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STAR BLUES on 22nd March 2015 - centenary of Sister Rosetta Tharpe and a tribute to

..Sam Charters who died earlier this week. There's little doubt he loved blues and how he honoured the artists and the tradition. There are a number of fine books which bear his name: "The Country Blues", "The Roots of The Blues" and "Legacy of the Blues" each one thoughtfully compiled and making that kind of research legitimate (until then the preserve of jazz scholars). He encouraged others to go out and find similar artists for themselves. He also compiled several albums of lesser known blues - I discovered Mighty Joe Young and Robert Pete Williams through them. Best known were the three vinyl albums out almost exactly fifty years ago called "Chicago / The Blues / Today!" and our playlist on STAR BLUES went straight there as our way of saying thanks Mr.Charters; he was 85.

Friday was the centenary of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, she was a huge star in the cold fashioned sense of the word with twenty-five thousand at her wedding and queues round the block a regular feature of her gigs. She had a guitar style later imitated by Chuck Berry and she drew the listener in to her songs by uplifted eyes as if she was singing to the Higher Power. Her early contract with Lucky Millender forced her into a secular more risque style (such as "Tall Skinny Papa") it is the gospel sides she's best known for: solo, with Marie Knight or backed by Sammy Price. Her music never fails to thrill me and I was tempted to have a full two hour playlist full of that joyful spirit.  She wasn't thrown too far with the advent of rock'n'roll; we heard that in our choice from the "Holy Rollers" collection on Vee-Tone, here's the link to her biography I promised during the show:

There's  a brand new collection on the recordings Buster Brown did for Bobby Robinson; his raw rural power harnessed in a New York studio with backing from the genius Jimmy Spruill. Sure Brown sometimes sounded like Sonny Terry on his chosen harp - he was so much more than a one trick pony after his first hit with "Fannie Mae". Jasmine is where to go for this little belter.

Blues and Rhythm magazine is out again with issue '298 - feature star Wynonie Harris will be in next Sundays playlist - we went to a disc by Bo carter I was lucky enough to review for the magazine - our way of saying thanks to outgoing reviews editor Byron Foulger. His good ears kept the identity of the magazine within the purview of both words in the mag's title. The things he sent me often found their way out onto the airwaves through the wireless round your place. He's not leaving just passing on the editor's baton.

Our snippet from the Bluesbreakers closing the two hours was there to note Eric Clapton's forthcoming 70th birthday - we've remarked before that those John Mayall sides were as close as Eric got to playing as if his life depended on it - he's delighted many differing genres since those days 50 years ago: rarely has he ever been this passionate about blues.

all being well - if you'll have us - we plan another spoonful of the good stuff round your place on Sunday at 10pm. until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
bad mamma jamma eddie the chief clearwater 4 cool blues walk eddie the chief clearwater bullseye
Don't Give Away That Recipe Gary B.B. Coleman 2 Romance Without Finance Is A Nuisance Gary B.B. Coleman ICHIBAN
Whiskey Drinkin' Blues Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones 3 I Know What It's Like Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones
Headed Back To Hurtsville, Again Theodis Ealey 2 Theodis Ealey A Collection Theodis Ealey IFGAM
meet me with your black drawers on gaye agdebelola 5 gaye without shame gaye agdebelola hot toddy
I'm Gonna Move Cross The River Brownie McGhee 6 Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New York Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Dig A Little Deeper In The Well Eric Bibb 2 Deeper In The Well Eric Bibb Dixiefrog
southern country boy carter brothers 8 blues upside your head various artists charly
it's love 24 hours a day louis brooks 2-24 it's jamaica jump blues time various artists fantastic voyage
doctor brown buster brown 7 i'm going but i'll be back buster brown jasmine
brooklyn boogie louis prima 2-3 Jump 'N' Jive Various Artists METRO
flat foot suzie slim gaillard 2-4 Jump 'N' Jive Various Artists METRO
Airplane Blues Helen Humes 1-6 Jump 'N' Jive Various Artists METRO
The Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo Speckled Red 7 Boogie Woogie Masters Various Artists CLASSIC JAZZ
Rock Me Sister Rosetta Tharpe 13 As Good As It Gets Various Artists DISKY
I Looked Down The Line (And I Wondered) Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1 Gospel - The Ultimate Collection Various Artists RED Box
I Saw The Light Sister Rosetta Tharpe 12 Screamin' Gospel Holy Rollers Vol. 2 Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
Up Above My Head Sister Rosetta Tharpe 45 The R'n'b Hits Of 1948 Various Artists INDIGO
this train Sister Rosetta Tharpe gospel Various Artists
T-Model Boogie Rosco Gordon 3 I Pity The Fool - The Duke Records Story Various Artists One Day Music
When I Find My Baby Arbee Stidham 12 Chicago Blues Harmonicas Various Artists FLYRIGHT
The Panama Limited Bukka White 13 Dust My Broom - Mississippi Blues Various Artists INDIGO
In The Evening Robert Petway 11 Mississippi Blues Various Artists CATFISH
Big Road Blues Tommy Johnson 19 Roots Of Rock Various Artists ACROBAT
All Around Man Bo Carter 10 Bo Carter's Advice Bo Carter CATFISH
It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong) Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band 2 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
Everything's Going To Turn Out Alright Otis Rush Blues Band 6 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
Dynaflow Blues Johnny Shines Blues Band 7 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
Stealin' Back Johnny Young's South Side Blues Band 4 Chicago / The Blues / Today! Various Artists ACE
Steppin' Out Eric Clapton With John Mayall 11 Bluesbreakers Feat. Eric Clapton John MayallEric Clapton DERAM
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