Monday, 6 September 2010

STAR BLUES on 5th September 2010 at 22:00

Lady Blue wasn't keen on my idea for last night's STAR BLUES. She said "You can't talk about cricketers and what they do in their spare time, you'll get arrested". I said "Wanna bet?" And I did.

Mark Butcher played for Surrey and England up until 2009 and scored 8 centuries at Test level. He has an album showing off good writing, singing and guitar skills - some of it quite bluesy. If you like Paul Weller as well ...

We had tracks from brand new outings by Dani Wilde, Gerry Jablonski and Tom Jones - the boy from the Valleys doing a nifty update to a John Lee Hooker piece exciting good reactions from the throng. Just a smidge under forty years since Hendrix died in London and we marked the date with a track off the 2010 rarities set "Neptune" (it will be worth your while tuning in early to Neil's Rock show if you're a Hendrix fan over the next couple of weeks). Similar sadness because we lost Lil Dave Thompson earlier this year but JSP has now reissued his classy set "Cmon Down To the Delta" that gave us a chance to showcase his work last night.

Robin Rogers is very ill and we sent her our love and best wishes as she battles her liver disease, "Nobodys Gonna Hurt You" has a soulful groove and a feisty vocal that indicates shes putting up a heck of a fight and the blues world is right behind her. Facebook friend Janiva Magness has provided updates and we included the title track off "The Devil Is An Angel Too", her latest project.

Now I'm into a second decade of commercial FM blues, I've decided to tweak the second hour of the show and in the coming weeks I hope you'll find it has moved to another level by looking at the classic blues eras. To start things off I went back to the track that started me off ten years ago from the second Sonny Boy Williamson (in truth him plus Muddy Waters band). We won't be abandoning the newest artists and releases but other stations do that so much better, you can rely on STAR BLUES to be that bit different. In fact you can bet on it.

If I can keep myself out of mischief I plan to be back on Sunday at ten for two hours more white shirted tomfoolery I hope you can come along. Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those thast take care of you.

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