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STAR BLUES on 10th June 2012 at 22:00

Back from 1952 just in time to mark the anniversary of Howlin' Wolf's birth on 10th June. (as well as that of Skip James on 9th). Legendary producer Sam Phillips said of the Wolf "this is the soul of man" and he believed him a bigger talent than Elvis Presley. We had few words and just let the music demonstrate the raw feral power of Howlin' Wolf and noted how his offstage life was so different and how he longed for his mother's acceptance after she pushed him out for not singing the Lord's music.

James was one of three very different but unique guitar players on STAR BLUES. His technique and odd tuning made him sound far in advance of his contemporaries; we also wished birthday greetings to 85 years old Cedell Davis who had polio as a child forcing his use of a metal kitchen knife as fretting device; and Wild Jimmy Spruill who crossed Atilla The Hun with Errol Flynn by way of Pete Townshend on dozens of sessions for Bobby Robinson and rarely as band leader for named singles.

We had new projects by Liz Mandeville - with the swagger of Memphis Minnie -as well as the new album from the ever youthful Lil ed and his Blues Imperials, and the joyous rippling r&B album by Mike Sanchez . I also gave space to a preview of Sandi Thom's album due on 27th August. She includes a cover of Sonny Boy Wiliamson's "Help Me".

I do worry long and hard about projects like this one (also Cindy Lauper and Hugh Laurie) that we are actually the wrong audience, because we are already converts to our music: they should be heard on mainstream shows so their passion for this powerful genre can be aired to the as-yet-unbelievers..?? On STAR BLUES we want to be sure Sonny Boy Williamson gets his props when Sandi Thom does "Help Me", she needs to be heard on a platform that isn't sure who Sonny Boy is....

I don't have an answer, STAR BLUES is proud to celebrate the authentic original vintage blue players (the fabulous response to our 1952 show is testament to our approach), we are also lucky enough to show there is a still healthy interest in the genre.

Some years ago I was interviewed for a "Desert Island Discs" type show - if asked again today I'd have to reserve space for the canon of work undertaken by Johnny Rawls - just listen to his "Soul Survivor" new out on Catfood records. He is the consummate singer and player who does not know how to make a bad record. Another fabulous performer known for his consistency was Lou Pride who died this week. He'd not been well for a while but the outlook seemed good with a new project for Severn Records due in the autumn. we are really looking forward to that one but with some regret that Lou Pride won't be here with us to get his due. He did stuff for Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label, Ichiban and Severn records, dip into any  of those you wont be disappointed.

Rory Block isn't loved by the purists, they don't like her mannerisms and fanciful style, she's now in the songbook of Rev. Gary Davis for a heartfelt tribute on Stony Plain. She was in the gospel tent and our own Ace label survey of Johnny Vincent's Ace label out of Mississippi yielded Huey Piano Smith's "Yokomo" celebration of those 88s with Crescent city backbeat.

In a trice we were done. Before next Sunday's STAR BLUES I'm off to the land of vinyl memories and previously-owned compact discs  to top up supplies. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Don't Let The Devil Ride James Peterson 2 The Last Soul Company Various Artists Malaco Records
D.J. Play My Blues Buddy Guy 18 Can't Quit The Blues Buddy Guy SONY
Payin' For My Sins Grady Champion 10 Shanachie Days Grady Champion SHANACHIE
Born Loser Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials 6 Jump Start Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Alligator
Hard Grind Jimmy Spruill 9 The Fire And Fury Of Bobby Robinson Various Artists RPM
Moanin' At Midnight Howlin' Wolf 22 Chess Blues Various Artists CHESS
Livin' A Lie Lou Pride 9 Words Of Caution Lou Pride SEVERN
Soul Survivor Johnny Rawls 1 Soul Survivor Johnny Rawls Catfood
I Need You Bad Cedell Davis 16 Broadcasting The Blues! Various Artists Southwest Musical Arts
red rooster howlin' wolf 7 chess blues Various Artists chess
help me sandi thom 1 flesh and blood sandi thom guardian angels records
Don't Lose Your Cool Albert Collins 5 Collins Mix : The Best Of Albert Collins POINTBLANK
roadside produce stand Liz Mandeville w. willie big-eyes smith 1 Clarksdale Liz Mandeville blue kitty
Cypress Grove Michael Roach 8 Cypress Grove Michael Roach STELLA
I'm So Glad Skip James 3 Reborn And Remastered Robert Johnson ROUGH GUIDES
Bottle It Up And Go Mike Sanchez 15 You Better Dig It! Mike Sanchez DOOPIN
yokomo huey piano smith 24 The Ace (Ms) Story Volume 4 Various Artists ACE
Smokestack Lightnin' Howlin' Wolf 7 Chess Blues Various Artists CHESS
Goin' To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River Rory Block 2 I Belong To The Band Rory Block STONY PLAIN
City Born Country Gal Fiona Boyes 13 Blues Woman Fiona Boyes Yellow Dog Records
Falling Rain Blues Little Willie Foster 2 Down Home Blues Classics - Chicago (1946-1954) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
lonesome old train homesick james 25 Down Home Blues Classics - Chicago (1946-1954) Various Artists BOULEVARD VINTAGE
Goin' Down Slow Howlin' Wolf 9 Chess Blues Various Artists CHESS
not good enough to marry peggy scott adams 1 not good enough to mary peggy scott adams desert blues
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