Monday, 12 July 2010

STAR BLUES on 11th July 2010 at 22:00

The footie ballyhoo is done now and I've been more impressed with kids at primary school in behaviour and organisation than anything I saw over the last month. I'm told there's only 3 weeks until the new season. At least you can rely on the blues to see you through the long dark cold nights until then.

Last night's STAR BLUES was introduced as evidence, namely Rob Stone and Mitch Woods brought more us good stuff on Earwig and both are sure to return in short order. Johnny Winter went for "Highway 61" and made Dylan's original redundant, while Steve Howell dispensed sage advice from father to son on the benefits of a Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache - not sure Mark Peters has either. Speaking of who, the sizable contingent of fans he has in the STAR BLUES community will take it in turns to call him at odd times to ensure he doesn't relapse into comfort eating now that Amy is otherwise busy. He will need to be trim and toned ready for when she comes back.

Larry Dale died in May and we had one of his solo sides from 1960 as a short note on his passing - best known as a sideman, his pleasing voice really deserved better chances to record under his own name. Eddie Taylor and Eddie Kirkland are also better known for who they helped rather than for their own pieces: the seminal "Big Town Playboy" and dance workout "The Hawk" respectively should've reset the balance somewhat.

Robert Cray was at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Saturday night and I've rarely seen him play with more fire or sing better - his songs inhabit a twilight world of conspiracy, deception, intrigue and pain, these are adult themes across the ages and no-one else does them so well. Support Andy Fairweather Low has a nice line in easy to listen to blues tributes which made the whole gig something to remember. Of equal passion for yesterday's playlist on guitar was Eric Clapton the deity in the midst of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers for the 1966 classic "Have You Heard" over five minutes of playing like his life depended on it. You'd be forgiven for feeling a little drained after hearing it, whatever happened to Clapton? Where is he now?

You were great company last night and you made me feel so welcome, we had a couple of new listeners: Louise on facebook and Elaina in Uruguay, I hope they like you will want some more tomfoolery in a white tee shirt next Sunday at 10pm (BST). Until then take care of yourselves and take care of those that take care of you

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