Monday, 12 March 2012

STAR BLUES on 11th March 2012 at 22:00

oh dear... The wise Buddhas who sit in the place marked Health and Safety are worried - they've heard folks enjoying STAR BLUES and they now wish to act to mitigate claims in the event of a further outbreak of unconfined jollity. Hence last night's audit and stern edict thus:

You must not perpetrate, perpetuate, participate or encourage tomfoolery on your STAR BLUES show. You may not facilitate or encourage good time behaviour in any fashion, manner or degree. Gay wild abandon is strictly forbidden and we will monitor your output to ensure you comply. There will be a three stage traffic light system to indicate transgressions in your transmission - you must ensure the green light is lit throughout. Instances where tomfoolery is hinted at will illuminate the amber bulb. Sanctions will follow if the red light shows.

Well I think we got away with it - there were murmurings of jitterbugging and frivolity when I played Ronnie Earl but the orange light just flickered. Don't tell anyone I took the lamp out of the red. Ryan may have noticed this morning because I left a nasty mark on his Love Shack when I stood on the desk to reach over when I did it.

Nor did it stop me from getting the very best out of BB King, Etta James, James Cotton and Bobby Bland - if anyone has any doubts on why these are judged as the greats, rush home now and listen to the tracks we chose last night. I probably upset a few Whitney Houston fans in my assertion of the greater influence from Etta James but I don't care. Ol B always thought Hendrix to be a master blues player and the 1966 go at "Red House" provided ample evidence. I also got drawn into a Facebook discussion during the week on the best blues piano player - too hard to call I said but don't forget Leroy Carr. Living Blues magazine proposed him as best of all time on any instrument a few years ago (more influential than Robert Johnson et al). Who was I to argue?

Chris Thomas King was on hand with another piece at the outer envelope of blues and Jimmy Nolen came along with some raw guitar playing not often heard on blues radio. We've played versions of Tom Waits' "Down in the Hole" before but I don't think we've had the one used by Hans Theesink on his project Jederman,.

They haven't said anything about my white tee shirt so I'm going XXL next week to smuggle in as many dirty deeds as you can do on the cheap (ref: AC/DC). I hope you'll want to be there to hear how it turns out, until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

Track.Title Track.ArtistSort Index Album.Title Album.ArtistSort Label
Johnny Got a Boom Boom Imelda May 15 More Mayhem Imelda May DECCA
(Ain't That) Just Like a Woman B. B. King 10 B. B. King The Crown Recordings: Disc 7 : More B. B.. King B. B. King ACE
Red House Jimi Hendrix 3 :Blues Jimi Hendrix MCA
Limetown (fragment) Guy Davis 1 Chocolate To The Bone Guy Davis RED HOUSE
I Believe I'll Lose My Mind Guy Davis 4 Chocolate To The Bone Guy Davis RED HOUSE
Baghdad Blues Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins 2 The Feelings Of ... Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins MUSIC MAKER
Sad Hours Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) 4 His Best Little Walter (Aka Marion Walter Jacobs) MCA/CHESS
I Pity the Fool Bobby 'Blue' Bland 4 Deep Soul Treasures - Vol. 4 Various Artists Kent (U.K.)
I'd Rather Go Blind Etta James 16 Her Best Etta James MCA/CHESS
Way Down in the Hole Hans Theessink 1 Jedermann Remixed - The Soundtrack Hans Theessink BLUE GROOVE
Half a Mind Bobby Marchan 14 Get Down With It The Soul Sides 1963-67 Bobby Marchan Kent
Fever Little Willie John 24 The History Of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 3 - The Rocknroll Years Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Records
The Way You Do Jimmy Nolen 7 Scratchin'-Federal 52-56 Pete "Guitar" Lewis-Jimmy Nolen-Cal Green charly R&B
Pack it Up Freddie King 16 Ultimate Collection Freddie King HIP-O
T-Bone Boogie Ronnie Earl 2 Blues T-Bone Style Various Artists EASYDISC
I've Got Love if You Want it John Hammond 1 Got Love If You Want It John Hammond POINTBLANK
Two Trains Runnin' James CottonJoe Louis Walker 9 Deep In The Blues James CottonJoe Louis Walker VERVE
Cairo Blues Melvin 'Lil Son' Jackson 4 American Masters Vol. 1 : Country Blues Various Artists Arhoolie Records
Mojo Hand Lightnin' Hopkins 1 His Blues Lightnin' Hopkins ACE
Naptown Blues Leroy Carr 7 Naptown Blues Leroy Carr ORBIS BLUES COLLECTION
I Asked for Water Howlin' Wolf 3 Howlin' Wolf / The Wolf Is At Your Door: The Singles 1951-1960 Howlin' Wolf Jasmine
O Brother Where Art Thou? Chris Thomas King 1 Legend Of Tommy Johnson Chris Thomas King 21ST CENTURY
Bad Feeling Blues Lightnin' Slim 11 Tuff Enough - Ace (Ms.) Blues Masters Vol.3 Various Artists WESTSIDE
Fannie Mae Holmes Brothers, The 4 Righteous! Rounder Heritage Essential Collectio Holmes Brothers, The Rounder
Little Sister Ry Cooder 9 Why Don't You Try Me Ry Cooder WEA
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