Monday, 9 August 2010

STAR BLUES on 8th August 2010 at 22:00

In looking back at favourites and the originators we get chance to look forward too. STAR BLUES does both and I've got a special anniversary coming up. You've been kind enough to have me round at your place for ten years on 2nd September so I'm planning a three hour show for Bank Holiday Monday 30th August starting 7pm. I'm starting to put things into my bag now, some of them that have got you worked up or tickled your fancy and some that no-one else would dare to play. I'll be here if you like roots, blues, country, folk, soul gospel or good-ol-fashioned rock - or you just want to find out what foolery tom is getting up to (or even what he's wearing)

We've got regular doses of blues on Sundays at 10 until then and I hope we an get past the milestone together. Look out for the JOURNEYMAN on the station that plays Cambridge and Ely's greatest hits on 107.9/1FM and streaming on line from Until then ... ...

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