i treat you eddie burns 12 blues for big town various artists chess [ 2 mins 18 secs ] eddie burns
Red's Ride Red Boyd 24 The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Vol. 1 Various Artists ACE [ 0 mins 0 secs ] Red Boyd
Catch That Teardrop '5' Royales, The 3 Catch That Teardrop '5' Royales, The ACE [ 2 mins 31 secs ] '5' Royales, The
southside Sugaray Rayford 1 southside Sugaray Rayford Delta Groove [ 5 mins 1 secs ] Sugaray Rayford
gonna let go Jarekus Singleton 3 refuse to lose Jarekus Singleton alligator [ 3 mins 40 secs ] Jarekus Singleton
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Sunday, 3 May 2015

STAR BLUES on 3rd May 2015 at 22:00 celebrating the current crop of senior blues players

.. not just B. B. King; we are proud to celebrate Jimmy Johnson, Bobby Rush, Henry Gray, Eddie C. Campbell, Eddie Clearwater, Fats Domino, Otis Rush. Our thoughts of course are with B's family at this time of uncertainty. Just adding the ages of these artists gets you up around the 700 mark, but the sum total of their influence is so much more. These aren't curios gathering dust in a museum either: Henry Gray has a new album with Bob Corritore due out in June, there's a new one in the works from Jimmy Johnson and Dave Specter, and Eddie Clearwater released a new live record called "Soul Funky" just a month or so back. I even noticed Eddie live on Facebook while on air, no doubt smiling at our choice to include his "Cool Walk" track in the first hour. Already a listener favourite!

The life of a working musician for these players has been hard-won: all started out in an era of segregation made to feel second class the moment they came off stage. Slogging up and down the interstates, even driving their own tour bus has been part of who they are. That they are still making great music is remarkable indeed. I hope our survey on STAR BLUES last night did them proud.

Two artists with famous fathers at the top of the shop: Chris' dad is Joe Beard the jazz maestro and Rip Lee Pryor showed the apple don't fall far from the tree planted by his dad, Snooky Pryor. Plenty of substantial blues on the distaff side too from Bessie Jackson, Ruby Glaze and Margie Day. Pre-war highlight came in the form of Son House and the immortal "Walking Blues", the power bursting through the fidelity of eighty years hence. I stumbled across Square Walton on t'internet and was delighted to learn the track was already in my collection - and on your radio yesterday.

Over in the piano tent, Amos Milburn had a song rejected by the Aladdin label, rescued for first release by compiler Dave Penny when he put together a chronological survey on the Clasics imprint. The minor key flourish from Jimmy Yancey was his trademark and left no doubt who was in charge on the Faber Smith piece. Dave also writes for Blues & Rhythm magazine, whose issue #299 has just hit the mat - it has for the last thirty odd issues included "Rays Rudiments" a remarkable series of features on key blues artists with guide to their prime recordings. Ray Templeton is the writer/compiler and the latest to come under his gaze is Jimmy Reed. If you don't believe what Jimmy did for the blues, especially here in Britain, just ask Mick Jagger.

If you hear better blues guitar playing than that of Mississippi John Hurt's "Hot Time In Old Town" I'll eat my socks. With a single trice our two hours together were done, I'm planning two more next Sunday round your place at 10pm (BST) so until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Hey Baby Chris Beard 12 Who I Am & What I Do Chris Beard ELECTRO Glide
Stuck On Stupid Rip Lee Pryor 9 Nobody But Me Rip Lee Pryor
Stubborn Woman Tutu Jones 9 I'm For Real Tutu Jones JSP Records
don't let daddy slow walk you Rusty Zinn 1 sitting and waiting Rusty Zinn black top
Cool Blues Walk Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater 4 Box Of Blues Various Artists Rounder
Pleadin' For Love Roscoe Shelton 17 The Real Excello R'n'b Various Artists ACE
i'm going upside your head Jimmy Reed 22 rockin with reed Jimmy Reed charly
Angel Child Peppermint Harris 7 I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
The Trace Phillip Walker 10 Stepping Up In Class Phillip Walker ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
Small Town Baby Maurice John Vaughn 12 In The Shadow Of The City Maurice John Vaughn .
Serves Me Right To Suffer Aka Memory Pain Jimmy Johnson 3 Living Chicago Blues, Vol. 1 Various Artists Alligator
first time i met the blues Buddy Guy 29 chicago bound Various Artists fantastic voyage
Crazy Bout You Bobby Rush 2 The Essential Recordings - Vol.1 Bobby Rush DEEP Rush
Ain't That Just Like A Woman Fats Domino 26 R&b Spotlight '61 Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Watch Yourself - Henry Gray Henry Gray 1 Chicago Blues [Parrot Blues] Various Artists V.I.
cool cool mama Eddie C. Campbell 5 hopes and dreams Eddie C. Campbell
She's A Good'un Otis Rush 10 Good'uns : The Classic Cobra Sides Otis Rush BLUESIDE
Ice Cream Man John Brim 13 Chess Blues Various Artists CHESS
Stubborn As A Mule Margie Day 22 Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties Females Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Memphis Blues Lizzie Miles 6 Blues Tunes Various Artists HIT
That's What My Baby Likes Bessie Jackson 10 Broke Black And Blue Various Artists PROPER
Gimme Your Bankroll Square Walton 99 Down Home Blues Classics Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Playmate Shuffle Eddie Boyd 7 The Blues Is Here To Stay Eddie Boyd Jasmine Records
Real Crazy Amos Milburn 19 Chronological Amos Milburn 1950-1951 Amos Milburn CLASSICS
Walking Blues Son House 20 Broke Black And Blue Various Artists PROPER
Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight Mississippi John Hurt 9 Complete Studio Recordings Mississippi John Hurt VANGUARD
Lonesomeday Blues Ruby Glaze 8 The Great Women Blues Singers Various Artists RETRO
Can't Get Enough Clara Burston 27 Cincinnati Blues Various Artists CATFISH
East St. Louis Blues Faber SmithJimmy Yancey 1 Broke Black And Blue Various Artists PROPER
Ross Tavern Boogie Art Hodes 8 The Best Of Boogie Woogie Various Artists DOCUMENTS
Believe In Me Little Milton 5 Who's Cheatin' Who Little Milton TRACE
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