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STAR BLUES on 26th July 2015 at 22:00 joint jumpin

.. round your place/ No-one can ignore the persistent rain that has been waiting for the school children to get on holiday. Nice opportunity to slip in another selection from soon-to-be birthday boy Buddy Guy.  That new album of his must drop soooooon; it will have some famous names in duet (in keeping with the idea Buddy brought Bonnie Raitt for us).

Easy choice for gospel spot too - not that we ever need to apologise for Sister RT. Nor for the Soul Stirrers, one of the most potent examples of the simplicity of the human voice. Professor Harold Boggs added a vintage feel to the then recent Eric Clapton composition.

Our first segment also dallied among the JSP stable for some pretty robust modern blues that John Stedman did so well, especially when working with artists of the calibre of Johnnie Rawls (who was in top form for Deitra Farr). Harp fans were well served by Mojo Buford, Harmonica Shah and Eomot RaSun.  All three deserve wider exposure, the last named has just that one album and it had supporting cast such as Jimmy D Lane, Bob Stroger and Sam Carr (a stellar top-trumps hand in anyone's game).

The Johnnie Taylor selection was a direct steal of an idea off Facebook, it came as a birthday surprise reminder of my first introduction to his great voice. OV Wright was one of Robert Cray's biggest influences; he only left us with few sides and he had Michael Toles on guitar for his blues run-through for us. Hank Ballard has a current survey of his Midnighters singles out on Jasmine, there was a joyful swing to his singing and it set up our introduction of a classic by Calvin Boze.

The earliest blues stars were the women who came from the vaudeville / music hall / gospel traditions: the Document imprint issued two volumes as a survey of what they called Territory singers and we took one apiece from those projects. Tampa Red was sometimes billed as the Guitar Wizard and Ace has just put out a twofer survey of his post-war RCA victor sides. Though that blessed kazoo still parps intrusively on one or two songs, the guitar playing more than makes up for it. Our pair had sidemen such as Walter Horton and Little Johnnie Jones anchored by Odie Payne and Ransom Knowling in the engine room.

Recently we've put the spotlight on blues players rarely heard on Blues radio in Britain; we continued this week with Andrew Brown, Guitar Crusher and Calvin Frazier. You can be sure there'll be more in upcoming shows. Sunday at 10pm (BST) round your place will reveal who's next - until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

One Eyed ManTre12Too Hot For MeVarious ArtistsJSP Records[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Tre
feels like rainbuddy guy6baddest of buddy guybuddy guysilvertone[ 4 mins 15 secs ]hiatt
The search is overDeitra Farr9The Search Is OverDeitra FarrJSP Records[ 3 mins 31 secs ]Deitra Farr
Last NightEomot Rasun3Three Days Walkin'Eomot RasunAPO[ 4 mins 13 secs ]Eomot Rasun
When the Blues Comes Knockin'Frank Bey2Blues In The PocketFrank Bey[ 3 mins 50 secs ]Frank Bey
groundhog bluesMojo Buford2State Of The Blues HarpMojo BufordJSP Records[ 3 mins 40 secs ]Mojo Buford
Baby, Scratch My BackHarmonica Shah8Tell It To Your LandlordHarmonica ShahElectro-Fi[ 3 mins 59 secs ]Harmonica Shah
Part Time LoveJohnnie Taylor7Raw BluesJohnnie TaylorFANTASY/STAX[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Johnnie Taylor
evalenetampa red1-1guitar wizardtampa redace
new deal bluestampa red2-1guitar wizardtampa redace
Clearin' House BluesHattie Burleson8Territory Singers - Vol2 : 1928-1930Various ArtistsDOCUMENT[ 2 mins 45 secs ]Hattie Burleson
Rock AwaySadie McKinney14Territory Singers Vol. 1 - 1922-1928Various ArtistsDOCUMENT[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Sadie McKinney
didn't it rainsister rosetta tharp[e w. marie knight10complete works in chronological order vol. 3sister rosetta tharpedocument[ 2 mins 56 secs ]trad.
Today I Sing The BluesO. V. Wright26Complete O. V. Wright - Vol. 1O. V. WrightHI[ 0 mins 0 secs ]O. V. Wright
The Continental WalkHank BallardMidnighters12Let's Go AgainHank BallardMidnightersJasmine[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Hank BallardMidnighters
I Got To KnowGuitar Crusher1Blast From The PastGuitar Crusher[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Guitar Crusher
(You Made Me) SufferAndrew Brown16Andrew Brown - Big Brown's Blues 1 (Black Magic 9039-2A)Andrew Brown[ 3 mins 43 secs ]Andrew Brown
Three Different WomanBuster Bennett26The R'n'b Years 1948: 100 Hot Rhythm And Blues Tunes From 1948Various ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 44 secs ]Buster Bennett
good time sueCalvin Boze250's rhythm and bluesVarious ArtistsBOULEVARD VINTAGE[ 2 mins 23 secs ]Calvin Boze
Across The Bay BluesL. C. 'Good Rockin'' Robinson4Mojo In My HandL. C. 'Good Rockin'' RobinsonArhoolie Records[ 3 mins 48 secs ]L. C. 'Good Rockin'' Robinson
Bottle Up And GoK.C. Douglas14The Prestige/Bluesville StoryVarious ArtistsNOT NOW[ 4 mins 6 secs ]K.C. Douglas
Maxwell Street BluesPapa Charlie Jackson520th Century BluesVarious ArtistsCATFISH[ 2 mins 45 secs ]Papa Charlie Jackson
Lord Give Me StrengthHarold Boggs1Dave's Gospel SamplerVarious Artists[ 2 mins 40 secs ]Harold Boggs
Jesus Gave Me WaterSoul Stirrers, The1It's Spelt SpecialtyVarious ArtistsSpecialty[ 0 mins 0 secs ]Soul Stirrers, The
Love Is A GambleRay Agee13Ray Agee - West Coast Blues 3 (1952-1957) Fg 972062Ray Agee[ 2 mins 29 secs ]Ray Agee
lily maecalvin frazier5Blues from big townVarious ArtistsChess[ 2 mins 30 secs ]frazier
Leave Me AloneBig Blues Carson18East Toledo BluesVarious Artists[ 2 mins 12 secs ]Big Blues Carson
robinson's rockIceman Robinson10I've Never Been LovedIceman RobinsonFEDORA[ 4 mins 51 secs ]Iceman Robinson
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