Sunday, 6 September 2015

STAR BLUES on 6th September 2015 at 22:00 - Jimmy Reed would have been 90 today

... and Little Milton's birth date is 7th September. Plenty of great songs available to choose from too.

We started in Texas and stayed there for three of its finest sons. Not sure why Zuzu hasn't been played much around these parts, his tough guitar also swings in T-Bone style. We've written about Mr. Collins at length here before - his sound is unique and endlessly engaging. Roy is still a fine practitioner of the dark arts of guitar and on the evidence of his early-period instrumental, he always was.

Shawn Holt proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and his fit as leader of the Teardrops is tight - its his birthday too. Jasmine has an interesting collection including blues and r&b at the dawn of the soul era and it has a couple of established names in unfamiliar settings, though Isaac Hayes sounded more comfortable with blues than Roy Brown did with soul. The same label has also two essential Bobby Bland vinyl albums packaged as one cd - together with 5 bonus tracks first out as singles. What's not to like?

The same can be unexpectedly laid at John Mayall's door with his new album. It continues in the same way as his last album "Special Life" - and that one got plenty of critical kudos. The Fleetwood Mac track found its way onto our playlist to sate an unquenchable urge to hear some unfussy gut bucket slide (even if the original album does have a topless Mick F on the gatefold sleeve - its not for the faint hearted and once seen ...

Our Jimmy Reed feature was a struggle with the gremlins who wanted to eat everything I tried to play, but we won in the end and we heard what it was about his Vee-Jay recordings that made him so special and a huge influence on Yardbirds and Rolling Stones.

Little Milton was the real deal in every department from every era of his career canon; he did excellent work for Sun, Checker, Stax, Malaco and Telarc. We were proud to have one of each on our show. Our ladies didn't let us down either: Vicky Lee and Honey Brown. Meade Lux Lewis has a birthday book entry  and he was joined in the piano tent by Roosevelt Sykes. His "Driving Wheel" was something covered by Junior Parker who'd already been in the lineup. See how this stuff fits together? The other thing that makes us so different - Britain's Other Blues Show after all - is our love of blues in all its forms. In the category of not often heard elsewhere were Memphis Jog Band, Richard Hacksaw Harney and Jack Owens / Bud Spires. Nuff said!

Our STAR BLUES next Sunday is a two-fer celebration: 40 years of reissues on the Ace label *PLUS* 90th anniversary of birth of B.B.King. We'll have a raft of music on that label which will include those earliest sides B did for Modern. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

travellin' southAlbert Collins4icemanalbert collinspointblank[ 5 mins 2 secs ]Albert Collins
Headlight BluesZuzu Bollin7Texas BluesmanZuzu BollinAntone's / Irond[ 2 mins 56 secs ]Zuzu Bollin
GainesvilleRoy Gaines4Rock-A-Billy: Boogie Woogie Blues ManRoy Gaines[ 3 mins 1 secs ]Roy Gaines
Mean Little WomanShawn Holt And The Teardrops7Daddy Told MeShawn Holt And The TeardropsBlind Pig[ 3 mins 48 secs ]Shawn Holt And The Teardrops
Doctor BrownFleetwood Mac6Fleetwood Mac / Mr. WonderfulFleetwood MacCOLUMBIA[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Fleetwood Mac
Crazy LadyJohn Mayall12Find a Way to CareJohn MayallForty Below[ 3 mins 33 secs ]John Mayall
Message To My WomanWalter Rhodes24Sanctified SoulVarious ArtistsKent (U.K.)[ 2 mins 35 secs ]Walter Rhodes
Ain't That Lovin' You BabyJimmy Reed1-6The AnthologyJimmy ReedNOT NOW[ 2 mins 20 secs ]Jimmy Reed
i'm goin upside your headJimmy Reed22rockin with reedJimmy Reedcharly[ 2 mins 20 secs ]Jimmy Reed
take out some insuranceJimmy Reed2-17The AnthologyJimmy ReedNOT NOW[ 2 mins 20 secs ]Jimmy Reed
shame shame shameJimmy Reed16you dont have to goJimmy Reedorbis blues collection[ 2 mins 20 secs ]Jimmy Reed
C.C.RIDERIsaac Hayes24Going HomeVarious ArtistsJasmine[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Isaac Hayes
SUGAR BABYRoy Brown17Going HomeVarious ArtistsJasmine[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Roy Brown
oh redRichard 'Hacksaw' Harney9Sweet ManRichard 'Hacksaw' HarneyEDSEL[ 3 mins 15 secs ]
KokomoMemphis Jug Band, The1-19Alan Lomax: Blues SongbookVarious ArtistsRounder[ 2 mins 55 secs ]Memphis Jug Band, The
cherry ball bluesjack owens and bud sp[ires1-3Alan Lomax: Blues SongbookVarious ArtistsRounder[ 2 mins 55 secs ]jack owens
Scratchin' (Vim 521)Wild Jimmy Spruill8Slabs Of Humdingers Vol. 2Various Artistsvee-tone[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Wild Jimmy Spruill
Fussin’ And Fightin’ BluesLittle Junior Parker5Ride With Me, Baby: The Singles 1952-1961Little Junior ParkerFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 1 secs ]Little Junior Parker
Night Time Is The Right TimeRay Charles15Ray Charles: Eight Classic AlbumsRay CharlesIODA[ 4 mins 4 secs ]Ray Charles
I've Been Wrong so LongBobby Bland12That's the Way Love IsBobby BlandJasmine Records[ 2 mins 18 secs ]Bobby Bland
Stepping HighEdgar Blanchard19Cosimo Matassa StoryVarious ArtistsProper Box[ 2 mins 38 secs ]Edgar Blanchard
Country BoyDave BartholomewErnest McLean3The History Of Rhythm And Blues Volume Two 1942-1952Various ArtistsRhythm and Blues Records[ 3 mins 7 secs ]Dave BartholomewErnest McLean
I Wanna Be The Only OneKip Anderson13Where Southern Soul Began: 2Various ArtistsHISTORY OF SOUL[ 2 mins 50 secs ]Kip Anderson
we're gonna make itLittle Milton1we're gonna make itLittle Miltontrace[ 2 mins 39 secs ]Little Milton
same old bluesLittle Milton18chicago blues and soulLittle Miltonjasmine[ 3 mins 59 secs ]Little Milton
little bluebirdLittle Milton8greatest hitsLittle MiltonMALACO[ 3 mins 59 secs ]Little Milton
You're Givin' Me the BluesLittle Milton10Feel itLittle MiltonMALACO[ 3 mins 59 secs ]Little Milton
Little By LittleNappy Brown21The Influences Behind The Rolling StonesVarious ArtistsHoodoo Records[ 2 mins 36 secs ]Nappy Brown
Goin' Back Home To MamaVicky Lee11Voodoo Voodoo: Feisty Fifties FemalesVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 2 mins 2 secs ]Vicky Lee
Rockin' And Jumpin'Honey Brown28I'm A Bad Bad GirlVarious ArtistsINDIGO[ 2 mins 56 secs ]Honey Brown
Driving WheelRoosevelt Sykes8Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New YorkVarious ArtistsFantastic Voyage[ 3 mins 6 secs ]Roosevelt Sykes
Bear Cat CrawlMeade Lux Lewis15The Best Of Boogie WoogieVarious ArtistsDOCUMENTS[ 2 mins 22 secs ]Meade Lux Lewis
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