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STAR BLUES on 8th December 2013 at 22:00

Hungry for blues which started at 45 or 78 on vinyl? Two hours? Even that was a stretch to do justice to the bag full of reissues crossing my decks this year.

We also had a short musical tribute to the "Little Ol' Bluesman" Chick Willis who died a few days ago (79 years). He had some sides out on Atco under his own name in the early years but he got a measure of notoriety for his "Stoop Down Man" single which became his trademark. Though not suitable for a family show it really characterised the influence of the genre among uniquely African American audiences and it was always at the heart of his live sets. There were a couple of albums for Ichiban before hooking up with old friend Johnny Rawls for a fabulous project on Rawls' imprint Deep South Sounds. The combination of Rawls songwriting with Chicks clipped guitar licks was hard to resist: two artists much greater than the sum of the parts. We had two fine examples on STAR BLUES as well as a cut from the 2011 album featuring Travis Haddix which picked up a STAR BLUES award. He wrote to STAR BLUES a couple of times, really pleased to know his music was going well over here, I never met him but he seemed like a gentle soul with a big heart. Much missed.

The One Day outfit  has a solid set of label surveys with selections first made between mid-50'sd and 1962. At a decent price you can use them as an introduction to the artists and old lags like me can pick up a few things to fill gaps in their collections.  Don't expect to get the lavish attention to detail that Ace / Kent label put out, theirs is a labour of love with projects compiled by fans for fans (meaning you get rare pictures, alternate takes, memorabilia, session details and the very highest fidelity from the original source tapes). The other player in the game this year deserving of the highest praise is the VEE-TONE imprint from Scotland; they have started a vinyl reissue series in the vaults of Motown and they plan more. VEE-TONE use Mark Lamarr's wealth of knowledge (and unique perspective) in compiling Blues, R&B and Rock'n'Roll anthologies of previously unissued vinyl 45s.

Fantastic Voyage and Jasmine seem to be mining the same seams at the moment and deserve mention for not simply rehashing the well-known names. As with One Day they are limited by material before 1962.  There are a number of others in the same market and by and large the fan wins out.

Wynona Carr turned up on a secular song, you'd have expected gospel but the Staple Singers did that using something they put out on a single and on the "Landlord" film soundtrack. We didn't do a special number to mark our piano spotwe'' put that right next week. Little Richards alternate lp take carried the Maceo Merriweather credit but the untreated single version had his own name in brackets underneath. We also dipped into a late period version of a song Wynonie Harris first cut in 1951. The 1960 remake put some rock'n'roll drums and an electric guitar into the mix - it failed to revive his career which had dipped with the arrival of beat groups and rock'n'roll. Our final oddity was the piece Maxwell Davis did for the Gillette (shaving) Company - other products are available.

Our 118 allotted minutes skated to a screeching halt far too soon for me but I plan to try to repeat the feat on Sunday at 10pm (GMT). You were magnificent company, until next week take CARE of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

track.title track.artistsort index album.title album.artistsort label
Let the Boogie Woogie Roll Clyde McPhatter 12 Let The Boogie Woogie Rock'n'roll Various Artists ACE
Don't You Just Know it Smith & The Clowns, Huey "Piano" 25 The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll - Volume 6 Various Artists ACE
Sufferin' City (Version 2) Johnny Copeland 20 South Texas Rhythm 'N' Blues Revue Various Artists Kent
rockin' blues booker lee jr. 2-1 FEDEERAL STORY various artists one day
late late blues john lee hooker 2-18 FEDEERAL STORY various artists one day
jumpin' blues mumbles 2-19 RPM Story various artists one day
touch and go wynona carr 2-2 specialty story various artists one day
ramblin little esther phillips 14 am i that easy to forget little esther phillips jasmine
Won't Give Up Chick Willis 9 Won't Give Up Chick Willis DEEP SOUTH SOUNDS
got to find a cure Chick Willis 10 Won't Give Up Chick Willis DEEP SOUTH SOUNDS
Let Me Play My Blues Chick WillisTravis Haddix 13 Let The Blues Speak For Itself Chick WillisTravis Haddix Benevolent Blues
bloodshot eyes (1960) wynonie harris 2-25 rock mr. blues wynonie harris fantastic voyage
i'm glad you reconsidered lowell fulson 3-21 trouble trouble lowell fulson fantastic voyage
I'm Leavin' Town Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup 8 Sunny Road Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup DELMARK
I'll Forget About You Junior Parker 10 Feelin' Good Junior Parker Hoodoo Records
love you till the day i die bobby blue bland 1-1 its my life baby bobby blue bland jasmine
lost lover blues bobby blue bland 1-12 its my life baby bobby blue bland jasmine
only young once otis williams 1-1 king records story various artists one day
Say You Love Me Burrage & His Band, Harold 1 Foxy R&b Various Artists ACE
Shed So Many Tears Elton Anderson 19 The Ace Story - Volume 5 Various Artists ACE
brand new day staple singers 5 gospel truth various artists BGP
Same Thing Gino Parks 2-5 For This I Thank You: Motown R&b, Popcorn And Rock N Roll Various Artists Fantastic Voyage
Gonna Make it on Back (Do Rae Me 1404) Little Willie Brown 15 R&b Humdingers Volume 14 Various Artists Vee-Tone Records
He Got What He Wanted (But He Lost What He Had) (Alt LP Take) Little Richard 21 Rock 'N' Roll With Little Richard Little Richard SMITH & CO
T.B. Blues (Take 2 Master) Al "Cake" Wichard Sextette & Jimmy Witherspoon 12 Beating The Petrillo Ban. The Late December 1947 Modern Sessions Various Artists ACE
I Smell a Rat George Jackson 9 Hall Of Fame Volume 2 Various Artists Kent
Look Sharp - Be Sharp (The Gillette March) Maxwell Davis 26 Wailin' Daddy Maxwell Davis Fantastic Voyage
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